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Part 12: Sae



Folklorist 8

Long ago a visitor to a mountain village became a ceremonial sacrifice. When the Veiled Priests captured me, they said things like "Outsider" and "Kusabi"...

What exactly is the nature of the Hidden Ceremony?

The key the twin girls gave me must be for the side door of the house. The key for the cell must be in another house. According to the map, the key is hidden in a cave under the Osaka house. Maybe this is the cellar in the passageway that I read about...

Folklorist 9

As expected, the jailer won't tell me anything, won't even say a word. It's a total reversal of the treatment I got when I came to the village.

I guess this was the real reason I was invited.

The cell is also used to store documents. I was able to find several important manuscripts. I can continue my research, but I doubt anyone will ever see it.

Hellish Abyss

It is unclear how long this hole that connects our world to the underworld has existed. They say that if the cover to it is opened, it will cause a terrible disaster. This is the origin of the "gate to hell" folktale. As a taboo word, it is often represented in other texts as "*".

The suffering of the sacrifice is used to seal the Hellish Abyss.

The Mourners

They are the guardians of the Hellish Abyss, and are the only ones that can get near it. When the year of the ceremony comes, the Mourners sew their eyes shut so they cannot glimpse the Hellish Abyss. Criminals and anyone that has seen the Hellish Abyss are also forced to become Mourners. Afterwards, they live underground, never returning to the surface.

What can be so bad that looking at it is forbidden?

Folklorist 10

Twin Shrine Maidens

Twin Shrine Maidens are sacrificed in the Crimson Sacrifice Ritual. Boys are sometimes used as well. In this case, they are called Altar Twins.

The people of this region believe that twins were once a single being, which was split in two at birth.

The ceremony is based on the belief that when the two bodies are reunited as one, the Shrine Maiden will gain the power of a deity.

The text says
"the older sister must ** the younger, and throw her into the *".

The ** part must refer to the most horrible part of the ritual, probably some kind of "sacrifice".

Ceremony Master's Note

Ceremony Master's Note 1

The Malice coming from the * is getting stronger. I've searched, and there is no record of it getting this strong in the past.

Recently, poor harvests and deaths have begun to increase. The time of repentance for Tachibana's failure to perform the ritual is drawing near.

Half of the Mourners were driven mad by the Malice and jumped into the *. We must prepare more Mourners. We'll use the sinners.

If we don't do something, the * will overflow in a few years.

I must use my daughters in the ritual.

Sae and Yae must be cleansed.

For the village!

Ceremony Master's Note 4

Sae and Yae ran away with that boy, a Remaining.

The Kusabi calmed the * a little, but it is still rumbling. If the twins aren't brought back, the village will be swallowed by the *.

They are my daughters. I must find them.

Ceremony Master's Note 5

Yae is not coming back.
Did she really leave Sae behind?
Did she survive in the forest?

If Sae is cleansed and acts as Shrine Maiden alone, the * might be appeased.

The records do not mention any rituals with a single Shrine Maiden, but I will do it. I have to try.

Yae, why did you run?

Why won't you come back?

Butterfly Diary

Butterfly Diary 2

I was wrong. It's just like Itsuki said. Munakata's teacher is going to be a *.
This has to stop!

People like Mutsuki shouldn't have to die. I have to do something. A Veiled Priest took one of the cell keys to the rope temple.


It seems father plans to make that man a *. Even though he's Munakata's teacher! I know one cell key is hidden in father's bookshelves.

To keep the * appeased, there's only one thing to do. If we perform the Crimson Sacrifice, perhaps people won't suffer like this...


Butterfly Diary 3

The time of the ritual is coming soon. Itsuki and Mutsuki's ritual didn't work, and this year it's our turn.

I'm leaving the village with you. Itsuki will help us escape, and we'll be together forever, like I promised.


The truth is, I don't want to run.

But as long as I can be with you, I'll follow you anywhere. Just don't leave me here along.


-The "See" Lens-

Effect: Makes ghosts visible
Spirit Power Required: 1
Upgrade: Increases duration

Shadow Key

Light Key

Hammer Key

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Glowing Red Crystal