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Part 10: The Sacrifice (Part II)


Butterfly Diary 1

Munakata and his teacher came to the village today. He said he was worried about Itsuki and came to help.

But I can't tell outsiders about the village. Itsuki's locked up in the storehouse. I doubt he'll be allowed to talk with an outsider.


Mr. Makabe made a picture of us with his picture box. My face looked strange, but it was interesting to see. He's probably going to be **, because our cleansing isn't finished yet. Before that happens, we have to help him escape.

If I can become one with you, Yae, I'll be happy. That's the only thing that matters to me.


Warped Twins Photo

Folklorist 6

The twin girls of the house gave me a map that shows a side door. They said that the Hidden Ceremony is near, and I should escape out the side door during the night. They left so quickly I couldn't even ask them about it.

The other people in the house are acting normally. Was there some ulterior motive behind the generous hospitality?

Just to be safe, I will tell Munakata to go home ahead of me.

Ceremony Master's Note

Ceremony Master's Note 2

An Outsider visited with perfect timing.

I'll use him for the Hidden Ceremony, and pacify the *.

We must ensure he doesn't escape before that.

Ceremony Master's Note 3

When the twins were born, I was miserable knowing that they were doomed.

They were raised freely, without pain or sadness.

They say the pain of the * never stops.

The elder sister must kill the younger in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual.

It's a cruel, horrible fate.

Crimson Wing Tome

Shrine Maidens of the past and future, made into Crimson Butterflies, return from the *, as guardians of the village.

Those that become butterflies ascend to heaven, parting the skies above, inviting the light upon us.

Taboo Tome

The gate to hell is called the *.
Gaze not upon the *.
Eyes that glimpse the * will be blinded by the *.
Speak not of the *.
The mouth which utters * will be made speechless by the *.
Listen not to the *.
Those who heed the * are turned heartles by the *.

Twin Tome

In the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, the Shrine Maidens become one again. They become deities and appease the *.

The latter stays here, watching over the human world.

The first shall pass through the *, calming the earth.

Disaster Tome

If the ritual is not performed the * will open.

Inhuman wretches shall burst forth from the *, villagers will be engulfed by the *, and the sky will be plunged into darkness. The darkness will spread over the land for generations, awakening the *.

We must think of this disaster as a Repentance for our failure to fulfill our duty to the *, which grants us life.

We must accept that this is the reason for our existence.

Ritual Tome

If the * rumbles on a year without the ceremony, a Kusabi is needed.

A Kusabi is an outsider, made into a Buddha, and offered to the *.

The more they suffer, the greater the calming of the *.

-The "Evade" Function-

Avoid damage.

Allows you to avoid damage when caught by a spirit by pressing the shutter button at just the right moment to set off a flash and stun the spirit.

Diamond Stack Key

Twin Doll Heads

Butterfly Key

Bloody Ring

Crimson Ball

Diamond Link Key