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Part 27


Butterfly Diary 5

When we were small, we once went to the river that flows out of the village. That day we made a promise. We said we'd always stay together, forever. Even if we left the village we wouldn't part.


We promised to always be together. But my body is weak, and I might not be able to follow you. You might leave me behind...

Just thinking about being alone scares me. As we grow older we'll grow apart...
We were born together, as one.
I want to be one with you again, Yae.

Then we can be together forever.


Folklorist 11

Activity outside the cell is bustling. It seems that the Hidden Ceremony is very near. I hope Munakata made it out of the village.

If the "gate to hell" known as the Hellish Abyss really does exist, I will be able to see it with my own eyes tomorrow. Even if I am to be thrown into it as a sacrifice, I am at least happy that I can see this forbidden place at last.

Butterfly Diary 6

If I stay here, someday Yae will come back for me. Can I become a butterfly without her? If I could I'd always be near the village, waiting.
Waiting at the place we made our promise.

She'll come. I know she will.


Final Letter


You came for me after all.

Please hurry.

I'm right below you.

I know you might not make it in time,

but I'll wait for you until the very end.


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