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Part 20


Green Diary[b]

[b]Green Diary 3

I saw Itsuki's sister in the corridor. She is usually frightened of strangers, and runs away and hides.

But today was different. It seemed like she wanted to tell me something, but she ran away without saying a word.

Maybe Itsuki left a message with her?

Green Diary 4

I received a letter from Mr. Makabe that said I should leave the village and return home before him. Yae and Sae brought the letter here. They told me that outsiders cannot stay because the festival is coming soon. Mr. Makabe has special permission to see it.

I whispered to Yae that I would come for them on the day of the ceremony. Yae tensed for a moment, then acted like she didn't hear, and left. It seems they may really be planning to leave before the ceremony occurs. That means Itsuki must still be somewhere in the village, too.

Green Diary 1

It's been at least 10 years since I last came here with my father. The village still looks exactly the same. Coming here when I was a boy was what made me want to become a folklorist.

I wonder how Itsuki and Mutsuki are doing? The letter Itsuki sent me worries me...

I asked around, and was told that Itsuki and Mutsuki died of an illness. There was no mention of anything like this in the letters we exchanged.

I looked through Itsuki's writings. His family was covering it up, but I found that he was looking for a way out of the village.

Since he was a little boy, he was always afraid of some sort of "ceremony". I wonder if he ran away from the village? If not, then he has to be here somewhere.

Green Diary 2

I met Yae and Sae.
The Ceremony Master says they will be the Shrine Maidens in the next ceremony. I asked them about Mutsuki, but they wouldn't answer. The last letter from Itsuki said to come for Sae and Yae on the day of the ceremony.

I wonder if he was trying to help Yae and Sae escape from the village?

Green Diary 5


I pray that you read this. I can't stay in this village any longer. I told Yae and Sae that I would come for them on the day of the ceremony. After they make it out of the village, I'll take care of them. Don't worry.

When I get them out, I'll come back for you next.

-Ryozo Munakata

Crimson Diary

Crimson Diary 4

Because of Yae, Itsuki has been taken away somewhere.

How come?

Itsuki did nothing to her.

It's all her fault for running away!

Crimson Diary 3

Itsuki told me to hold the key for his room.
He said I can't let anyone go in there.
He said if his friend comes, to give the key to his friend.
I am so happy that he gave me such an important job!

Itsuki's friend came to the house.
I got scared, so I hid.

I couldn't give him the key.

Crimson Diary 2

The day after the ceremony, my brother Itsuki came back alone. His black hair was white!
Where has my other brother Mutsuki gone?

Since Mutsuki disappeared Itsuki doesn't want to talk. He is still nice to me, but his eyes are always sad.
What happened on the day of the ceremony???

Itsuki gave me a bell. My eyes are not too good. The bell will tell him if I go near a dangerous place. Itsuki said he will always come when he hears the bell. He said even if I am hiding away and crying, he will find me.

Crimson Diary 1

Both inside and outside are pitch black. Nobody is in the house, but I feel a presence.

Itsuki! Help me!

I'm so scared I can't get out of the closet.

Help me Itsuki!

Twins & Girl Photo

Bound Diary

Bound Diary 1

The Ritual is coming up soon.

Mutsuki is too weak to run away, and there is no way.
I can carry him. He said he'd forgive me no matter what happens. He does not want Sae and Yae to suffer either. I promised him that I would help Sae and Yae escape after the ritual.

Mutsuki will remain here as a butterfly.

I plan to remain here in the village with him too...

Bound Diary 1

If we perform the Crimson Sacrifice, then Yae and Sae will not need to go through the ritual. But if our ritual fails, they will be the only ones left for the next sacrifice. I have to get Yae and Sae out of this village.

The horror has to stop. There has to be another way.
I cannot let Yae and Sae suffer like this...

The old passageway under Kureha Shrine has been sealed ever since some twins tried to escape through there long ago. The Ceremony Master said that they were killed by a cave-in during their escape. Concerned, the Ceremony Master sealed the Old Tree which enshrines the Remaining.

Although the path is sealed, a passageway still leads out. Opening the seal should make it possible to leave the village. The pinwheel keys that open the seal have been handed down through the families of four Veiled Priests. I was able to find the pinwheel for this family in the storehouse.

After passing through a passageway, you only have to run through the forest, and remember to never look back.

But will those two have the willpower necessary?

-The "Zero" Lens

Effect: Raises damage/Blast Back
Spirit Power Required: 3
Upgrade: Increases damage

Inflicts heavier damage than normal and enables Blast Back (forces the spirit back) even when it's not a shutter chance.

Paulownia Key

Red Cord Doll

Film Reel 2

Film Reel 6

Film Reel 5

Bell Key

Tachibana Crest

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Red Speckled Crystal

Fluorite 3