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Part 4: Twin Shrine Maidens (Part I)


Spirit Stone Radio Pointers

Through the use of crystals in its circuits, this improved version of a crystal radio is able to tune into voices from the spirit world. If a person wears a crystal for a long time, their thoughts will remain within, creating a special type of crystal, a Spirit Stone.

According to Dr. Aso, the radio can also pick up sounds from the spirit world, indicating feelings and intuitions in a similar manner to the sympathetic phenomenon that occurs between twins.

Village Report

Village Report 2

I looked down into the old well but it was pitch black, and I couldn't see a thing. If you listen closely you can only hear wind blowing, and it seems that the water has all dried up. I can't tell which was here first, the house or the well. Neither has been used in awhile.

According to the records, this house used to belong to the powerful Tsuchihara family. In this village, the Osaka, Kiryu, and Tachibana families were also influential. Each house had its own crest, and held power in the village. As a group they were also in charge of a special ritual. Each was a branch of the Kurosawa family, who administered the ceremony. They performed the role of priests.

The Kurosawa name is scattered throughout the literature, but no concrete information is written. I have no doubt that they held absolute power though.

Where in the world did the villagers go? And how do I get out of this village? The answers to these questions lie within the Kurosawa house.

I'm not sure how I know, but I have a strong feeling about this.

Village Report 4

I came to this hill to take a look at the gate I passed through when I entered the village. But when I tried to find it, the ruined gate was buried under trees and other flora. I can't find the path that we used to come here...

This hill is called "Misono Hill". According to the literature, this location plays a key role in the ceremony. Right in the middle lies a massive rock, known as the "Offering Stone", and the surrounding area is protected by wards.

This "Offering Stone" also seems to be a "Cover" for sealing some kind of hole. What sort of hole needs a gigantic stone like this for a cover? Why does it need to be covered at all? What if this is the very thing I've been searching for, the way out of the village?

I have to check this out more thoroughly.

-The "Slow" Lens-

Effect: Slows down the movement of a spirit.
Spirit Power Required: 1
Upgrade: Extends duration.

Temporarily slows down the movement of the spirit being photographed.

-The "Measure" Function-

Shows spirit HP.

When this function is equipped, it shows the remaining HP of the closest spirit in the Capture Circle in the viewfinder's upper-left corner.

Spirit Stone Radio

Twin Statue Key L

(In this video and the next I play most of the spirit stone message in the video. From Chapter 3 all of them will be posted in the thread instead.)

Click on the picture to listen to the broadcast.