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Part 32: Exploration VI


[Memory Card 15: Marijuana Formula]

The data purchased from growers in British Columbia, Canada, details different marijuana plants, tips on indoor and outdoor growth, and methods to cultivate of the leaves on a large scale. These techniques surpass our own and should be implemented immediately. Markets such as Russia, Western Europe, and North America have a nearly bottomless demand for this product.

[Memory Card 17: Mushrooms Formula]

Efforts to blackmail a Mexican plantation owner are paying off. We now have detailed files on methods used to grow and preserve a number of hallucinogenic mushrooms. These findings will be put to immediate use for locally grown compounds and should improve the shelf life of our products.

[Letter 16: Masahiro's Letter]

To Colonel Imada Daichi,

Dr. Koga Hayato attempted to sabotage the projects, but he was shot while being apprehended and we could not question him on the reasons for his actions. Fortunatley, there was no real harm to the projects, and I would appreciate a replacement for Dr. Koga as soon as possible.

Lieutenant Colonel Yamada Masahiro