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Part 45


Hakurei Shrine
Music: What's the Strategy?

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Those spirits likely came from the Underworld.

Okay then, time to start SA. Just me and one other youkai as support, right?

No, this time the entire party is coming along.

I guess it would be kinda lame to lock the players to only humans right after SSiB.


Letty Whiterock
Changes: Can now hold three items.
New Personal Skill: Crystallize (Enemies can not counterattack against Letty for a turn. If Letty triggers Counter on enemy phase, the enemy's regular attack is also stopped.)
New Spirits: Fury, Triumph

Now that she doesn't join at like level 28 anymore, Letty rules. Her hybrid Real/Super gimmick is kind of pointless since SRW endgame prefers specialists, but she's got an excellent spirit set, great performance considering her Cost (her Large size helps a lot), and her Cold Wave PS is helpful on Lunatic.
Letty actually takes over Nitori's gimmick as "tank with a bunch of friends". She has (unequal) friendships with the entirety of Team 9 and the Three Fairies, so if you use all of them she can get pretty crazy. The perks of being a babysitter!

Tewi Inaba
Personality: Cunning (Hit: +1, Kill: +4, Miss: +2, Ally Killed: +1, Graze: +1)
Character Skill: Lucky (gets 20% more Points from battle)
Personal Skills: Rabbit of Good Fortune (reduce SP cost of Bless to 40), Very Lucky (Gain +15% Points. Stacks with the skill Lucky but not the spirit Luck), Trickster (On Tewi's next attack, any danmaku evasion penalties will be reversed into buffs. Limited uses), Culprit (every turn, Tewi can be Support Defended once by an adjacent unit, even if they don't have the skill. If they do, this doesn't lower their number of Support Defends)
Spirits: Bless, Luck, Scan, Alert, Focus, Triumph

Say hello to Kurumi's competition for worst character in the game. Tewi's gimmick is supposed to be that she gets you more Points, but she joins well past the point where that was actually a concern. Otherwise she's just completely useless, since her only other trick is being a decoy and literally any other unit with Alert/Grit could do better.
If Trickster was a debuff Tewi would be hilarious on the harder difficulties, but sadly it only applies to Tewi.

All Attacks
Battle theme: Pounded Lies and Mochi in the Moonlit Night (White Flag of Usa Shrine)

Eirin Yagokoro
Personality: Calm (Hit: +2, Kill: +3, Evade: +2, Graze: +1)
Characters Skills: Genius (Accuracy and Critical Rate + 20%)
Character Abilities: HP Regen (M), Healer, Renewer
Personal Skills: Lunar Medicine (Heal and Renew fully restore HP/MP), Sniper (if enemy is outranged, Eirin is guaranteed to get a critical hit. Does not work for Support or Team attacks.)
Spirits: Strike, Mercy, Guard, Snipe, Renew (fully restores the MP and Ammo of a selected unit. Yes, it shares names with the Renew ability. Blame Atlus.)

Eirin is who Patchouli wishes she could be. She's got ridiculous range on her attacks, but isn't locked into being a sniper: Game of Rising is a decent post-movement attack, and her other attacks are all very flexible. Eirin can actually take a hit without spamming Guard too. This ties in well with her being able to both Heal and Renew, and better than Dai or Koa at that if you equip the appropriate PS. She can only do one or the other though, and can't Renew post-movement like Koa can. Eirin's biggest issue is that deploying her costs just as much as deploying both Koa and Dai, and those two are mainstays.
The clear item for this game, the Exceeded Eternity, is practically made for Eirin since it gives the holder Hit and Away.

All Attacks
Battle theme: Mind of Space (Gensokyo Millenium)
Astronomical Entombing theme: The Arrows and Bullets that Enshrouded the Night (Voyage 1969)

Kaguya Houraisan
Personality: Big-shot (Hit: +2, Miss: +2, Kill: +4, Get Hit: +1, Dodge: +1)
Character Abilities: HP Regen (M), Salamander Shield (reduce the damage of all attacks by 1200, costs 10 MP)
Personal Skills: Robe of the Fire Rat (Salamander Shield blocks 300 more damage), Jewel from the Dragon's Neck (Increases base damage of all attacks by 200), Buddha's Stone Bowl (Guard becomes Guard+), Swallow's Cowrie Shell (All allied units regain 3000 HP. One use), Jeweled Branch of Hourai (All allied units regain 70 MP. One use)
Spirits: Guard, Strike, Cheer, Rouse, Wrath (52)

Kaguya has the strongest barrier in the game, but only middling defenses. So if you take the time to invest into her defenses, she shoots right up to the second best tank in the game. Her attack ranges are all incredibly flexible too, so she can counter basically anything. Her only real problem is that her barrier will burn through her MP, so she needs something to handle that. I recommend the Sunflower. Or the -50% Barrier cost FUB if you've got Points to spare.
Kaguya and Mokou actually make a decent team, if you're willing to deploy a non-protagonist 6.5 Cost team. Mokou loses out on Keine's friendship (unless you deploy Keine separately), but Kaguya can safely shuttle Mokou to whoever she needs to kill and not worry so much about her MP since Mokou's handling the damage anyways.

All Attacks
Battle theme: An Exceedingly Proper Yet Arrogant Game (Lunatic Princess)
End of Imperishable Night theme: The Shining Moon Rises on the Absurd Night (Voyage 1970)


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...Having gathered the power of both humans and youkai, we set out to the Underworld in order to investigate. And as we advance, we begin to talk of the discord between the surface and the Underworld... It's certainly not a simple relationship.

As if to punctuate that point, Yamame and Kisume appear before us.

Chapter 51 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "A Thread of Resentment Sinking into the Darkness".

Please play until the end.


Total Cost: 45.0

Remilia (42)
Flandre (44)
Yuyuko (38)
Yukari (37)
Suika (44)
Eirin (46)
Kaguya (46)
Kanako (36)
Suwako (37)
Palanquin Ship (42) [Always forced.]

Reimu (46)
Marisa (46)
Ran (37)
Mokou (37)

Meiling (42)
Patchouli (40)
Sakuya (44)
Alice (46)
Youmu (45)
Reisen (43)
Komachi (34)
Momiji (41)
Aya (33)
Sanae (45)
Hatate (40)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (41)
Rumia (27)
Cirno (41)
Koakuma (37)
Letty (40)
Chen (41)
Lily White (40)
Lunasa (40)
Merlin (45)
Lyrica (41)
Mystia (41)
Tewi (46)
Shizuha (31)
Minoriko (35)
Hina (35)
Nazrin (38)
Shou (40)
(Nitori and Wriggle are forced.)

Daiyousei (41)
Sunny (40)
Luna (34)
Star (37)

I'm forcing Magic Team, so you get 39.5.