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Part 33: Brody's Dangerous Hunts


Blank Panther - The rare black panther that roams the island is said to be darker than night or Turkish back hair.

Golden Tiger - Few animals are more rare, or more dangerous, than a golden Sumatran tiger. The hide of this creature will sell faster than the Russian government.

Blood Komodo - One of the most disturbing creatures on Rook Island is a komodo dragon with a strange defect that causes its saliva to run red like blood. I'm calling it now, this will become the next sensational house pet when people get bored of pythons.

White Belly Tapir - So there's this tapir that has a large white patch on his lower body. Not going to get into how I know that, but it involves Cuban rum and just a little bit of mescaline. Anyway, kill it so I can try to forget.

Undying Bear - There are rumors of a large bear on Rook Island that cannot be killed. Some say it is covered with scars from those who have tried to kill it... and failed. Others claim that the scars come from eczema. You be the judge.

Yellow Neck Cassowary - According to my bird book, cassowaries have multicolored necks and attack people when approached. Sounds like my mother-in-law. Anyway, a cassowary with a yellow neck is the rarest, bagging this one will net you respect and possibly candy that tastes like chalk.

One Horn Buffalo - I've heard about a native buffalo so fierce that it rammed a tiger, causing one of its horns to brake off and embed itself into the shocked feline. Talk about overkill.

Maneater Shark - Rook fisherman speak of a bull shark with a taste for human flesh. None who set out to catch it were seen again, but one man did manage to get a hook into the monster's mouth before being slowly devoured. Probably should have stayed in bed that day.

Albino Crocodile - An albino crocodile? Someone's just making this fellow up. No, my guidebook says its real. I guess they're rare. Rarer than an Asian on network television.