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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

by perochialjoe

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Original Thread: Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? Let's Play Far Cry 3

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In the grim dark future of the year 2007, there are only 80's references.

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is a stand-alone expansion that is one huge mash up of various 80's action icons, video game references, and enough neon lights to make Las Vegas look dim. The game follows cyber commando Sgt Rex Power Colt on his journey to stop the rogue Colonel Ike Sloan. The game takes place in the near future of the year 2007 in which a nuclear war between the United States and Russia occurred, leaving much of the world in nuclear ruin.

The game features many of the core gameplay mechanics as the original Far Cry 3, with all takedown abilities available at the beginning of the game. It also features a linear leveling system in which all level rewards are pre-determined. Weapon customization is still available, though attachments are no longer simply bought, but are unlocked through side missions and then available for purchase. The game received very good reviews across the board, so much so that there have been talks of a sequel stemming from Michael Biehn, the voice actor for Rex Power Colt.

The LP

I will be showing off pretty much everything there is to show, meaning mission types, levels, and weapon unlocks. This doesn't necessarily mean a 100% run as collectibles and side missions really only serve to gain levels and weapon attachments up to a point. Updates will be around every two days or so.


Sgt Rex "Power" Colt - A Mark IV Cyber Commando fighting to uphold classic American values in this rough dystopian future. Voiced by Michael Biehn, aka Kyle Reese (among many other things), he is 100% 80's action hero, amazing one-liners included. Served with Lieutenant T.T "Spider" Brown during Vietnam War II in which they were both killed and re-made into Mark I Cyber Commandos. Was trained by Col Ike Sloan while he was a part of Omega Force.

Dr. Elizabeth Darling - A Canadian scientist who joined Omega Force after the nuking of Canada and the invasion of Australia. Was tricked by Sloan into joining Omega Force after being told it was to aid humanity's recovery. Hates Sloan and defects to assist Rex.

Col Ike Sloan - Mark V Cyber Commando, Sloan is the most advanced and powerful Cyber Commando to date. All Mark IV and V Cyber Commandos have his fighting skills programmed into them. Wants to end peace negotiations between the United States and Russia through a series of decapitation strike missile attacks. Bears a striking resemblance to Bennet from the movie Commando.

Lt T.T "Spider" Brown - Mark IV Cyber Commando who served with Rex during Vietnam War II, died, and was reborn as a Mark I Cyber Commando. He is known as being an expert hacker and also served under Sloan in Omega Force. Looks a lot like Sub-Zero from the Mortal Kombat series and wears a Japanese headband that translates to, "love of human being."

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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon had quite an interesting trailer.

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