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Part 9: Exploration II


[Memory Card 5: Ecstasy Formula]

We are very excited by the data from our Chinese contact. He oversees the export of a synthesized extract used in making Ecstasy and provided us all the equipment needed to make a wide variety of the drug in tablet form. Initial tests are extremely positive with minimal fatalities. Markets include North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

[Memory Card 7: Failed Drug Patent 2 Formula]

The investment into experimental military drugs continues to be a massive disappointment. All of the items are causing severe mental distress in our test subjects. One entire batch of subjects and three of our own people died when a compound turned out to be a strand of genetically modified Ebola Zaire. We recommend that all remaining materials be incinerated or sold to extremists groups as chemical weapons.

[Memory Card 8: Failed Drug Patent 3 Formula]

The research into naturally occuring hallucinogenic compounds native to Rook Island may yield the world's next great super drug. Effects caused by the local flora are exceptional, so exceptional, that our own people are using them recreationally. The only issue is the drug's lack of addictive properties. We are currently adding nicotine to the compounds. Further tests should yield more positive results.

[Memory Card 11: Ketamine Formula]

The data stolen from a New Delhi black market pharmaceutical company shows some promise. It includes the process to create the club drug Special-K and its variants, as well as the pharmaceutical-grade medicine. Some strange side effects, such as anal bleeding, are occuring, but this shouldn't prevent us from going live with the product. Primary markets include China and Australia.

[Letter 5: Mogi's First Letter]

General Yamagata,

I hope this letter finds you well on this Fall day. The weather here is sticky and unpleasant. You would find it invigorating, I'm sure. Forgive me for this familiarity, but I wouldn't be the soldier I am today were it not for your example. Although we have never met, I have lived my life by your discipline and loyalty to the Empire of Japan. I hope to make our Emperor proud by following in your steps.

The Americans continue to bomb us like cowards. I have seen their smoke stacks travelling further north, skipping over us. They know better than to invade us, the Neck is impregnable, but they've destroyed our bunkers with lucky hits and what the bombs haven't killed, malaria has taken. I've decided to take the men into the jungle as you did in the First Great War against the Germans. My duty is simple...destroy the enemy. They shall find me ready and eager to spill their blood.

Major Kuro Mogi

[Letter 7: Mogi's Third Letter]

General Yamagata,

I am disappointed in my men, General Yamagata. I thought they could weather this better, but they have not. I can only imagine what I could have accomplished had I led your men as you did when you fought the Germans during the First World War.

I am sure I have mentioned Private Tadao. He cries like an infant when he thinks no one watches, but everyone sees. He sickens me with his weakness, and he now spreads it like an illness. The other men are sad for home. They protect him, coddle him, as if he will become a man this way. I ask you, what use is a radioman if we have no high-powered radios to receive news. Private Tadao says that the radio relays on nearby islands have been destroyed, but I blame him.

Major Kuro Mogi

[Letter 11: Shinji's Letter]

Little Sister,

These are my final words. I will commit seppuku once I finish this letter, it will be the last honorable thing I do. But before I die I must tell someone the truth.

Tadao betrayed us. I read his letter. He sabotaged our radios after hearing of the bomb in Hiroshima. I cannot blame him. He wished to spare us from the ugly truth. The Major wasn't as understanding. He executed Tadao and then turned his sidearm on anyone who protested. We fought back, killing him, and now I am the only one left. Ren died last night from an infection.

It pains me to know that I had a hand in killing Major Mogi, he was once a good man. I hope our ancestors understand how dire the situation was and have mercy on me, and I hope that one day you can read these words and forgive me.



[Letter 12: Hayato's First Letter]

To Colonel Imada Daichi

I hope your family is well. I apologize for stepping outside the chain of command, but I feel that Lieutenant Colonel Yamada Masahiro is not taking my worries seriously, and is thus unfit to continue commanding this facility and its experiments. I must report that Project Tenka and Project Kyouken would have progressed much further if the Lieutenant Colonel would just listen to me. Instead, he has cut me out of his inner circle of advisors and has forbid me from communicating with anyone. I have been forced to write multiple copies of my letters and give them to loyal soldiers and scientists in the hope that one reaches you. Please, I am a prisoner of the Lieutenant Colonel's ambitions and unable to serve the Emperor because of his meddling.

Dr. Koga Hayato