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Part 30: Co-op #1 - Ready or Not


Co-op Character Profiles:

Mikhail - The files show that as a street orphan in St. Petersburg, Mikhail’s youth was marked by abuse and abandonment. He joined a league of criminals as a teenager. After stints in jail and years of devotion, he became a gang leader known for being calm, collected, and merciless. Then he fell in love and eloped, breaking his league’s code. He fled and put his wife and daughter into hiding.

Tisha - Records indicate that Tisha was raised in Nevada by a binge-drinking mother and an absent father. She joined the army as a combat medic after high school. In the field, she was respected for her aggressive and focused personality. After four tours overseas, a commanding officer with a grudge pulled some strings to get her booted from the army. Now she prefers combat to healing.

Callum - Records indicate that Callum had a rough upbringing in the projects of Glasgow. He was a vandal, scammer and shoplifter, who survived the streets by living off unemployment checks, theft and the occasional odd job. Despite his situation, his cynical humor made him a leader among his friends. His education on the streets makes him handy in a fight.

Leonard - Police database shows that Leonard grew up as a city boy in Philadelphia and followed in his father’s steps as a police officer. As he climbed the ranks, his ethics dimmed, leading to a forced departure from the department. Notorious for vulgar humor, in battle he’s at the top of the food chain.