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Part 26: Exploration V


[Memory Card 14: LSD-25 Formula]

The new talent brought in from Cambodia is already proving their worth. They have the proper equipments and techniques to create LSD from starting bases such as ergot and lysergic acid, as well as a method of distributing the LSD tabs by mail. That said, it is considered an unprofitable venture, since the market is relatively small. On the other hand, we will be prepared in the even the drug experiences resurgence in popularity.

[Memory Card 20: Spice Formula]

Thanks to an anonymous online informant, we now have data on the synthetic compounds necessary to make Spice, a drug similar to marijuana but with additional side effects like hallucinations, anxiety attacks, interstellar navigation, and dangerously adverse physical reactions. Spice remains legal in the US for the moment. We should corner the market on this product immediately.

[Letter 14: Hayato's Third Letter]

To Colonel Imada Daichi,

Why have you not written to me? I am sure that you must have received at least one of the sixty-seven letters I sent to you. I have been a fool, a blind stupid fool. I confronted Lieutenant Colonel Yamada Masahiro about his attempts to sabotage me, but he feigned innocence and surprise. I understand now. He was not the man I had to worry about. He is too dim-witted to challenge me. It was you. You ordered him to stead my research so that you alone could reap the glory. The decoration for the Order of the Rising Sun was to be my honor, but I see now that you want to deny me that privilege. You have condemned Japan for your hubris, and I will not let you get away with it. You cannot keep me silenced.

Dr. Koga Hayato

[Letter 15: Hayato's Fourth Letter]

To Colonel Imada Daichi,

You wanted to sabotage me, but you did not expect me to sabotage you instead. By the time you have read this, I will have released the infected animals in the Kyouken lab and forced an overload in the Tenka generators. And when the Imperial Japanese Army sends soldiers to uncover what happened, you will no longer be able to hide the truth, and I will be a hero of the Empire. I only wish I could be there to see the look on your face when the strip you of your rank, and drive your humiliated family into the streets.

I want you to remember that you called this upon yourself....

Dr. Koga Hayato