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Fatal Frame 2

by Egomaniac

Part 31

I am not going to go through all the missions since they're all just about getting high scores fighting ghosts in confined places. You can see my example of an S-rank Mission 2 (out of 25) below. Finishing them or S-ranking them just gets you a few costumes and isn't a whole lot of fun, to tell the truth. Also, here's your only chance to see costume Type H, which you acquire by finishing the game on Nightmare mode.

Mission Mode: 02

And here's the extra ending from the XBox port on YouTube. In my opinion this is by far the weakest ending and you're not missing much if you only play the PS2 version.

Bonus XBox Ending

Final Thought

This game is incredibly creepy, but not for the reasons that the developers intended. The scariest part is hearing Mio's and Mayu's emotionally unbalanced, incestuous, clingy dialogue and having it treated as normal. I don't know why this is such a common theme in games and movies coming out of Japan, unless the entire nation suffers from abandonment issues so extreme its people no longer recognize those feelings as unnatural. In any case, it makes the characters (especially Mayu) so unsympathetic that I found myself wishing the "Bad" ending was real and Mio really would run off by herself so she could finally be free of her neurotic sister.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed the LP and found the game frightening in one way or another. I also know that most people who follow my threads do so because they like subtitled horror VLPs, so you may want to check out these others if you haven't already:

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Thanks for watching.