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Part 8: Forbidden Ritual (Part II)



Folklorist 3

For several days, earthquakes have increased in frequency. At the same time, Crimson Butterflies are swarming, sometimes blocking out the sun. Somehow, they look sad.

Villagers that see them put their hands together in prayer. The entire village has an air of impending doom.

The village is quite fearful of the earth's fury. Perhaps the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual is performed to purify the ground.

In the past, every area had some type of ground purifying ceremony. Many of these offered sacrifices to try to calm the gods. If that custom still remains today, it explains the stillness in the village. The Twin Shrine Maidens must be the "guardian deities" of this village.

The guardian deities, the Twin Shrine Maidens, have become Crimson Butterflies, and are returning to the village.

Folklorist 4

Ancient village records have been stored in the Ceremony Master's house. Many discuss the legends, folktales or rituals of the village. There are sure to be many records of folklore value.

The Forbidden Ritual is also called the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. Twins are used to help seal the gate to hell. There are two parts: The Visible Ceremony, which occurs periodically and, if it fails, a Hidden Ceremony is performed.

If all the ceremonies fail, the gate to hell will open, the dead will pour out, and the skies will go dark. They call this disaster the "Repentance".

The whereabouts of Munakata's friends, the twin boys Itsukiand Mutsuki, are unknown, which is a little troubling. If they are found, I might be able to ask them about the village.

-The "Instant" Function-

Detects Fatal Frame

Detects the Fatal Frame of the spirit and signals you by making the light in the upper part of the viewfinder flash red.

-The "Blast" Lens-

Effect: Raises damage/Blast Back.
Spirit Power Required: 2
Upgrade: Increases damage; Enables Slow Blast Back ability.

Inflicts heavier damage than normal and enables Blast Back (forces the spirit back) even when it's not a shutter chance.

Stone Mirror

Click on the picture to listen to the broadcast.

Mayu Charm 2

Glowing Green Crystal

Fluorite 1

Faintly Glowing Crystal