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Part 16: Final Chapter: Crimson Butterfly (Part II)


Mayu's Note

Itsuki, I'm so sorry.

I want to see you and tell you how sorry I am.

I'm sorry about Chitose, too...

Photo of White-haired Boy

Folklorist 5

The Kiryu house and the Tachibana house are linked by a connecting corridor and are called the "Twin Houses". The Twin Shrine Maidens will stay there before the ceremony and are apparently cleansed there too. During the cleansing they are not allowed to go outside, but they may pass freely between the houses.

The bridge on the 2nd floor of the Tachibana house is called the "Heaven Bridge", and the bridge in the basement of the Kiryu house is called the "Earth Bridge". The "Earth Bridge" also connects to the passageway below.

The passageway is a natural cave under the village. At its deepest point lies a forbidden place. Only a certain class of Veiled Priests and people called the Mourners may enter.

It seems that the gate to hell is there and the Forbidden Ritual is actually performed underground.

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Mayu's Charm