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Part 44


Music: Dark Clouds

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I'm all-powerful now! Time to get ready to conquer the surface.

Well this isn't good. Better set off Subterranean Animism.


Hakurei Shrine
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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I'm increasingly xenophobic!

I'm increasingly sick of you!

You will regret not listening to my warnings!


Behind Hakurei Shrine
Music: Secret Mission!

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This hot spring that suddenly appeared behind the Hakurei Shrine sure is nice.

Gyaaaah, something's in the bath!



The Rise of the Earth Spirits

The stage starts with another scream.

Hina posted:

Wh-What's going on?!
Some of the crew are still bathing, but thankfully that doesn't stop me from being able to deploy them.

Some weird slimy thing touched our backs!

What was that scream about? What happened?

Lady Suwako, are you okay?! Don't tell me there's a suspicious person on the loose...

I dunno, but I can feel a strange presence!

No way! Then there WAS someone peeping...?!

That's awful, I can't believe it!

...No, calm down. I can sense an unusual aura.

I've found it. You're over there!

Kanako flushes out a bunch of vengeful spirits.


Is that a vengeful spirit?! What's it doing here?!

...That'd odd. There shouldn't be this many vengeful spirits on the surface.

I take it these are abnormal circumstances then. I don't suppose we can bathe like this.

Vengeful spirits are dangerous! Everyone, prepare to sortie!

We'll be out there as soon as we get dressed!

Reimu posted:

Sheesh, I can't believe there are vengeful spirits in a sacred place like this...!

I don't know where they're coming from, but for now let's exterminate them.

I can't stand them ruining the bath, so I'll lend a hand too.

I'll get rid of them in no time, so please just relax with the others, Princess.

True, if the Palanquin Ship is deployed against opponents of this level, then-

Oh my, isn't it cruel of you to make us watch when we're already here? Even I would like to try having some fun.

Princess, don't tell me you plan to FIGHT with them?

Of course, it's a game they play on the Earth. You come too, Eirin. And the Inabas.

Music: An Exceedingly Proper Yet Arrogant Game

Mokou posted:

...! Kaguya!

You people plan to fight with us too?!

Indeed. Don't tell me you wanted to leave us out? A dancing fool is still a fool, am I wrong?

...You're probably right, but could you NOT call us fools, Princess?

Yeesh, you never take anything seriously, do you?

Make sure your servants keep an eye on you, so you don't slow us down.

There's no need to tell us that. Supporting the Princess is our duty. Now then, Yukari, I hope you'll let us cooperate with this spirit extermination.

Of course, we appreciate your assistance.

Now, let's go. Those who resist shall be flattened!


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Clear the chapter in 5 turns.

This is a pretty relaxed stage that mostly exists to help you catch up all of the returning characters.

Anyway, Reimu. After completing chapter 49, Reimu learns this. Fantasy Nature makes it so that when Reimu hits 150 Power, she'll gain a new command. Let's wait till she gets there so I can show you what I mean.

Reimu's got a Genji conversation with her name all over it, so I have her solo the northeast front.

Oh come on! Just when the hot spring finally brings people over, you all show up and ruin everything!

I'm exterminating every last one of you!

She won't have much trouble with it.

There's no way I can relax in the bath in this situation.

Then again, so many people came that it's not like it was very calm in the first place... To be honest, I was feeling a little awkward.

Magic Team sets their sights on the larger spirit in the northwest, but don't make much headway. It's actually landed so it's getting a +15% defense boost from the trees.

Speaking of larger spirits, if Eirin casts Snipe she can just barely reach this one from her starting position.

I should have no trouble stopping the movements of enemies as weak as this.

We're all relying on you, Master!

But Master, isn't this finally a good time to show off your skills as a doctor too?

Of course. Healing and Renewing are my specialities. If anyone is wounded or exhausted, they should come to my side.

Sadly, despite her incredible range of attack Eirin doesn't start with Ignore Distance.

But that's fine, Reisen and Youmu are on the case.

Here's a decent example of how this team works. If Youmu tries to attack this spirit, even if she casts Focus she's looking at a 33% chance of getting hit.

But Reisen is naturally more evasive, so with Focus on she can get much higher evade rates.

...So I'm up against vengeful spirits again, huh? These guys are easy to shoot dow-

Go, go Reisen!

She's the strongest person in the House of Eternity! She said so herself earlier!

Wha- What are you saying in front of Master?!

The strongest...? Now just what could this be all about?

It's, it's nothing! I can't believe I said something like that...

You made a pretty big show earlier. There's no point pretending you don't know.

So this is the person who really holds all the power in the House of Eternity, hm?

Stoooop! I-I'm begging you here!

They can't finish the spirit off, but Reisen has a much better chance of making it through enemy phase unscathed. Once she does I can switch to Youmu and cut that spirit to pieces.

