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Part 19: Exploration IV


[Memory Card 1: Barbiturates Formula]

Current numbers for barbiturates including phenobarbital, amobarbital, and secobarbital, are not promising. Their usage and sales are declining and we recently had a bad batch that led to the deaths of nearly two dozen vacationing college students in Miami. Our final assessment is that this compound is unprofitable for international distribution.

[Memory Card 4: Crack Cocaine Formula]

The source for this formula is unknown, but it includes the manufacture of cocaine from the Coco leaf, through to the use of ammonia or baking soda to manufacture it into rock form. This is listed as a non-profitable avenue since the drug is made cheaply on a local level and not distributed internationally like cocaine itself.

[Memory Card 6: Failed Drug Patent 1 Formula]

The recent acquisition of numerous drug patents that failed FDA or European Medicines Agency standards shows promise. Most of the compounds are highly addictive. We just need to minimize the side effects. One of the compounds is causing test subjects to expel a fecal-like material from their urinary tracts. Further testing continues.

[Memory Card 12: Khat Formula]

The data from our Yemeni plantation owner details the 8 years required to grow the chewable leaves of this plant, as well as attempts to naturally intensify its amphetimine-like high. Markets are exclusive to Africa and the Middle East, though market penetration cannot compete with Yemeni manufacturing. Blending this compound with other drugs should be considered to make it more appealing.

[Letter 1: Sato's Letter]

My Dearest Keiko,

By the time you read this, I will be dead and you will be a grown woman. Your mother will give you this letter when she believes you are ready to read it. I can only hope that she's spoken fondly of me and that you prayed to me at the shrine as I have prayed for you.

We keep ourselves busy with work and singing the Tekihaikuman. Do they still sing it in your time, I wonder? I hope your Japan is a place of peace and prosperity, not filled with the thousands of enemies in the songs we sing. We must vanish into the jungles. Malaria has destroyed our ranks and we're too few to defend the lines. Major Mogi says we must ready ourselves for when the Americans land on our beaches, and drive them back to their graves in the water. In this we will be victorious if each of us offers nothing less than our lives.

Captain Jiro Sato

[Letter 6: Mogi's Second Letter]

General Yamagata,

The devils and their sorties have killed many of my soldiers. I cannot tell you the anger and frustration I feel to see their planes fly over us and be unable to answer them properly with anti-aircraft fire. Or watching an invisible demon like malaria ravage my ranks.

I've heard stories that these islands were cursed, but I thought it superstitious nonsense until today, when Private Tadao reported that the latest communications were too garbled to understand. He was so ashamed, he couldn't look me in the eyes. Private Tadao isn't a good soldier, I've had the men routinely beat him to instill shikata ga nai as they should have done in basic training, but he's never risen to the occasion.

Major Kuro Mogi