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Part 6: The Repentance


Village Report

Village Report 1

For some reason, one of the statues is in the form of twins. I have also found a description of a "Twin Deities Statue" in the writings lying around the house.

In this region, twins serve an unusual purpose. Twin sisters or brothers perform a special ritual here. Each time the ritual is completed, a new Twin Deities Statue is placed somewhere in the village. The ritual occurs every few decades, and judging by the number of Twin Deities statues, this tradition is very old.

For some reason, one of the twins always has its head broken off. Sometimes they are sculpted without a head from the start. Maybe it doesn't mean anything, but something here doesn't feel right. I'm beginning to think that I was wrong to leave Miyako behind alone.

Unfortunately I was unable to find any detailed information about the twin ritual.

I have to find a way to get out of here fast...

Village Report 3

I found a small shrine at the top of a long set of stairs, shrouded in mist. It seems very old, but it is well-made and has not fallen into disrepair. The entrance has a large butterfly crest painted on it. It's the same as the one on the building beyond the large bridge.

Butterflies seem to have a special meaning, just like twins. They are frequently mentioned in the ritual literature. "Butterfly" means something else to the villagers too. I notice that the word always appears in writings about the ritual.

I may not know its exact meaning, but the fact that the butterfly crest is on a shrine indicates that it is very special indeed.

I should investigate further.

Village Report 5

How many days have I been in the village? 2? Maybe 3?

It feels like I've been here for years.

In this village of endless night, it's easy to lose all sense of time.

Miyako is utterly exhausted. Sometimes she manages to give me a weak smile, but it only makes me more uncomfortable. Physically and mentally, she's running on empty.

I haven't found a way out yet, but sifting through the material I gathered in the village again, I found a clue.

A gigantic underground tunnel, called a passageway, connects all the important locations in the village. It is used for travel between the houses during the ceremony, and also to store important items.

It's difficult to estimate the scale of the passages from the map, but there is sure to be a way out through there. I didn't find any information about the entrance to the passageway. However, there must be a clue somewhere in the Kurosawa house, as they presided over the ceremony.

I've decided to leave Miyako here and search the Kurosawa house alone. I'll find a way out of the village and then come back for her.

Folklorist 2

The guardian deity statues in this area are different in that they are engraved with Shrine Maidens. The village children say that the statues honor the gods of the village.

Also, a book in the house links the statues to something called the "Crimson Sacrifice".

Maybe the Forbidden Ritual is related to this "Crimson Sacrifice"...

-The "Stun" Lens-

Effect: Intermittently stops the movement of a spirit.
Spirit Power Required: 2
Upgrade: Extends duration.

Stops the movement of the spirit being photographed intermittently.

Twin Statue Key R

Film Reel 1