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Part 2: The Lost Village


News Clipping

With the start of construction for All God's Dam approaching, Masumi Makimura (26), a geological surveyor dispatched to the area, has gone missing.
Mr. Makimura went to the area to investigate the site that would be submerged once the dam was built, but hasn't been heard from for five days.

Small News Clipping

The search for Masumi Makimura (26), the surveyor missing since the fourth of this month, came to a close yesterday.
Mr. Makimura had been helping to conduct a geological survery of All God's Dam.
As of yesterday, he has been missing for ten days.


It looks like a couple.

Woman's Notebook

Woman's Notebook 1

I've heard rumors about the lost village before. Long ago, a massacre occurred on the day of a ceremony, and the village was wiped from the map. Twin Deities Statues in the forest lead lost people to the village entrance. Once you pass through the gate, however, you cannot go back.

The village eternally relives that night of death. The insane laughter of a woman is said to echo throughout the village. The only survivor of the massacre at the village was a lone woman.

Woman's Notebook 2

Sometimes I sense someone passing by the window. He carries a torch and mutters things. He seems to be searching for somebody.

But it's not Masumi.

In the distance, I can hear some kind of sad ceremonial song being sung.

They say that this village vanished on the day of a ceremony, and that day is repeated over and over again.

Woman's Notebook 3

Masumi... It's me, Miyako.

I came to look for you.

Let's go home together.

Together, we can make it.

Call for me if you find this.

I'll be nearby.

Miss you!

Woman's Notebook 4

Someone! Anyone!

Whoever sees this, look for me.

I'm trapped in this village.


-Miyako Sudo

Woman's Notebook 5

Sometimes I hear an eerie song-like sound coming from the family altar. It sounds like it's coming from deep below. Maybe it's just the wind?

Or maybe there really is something behind that wall...

Woman's Notebook 6

How much time has passed since I came here? How long will this night last? I can't take the darkness. It's driving me crazy...

I have to get out of here!

I have to see Masumi.

Woman's Notebook 7

I must be tired. If I start to relax, I pass out. Even in a crazy place like this. The darkness here is creeping into my dreams.

Slaughter, rivers of blood, fallen people, a woman in a bloodstained kimono, insane laughter, and twin sisters calling out "Don't kill me!".

That woman's laugh is seared into my mind.

I don't want to sleep anymore.

Woman's Notebook 8

Masumi found my note.

He WAS in the village!

I can see him soon.

I can't move...
I'll wait here.

He'll be back.

He'll find the way out.

If he comes back

He came

Camera Obscura Pointers

This camera was made by Dr. Aso to take photographs of beings in the spiritual plane that normally cannot be seen. It can reveal events from the past through the lingering thoughts of individuals. It is also able to photograph spiritual beings that are invisible to the human eye.

Taking a photo of an unseen being has an exorcismal effect but simultaneously creates a sort of link with them. If the camera is used carelessly, these beings may even gain the upper hand on the user.

I wonder if I can photograph the site at the heart of this village's "Forbidden Ritual"?

If Dr. Aso were here I'm sure he would be excited.

-Seijiro Makabe

Folklorist 1

The Ceremony Master, Mr. Kurosawa, gave me a very warm welcome. The village has no "chief". The Ceremony Master presides over the village.

I wonder if this village was founded by people who wanted to preserve their sacred rituals and festivals?

Most notable among All God's folklore is the "gate to hell" legend that has been passed down for years. It is an archetypal tale of a gate or hole that marks the border to the world of the dead, also called Hades, the underworld, or the netherworld. It is a forbidden place that is feared and hated, but it is also worshipped as well. The idea of hell has been a core belief of humans since ancient times. This village supports the theory that the belief is universal.

The Forbidden Ritual regarding this "gate to hell" that takes place here is something no one is allowed to see or speak of. This strict taboo is probably the result of a ceremony concerning the border with hell coming closer to the living world.

Villagers lead a simple life. Deep in the mountains, they struggle to forage food for their daily meals.

The village has little contact with the outside world. They continue to practice the ways of old, frozen in time.

Spirit Orb

Used to upgrade camera functions or lenses. Each attribute can be upgraded up to three times and each upgrade requires a Spirit Orb. Once the Spirit Orb has been assigned to a function it cannot be removed. Note that these objects only make upgrades possible - the player will have to spend points on top of the Spirit Orb to actually upgrade the camera.

Film Types

Black Bag


Herbal Medicine

Sacred Water

Camera Obscura

Ginger Key