Down to the south, Momiji makes uses one of her less noteworthy gimmicks: she has Snipe.

It's not very useful most of the time, but in this case it lets her hit this red spirit. Normally she'd only be able to reach the blues, which would make her attack pointless since the red spirit has Support Defend.

Of course normally I would just have Aya cast Accel but I didn't get Tengu Team so what can you do.

To think these vengeful spirits intruded on my watch...

I should have been keeping an eye on the other bath to prepare for situations like this!

I... I think that might be going a little too far.

Why? It would keep you safe.

M-Maybe, but staring like that would be sort of...


Music: Observe, White Wolf!

One of the annoying things about Momiji is how reliant she is on Shield Defense. I figured she'd failed to trigger it, so I had her cast Guard. But between Strike and Valor, she really doesn't have the SP to spare.

But then, this is a short chapter so it's fine to blow my SP load early.

If we leave these vengeful spirits as they are, the shrine will be in great danger!

I was going to change out the water of the hot spring and wash out the bathtubs after this, too...

This is the Hakurei shrine's hot spring, so shouldn't Reimu do that?

But, earlier I was just relaxing so I didn't help out with clearing away the snow.

...I'm glad that Sanae's such a good girl but... to think she'd take all this work upon herself.

Ever since she came back from the moon, she's been going over to sweep the leaves too.

I was hoping Valor + Hermit Purple could punch through the size penalty, but alas this large spirit is just too bulky.

...These vengeful spirits, too, are furious that autumn has been stolen away...

I understand your feelings, but we're going to bury you in the ground like fertilizer for a field!

Oh, are you two better now?

I think they got so sad they looped back around.

I'm kind of worried...

Aaaah, thanks to that hot spring my stiff shoulders feel much better now.

That's a bold statement considering how little you work.

But haven't YOUR usual strains gone away too?

True enough. I stand all the time for my job, so my legs were quite sore... I might come again by myself some day.

Then I'll go with you!

We changed our clothes so fast, they're still kinda wet.

So even a ship ghost can feel like that.

You're kind of blunt every now and then.

Now that I think about it, did being in a hot spring make you think about drowning someone?

Well, I did kind of feel like dragging someone down by their feet. But if I did something like that, I wouldn't be able to face Hijiri.

I see. I guess you had nothing to do with the people falling over in the bath then.

Oh, well...


I never would have expected to see vengeful spirits gushing out of a hot spring. Coming to the shrine was well worth the effort.

You're as relaxed as always. Is there anything that can surprise you?

Now that I think about it, you're a princess but you were ready to take a bath with all of us.

This too is one of the charms of the Earth. I even took great care to bundle up my hair properly.

Well, that was the Master's handiwork though.

Something like that takes no time at all. Ah, you've just changed your clothes so be careful not to get them dirty.

No need to worry. I have no intention of giving something like those the privilege of touching me.

With a proper build, Kaguya is one of the best tanks in the game. But fresh off the bat, all that's notable about her is that she has the strongest barrier: Salamander Shield knocks off a whopping 1200 damage.

By the way, remember when I mentioned how weird it was that all of Kaguya's attacks back when she was a boss featured things from their Lunatic versions? That's because when Kaguya becomes a player unit, all of her attacks actually change their names into the appropriate Lunatic spellcard.

Also surprise, surprise, she lost her MAP. At least she got Brilliant Dragon Bullets in exchange.

That just leaves Useless and More Useless. Star/Luna and Tewi's best roles this chapter are to just sit back and cast Cheer or Bless when appropriate, so I'll let them do that.

Yuuka posted:

...I see, so those are vengeful spirits. It's been quite some time since I've seen them on the surface.


My, I can feel your gaze on me. Perhaps you have some objections to me revealing your identity?

It's hardly intimidating though, no matter how much you glare at me through a familiar.


...Ho ho, don't worry, I don't intend to interfere with whatever you're planning. I expect this to turn out interesting, if only a little, so I'll be remaining a spectator.


Cue a bunch of spirits dying and just as many level ups.

Reisen got hit on a 22%.

Not to be outdone, Alice got hit on a 6%. She then proceeded to murder almost everything on the northwest side, even picking up Danmaku Brains L2 on the way. So I guess it evens out.

A few attacked Kaguya too, so here's her cut-in. It's kind of silly she only has this as a player when in the trailer her boss form had it, but eh!

Phew, I thought I came here to relax in a hot spring.

Everyone here did. We were even thinking about how all our everyday fatigue was melting away...

You just try too hard, Youmu. You gotta work smarter, not harder. Even when we're out in the fray, if you cleverly ride on someone's coattails while fighting, then...

Oho, I think we're gonna get along just fine.

Hehehe, you know it!

...Good grief. One more "ally" I need to keep an eye on.

...Come to think of it, Keine, why don't you try using that stone we were talking about? It's currently midday, and there's no reason to hold back on trash like this.

