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Part 4: Exploration I


[Memory Card 2: Benzodiazepine Formula]

This data was hacked from a German pharmaceutical company. It details the chemicals and equipment necessary to create this sedative. Early tests are highly promising and the addiction rate is through the roof. Potential markets include North America and Western Europe.

[Letter 2: Hyogo's Letter]

My Dearest Ayumi,

I am delighted to write you again. We have been in the jungle for a few months. It is hot and sticky, but we are filling the jungle with traps and ambush points. Major Mogi says the American devils will land any day now. Private Tadao says the islands around us have fallen. The Americans are too afraid to face us in battle, so they send planes to break our backs.

I trust Major Mogi. He has been a good leader, but he drives us very hard and expects nothing but the best. We are only too glad to give it. The burden of leadership must weigh heavily on him. He paces at night and when he doesn't think we see, he talks to himself. That is what duty does to us, my daughter. It makes martyrs or madmen of us. Still, something bothers him, but I cannot ask what it is. It is not my place.

Private Arata Hyogo

[Letter 3: Mori's Letter]


We lost seven men since the last time I wrote to you, Itchi and Ken among them. They were like brothers. Ken was very funny. I wish you could have met him. Itchi was quiet and strong. Never complaining. The men need me to be strong and Major Mogi is becoming possessed.

It isn't proper to speak of such things, but I cannot share my fears with anyone here. Major Mogi has begun seeing enemies where there are none. No Americans have landed, and yet he sees them under every tree. Every bird is a Thunderbolt or Corsair, every shadow a bomb. He even accuses us of conspiring with the enemy. I'm certain things will return to normal once we have word from home. The jungle deafens you with its ghosts.

Your Son, Lance Corporal Mori

[Letter 4: Ren's Letter]

My Brother Ito,

A terrible thing has happened. Major Mogi went mad and began shooting the men. I don't know how it happened, but he was arguing with Private Tadao when he killed him with his pistol and then began firing on us. We didn't know what to do. We're trained to kill the enemy, but he was our superior. We shot him.

My thigh is infected and I am fighting fever. There are a handful of us left. It is hard to think. I am so hot. I have given my letters to Private Isao and Kei. They are young and smart and they will make sure my words will find their way to you. Live well. I'm sorry we argued as children. I'm sorry I wasn't a better brother.