Hm, you're right. This is the first time I'll be using it in actual combat, but...

Oh, what's that accessory? I can feel some interesting waves coming from it. Almost like-

Good eye! That accessory is a rock that Luna picked up on the moon, reworked by Patchouli's group!

It's a real, genuine moon rock, so it's got the power of the full moon saved up in it.

A power stone? Smells fishy to me...

No, it definitely gives off power. It's made to amplify the lunar energies stored within using the spiritual power of its holder.

In other words, from now on she should be able to transform into hakutaku mode even in broad daylight, as long as she has enough willpower.

The power of a hakutaku is incredible, but it consumes a lot of MP. Use it carefully.

Oh so that's why Keine can transform at will.

More importantly, levels for the Akis. They're still really low on the totem pole after being completely ignored for FMW2, which is a shame since once they both get their level 3 friendship skills they really jump up in the world.

Sakuya is a Large sized unit. Normally this just means she does more damage, but all of the spirits are Small so she has to spam Focus to get anywhere.

I never thought I'd take a bath with other people.

You're already in our circle of friends, so there's no need to be nervous.

Oh yeah, you were acting kinda reserved, weren't yo-

W-well, that's got nothing to do with this. Besides, you girls wouldn't get how I feel.


A reminder that Hatate used to be a shut-in.

Also leveeeeeeels.

Yuyuko needs some levels herself, but since I had Merlin waste their move on the first turn on a MAP she can't get in range of anything.

I thought some suspicious stranger had come, but to think it was some vengeful spirits...!

...Wait. Could it be that they wanted to bathe with Lady Yuyuko...?


Y-your silence says it all! I'll cut you in two with this Roukanken!

Woah, woah, Youmu, calm down!

You know this uproar happened before we went in the bath, right~?

These guys are jerks. Remi and I were about to wash each other's backs, too.

Please calm down. We can always just go in again.

You know, your relationship's gotten a lot better.

Yeah, we've even got matching bathcaps.

Wait, did Remilia mak-

Th-that's inconsequential to this matter. Hurry up and take them all out already!

*sigh*... I was getting so excited for that hot spring, and then these guys just had to show up...

The snow's so white... Too white! Just send us back to the cellar already!

...Huh, they were so energetic until just a minute ago, and now they're down in the dumps.

Wait, aren't they just sensitive to the cold?

Now now, we're in the middle of winter already, so you can just think of it as another sign of the season. Of course, we still haven't seen the all-important winter youkai...

...What are you doing, Letty? Didn't you say that we'd play again when winter came?

Don't worry Cirno. I'm sure she'll keep her promise.

Right, right. She sounds like a really nice person, so-

More enemies for Reimu to slaughter appear.


More spirits? And they're coming from the spring!

...It seems they're pouring forth from the geyser, along with the hot water. I don't want to believe it, but could they be coming from underground...?

Wh-What do we do?! That was supposed to be where we'd wait for Letty!

Just stay focused on what's in front of you. We have no choice but to defeat the spirits!

Yeah, but-

COOL LADY posted:

Looks like I've made you wait.

Music: Thawy Days

...! That's her!

It's winter! The winter devil has arrived!

It's all over! Give us back our autumn!

...I see you two haven't changed at all. It does make me feel like I'm really back though.


It's been a long time, Cirno. Have you been well?

I've been great! But you're late, Letty. Winter came, but you still didn't show up...

I'm sorry. Last year I didn't get to sleep until very late.

Oh, so this is the infamous Letty then?

The temperature suddenly dropped quite a few degrees. Is that her power...?

Yes, with her power to manipulate coldness, Letty increases the power of winter many times over. She fought alongside us during the incident last year.

In other words, winter itself is on our side. That's cool.

Good timing, Letty. We're having trouble with all these spirits gushing forth. Sorry to ask this of you as soon as you got here, but could you lend us a hand?

Indeed, we can save the reunion for after we've dealt with them.

You vengeful spirits dare to wake me with your noise in this peaceful, tranquil winter where even the mountain birds don't squawk? I'll crush you with the might of winter!

The original version of the game didn't account for the fact that Letty rejoins at the end of the game, so she'd spawn in as she was at the end of FMW2. Thankfully she is now automatically boosted to level 40.

Also she starts with a Frozen Frog.

It's such a shame the hot spring was intruded on.

Now that this has happened, there's no way we can go back to relaxing in the bath.

Still, in a way this is good fortune. If it truly was a filthy pervert, you'd be defenseless, Yuyuko.

That's quite worrying~.

Look at this ghost on ghost violence.

Anyway, everyone starts heading north to help Reimu finish the chapter.

I was all up for taking a dip in a hot spring, but I guess there's no way that's happening now.

...Well, not like I can do anything about it. And to be honest, I WAS kinda embarrassed...

With Danmaku Brains L2, Precise, and the Butterfly Fan, Alice's criticals have the same damage multiplier as Valor. It is very silly.

But more importantly, Reimu. Once she hits 150 Power she can use the Fantasy Nature command.

Music: That Voice Won't Reach

Like Keine's transformation, this automatically changes the music.

Originally, triggering Fantasy Nature was supposed to give Reimu a slight buff to her attributes and zero out all her friendships. Since this was kind of dumb they instead made it give Reimu access to a second skill, Lucid Shrine Maiden. This guy gives Reimu a 25% Double Image and much more importantly zeroes out all graze damage. Now even super accurate enemies can't touch Reimu.

Well unless they have Strike. Then she's just screwed.

Being in this state also allows Reimu to use her new finisher, which is also called Fantasy Nature. Yes, you have to activate Fantasy Nature to use Fantasy Nature. Think of it as declaring a spellcard, I guess?

Fantasy Nature is a very powerful attack, but it's sadly not post-movement. But Reimu was probably right next to the boss anyways to abuse Shotgunning, so it's not like that matters!

But in case I want to use it post-movement, Reimu also has this. After completing chapter 49, Reimu learns Zeal. For a whopping 70 SP, she can move one more time that turn.

Since Reimu is the only player character in this game who can learn Zeal, Sanbondo didn't quite balance it. It's supposed to only take effect on the character who cast it, but if the user was in the backrow then the person in front can use the extra move instead. This means that if you use Border Team, Yukari can access Zeal through Dream and give Reimu three straight turns.

Watch the video!

Good grief, somehow I managed to wake up just in time. My sleep seemed to last forever, just like this frog's.

Huh? Letty, is that thing you're holding a frozen frog?

It's a sign of our friendship, so make sure you hold on to it!

Of course. It's thawed a bit, so it's smaller now though.

Compared to when we first met, you've become much more broad-minded about fairies.

You seem to be in perfect form, Letty. I'm glad I can count on you...

...So you came too, Lily. Don't push yourself too hard.

Letty is still a really solid 2.0, which is good because I don't have much funds to spend on her.


Now that Letty's back, I'm feeling stronger than ever!

Yes, I'll do my best too!

You two. I'm happy as well, but don't get too hot-headed. In battle, it's important to keep your cool.

Keep my cool...? Cool... I got it, then I'll cover myself in snow!

Cirno! If you do that, you won't be able to see anything!

Come to think of it, word choice is important too...
Cirno gets a battle convo after Letty appears, but she and Sakuya are too far away for me to show it. Good thing this version of the game script has it!

Reimu spent enemy phase double murdering things. Here's that dodge sprite I mentioned.

Oh right, forgot to mention one last thing: like the plot implied, Fantasy Nature will time out after three turns. Be careful when you use it!

Marisa beats Reimu to the punch. Unlike the other Genji convos, anybody can trigger this. They just have to stand on top of the hot spring an-


Woah! What are you all doing here?!

Insert Marisa filling him in, I guess.

...I see. I thought it was getting awfully noisy out there. So there are vengeful spirits on a rampage?

And here we were, having a drink together.


...Mm-hmm. Judging by the look on Unzan's face, he wants to say, "Expecting some kind of steamy scene? How outrageous!"

I agree. Even if it's during the confusion of a danmaku battle, you really shouldn't be sneaking into a hot spring.

Anyway, good luck with that spirit extermination out there. I'm praying for your victory.

...Well, that wasn't a Genji convo.

Music: The Arrows and Bullets that Enshrouded the Night

Eirin finishes. Astronomical Entombing uses chapter 42's stage theme, which might seem kind of weird until you realize

that the attack itself involves Eirin creating the Sealed Room you fought her in.

Oh and if she gets the kill, the enemy is sealed away with the space. Get it? Astronomical Entombing?

...Phew, is that the last of them?

I don't feel them coming out anymore, so maybe we can relax now?

But why were vengeful spirits coming out of this geyser anyway? I don't think it's just a coincidence.

...I'll need to have this matter thoroughly investigated. If these spirits really are coming from the depths of the earth, then...

Then what?

I'll explain later. Why don't we return to the shrine for now?


This chapter is unchanged on Lunatic.


*Snoooore* You can't even fit a donation that big...

Secret Sign "Shrine Maiden Awakening"!


Wh-what's going on?!

Ah, you woke up. Good morning, Reimu.

Good morning... my foot, what WAS that just now?

A simple way to wake a person up. I heard it from Aya once before and slightly changed it.

Even if I was up against a hungover Lady Kanako, I could wake her up in a single shot!

Should you really look so proud saying that...? Well, whatever. Did you come here just to test it out?

Yes. Like this, you should be able to make it to morning service.

I was planning on taking it easy till night fell, so this is kind of a pain.