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Part 104: First Date

Well, we're past all of the Bad Endings in the game! :v: Theoretically, it's all up from here! We're going to go back to Miharu's confession, but this time, Rinka will accept her feelings. Maybe this time things will go better?

BGM: Silence

-Accept her confession.
-Turn her down.

W-Well... I'm fine with dating you.

Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, not everyone will enter a relationship with someone of the same gender, even if they're preju- Wait, what?

Rinka, can you repeat that for me, please?

BGM: Miharu
I love you, that's for sure. But I'm not certain if I'm in love with you, as it were. I mean, I've never experienced it before. If dating you helps me to figure that out, then I'm down. Is that an acceptable answer?

She freezes up, her mouth almost hitting the floor. She looks like she wants to say something, but she can't find the words. In the end, she finally manages to crank out a coherent sentence.

I'm so happy I could die.

She's smiling, her face beet red. This isn't her usual smile, either. It's one she can't stop from spreading. That just reaffirms how cute she is to me. I can't help but match her smile, knowing that I'm about to begin a relationship with her. If anyone else saw me right now, they'd probably think I was a creeper. Ahh... I'm gonna fall for her. That's what I think at the time, at least.

We walk back to the station that night, hand in hand. Strolling through the nighttime scenery like this feels nice. It shouldn't look awkward for two girls to be holding hands. Still, I feel a little shy about it.


BGM: Rinka's Room

I get ready for bed once back home. Way too much has happened today. First I finished my finals, then Mao dragged us all out, and then I had to finally give Miharu an answer. And I've done it. She's officially my first girlfriend. It's weird saying that when I've never even had a boyfriend. It's not weird in a bad way, though. I'd be insulting Miharu if I thought it was. What's important is that this is how I really feel.

I really should sleep for now. The store will be open for the first time in a while tomorrow, so I need to get up early. There's a lot to be done. I've messaged my gran as well, so all that's left is to shut my eyes. It's fortunate that the next election isn't the last. We'll still have a week to work things out if nothing comes from this one. As much as I want to finish the diary, I'm better off getting some rest.


BGM: Silence

07/14 (SAT), Morning
Mmm... Morning already?

I drag myself out of bed and stretch. I'm opening up the store for the first time in a while today. There are a lot of preparations to make, so the store's only going to be open from 9 p.m. to 4 p.m. Once ready to face the day, I make my way downstairs.


BGM: Lion House Cafe

07/14 (SAT), Noon
Miharu pops into Lion House during the afternoon. Guess she's off work today. Kind of unusual, considering it's a Saturday.

When are you closing shop today?

Hmm, around four. I figure that's only fair since I opened the store late.

Okay. In that case, let's go on a date once you're done.

Sure, no pro- Huh? A date?

I answer right away, but my brain has a slight delay in processing what she's just said. She wants to go on a date. Something couples normally do.


It's decided then, assuming you don't have any other plans. I've been itching to go to the aquarium, to be honest. The last time I went was back in elementary school. There's one about half an hour away by train that's open till the evening. Let's meet there.


A single syllable is all I can manage thanks to my embarrassment. Somehow it's never really hit me that we're dating for real now. We held hands on the way back last night, but well... I was kind of going with the flow, I guess? I'm not even sure what the actual dating process is. Miharu walks out while I'm caught up in my own thoughts. It seems like where and when you meet is just as essential for a first date as everything that comes after. My nerves and embarrassment make the next three hours of work a struggle, to say the least.


BGM: Town

07/14 (SAT), Evening
Later that day, at 5 p.m. I make my way to meet Miharu once I've closed up shop. It's still pretty bright out during this time of July.

Don't think I've been this nervous in my life...

My thoughts slip out. It's amazing how the idea of this one date can get me so anxious when we've hung out countless times before. The last time I was at an aquarium was in elementary school as well, now that I think about it. My gran took me to one pretty far out. I remember being amazed at the sight of a whale shark. The pattern on their back has been compared to that of a night sky full of stars. I remember thinking, thanks to that, that the aquarium was kind of like space. The sort of association only a kid would make, really.

It might just be the ideal place for us to begin our new relationship, though. I mean, my understanding of love is at about the same level as space.

07/14 (SAT), Night
We enter the aquarium around six and leave just as it is about to close for the night. It wasn't too big of a place, but the effort put into every display was remarkable enough that they kept our attention the whole way through. Holding hands the entire time was pretty embarrassing, but part of me stopped caring thanks to all the sea creatures.

We make our way to a nearby restaurant for some food afterwards.

That was great, wasn't it, Rinka?

Yeah. The jellyfish were pretty enough, but getting to see stuff floating around with them like stingrays and manta rays was nice. I didn't even realize there was an aquarium there.

It was the sort of place where kids, families, and adults alike could enjoy themselves. Apparently it's... um, a popular date spot as well. The nightscape from inside was beautiful too, so I could understand why.

I spent more time watching you enjoy yourself than I did the exhibits. You're just too cute.

C-Come on, are you trying to embarrass me now?

She says this stuff even when other people are within earshot. I shove some of the lettuce wedges that came with my hamburger steak into my mouth to distract myself. Chances are that was the exact sort of reaction she was hoping for, though. Despite knowing this, I can't stop myself. She's got me wrapped around her finger.

Are you planning to open the store tomorrow?

She poses her question once we're done talking about the aquarium.

Yup. What makes you ask?

Ah, well... I was planning to stay over at your place tonight.

You what?!

I want to go to the theme park tomorrow, too. Mainly because going next week might not be the best idea when we'll have the final round of Divine Selection looming over us.

Well, it makes sense. She could stay at my place so we could get up nice and early for it. The suggestion came out of nowhere, but she's thought it all through. She's probably taken tomorrow off work or asked someone to cover her shift, too. Not that she'd admit it to me. It's rare to see her have both days of the weekend off, so that's the only explanation I can think of. It hurts to admit, but I have no reason to open the store if I don't want to right now. Every single day is precious now.

Having acknowledged that, I decide to take the day off myself. That being said...

I don't mind you staying over, but... i-it's a bit too early for us to be doing... you know... that sort of stuff.


Text cannot do justice the noise Miharu's VA makes here, sadly, but I'd best describe it as a surprised squeaky toy being stepped on. :v:

Miharu blushes profusely in response to my timid claim, drawing her eyes away from mine. She follows up with one of her standard chuckles before whispering something to me.

I never expected you of all people to bring that up. Don't worry. Those things hadn't even crossed my mind.

H-Huh..? Wait a minute...

So I'm the one with... a questionable thought process, basically. All I can do is shovel more food into my mouth. And choke as a result.


BGM: Rinka's Room

Once back home, we both shower and hop into bed. Separately, might I add. I doubt I'll be able to read that diary tomorrow at this rate. That's fine, though. I'm not opposed to this. Spending time with Miharu is fun. Pure and simple. Maybe that's what dating entails. Just enjoying time spent with your partner.

Good night, Rinka.

Yeah. Good night... Miharu.

We're waking up early. Fortunately, I'm able to fall fast asleep thanks to my tired nerves from our date.


BGM: Good Morning (20XX XX XX)

07/15 (SUN), Morning
Good morning. You sure slept like a log.

Uwah... Morning... How come you're ready this early?

Not only has she gotten dressed but she also has her hair all done up as well. Seems like she woke up an entire hour before me- which means she barely got any sleep. She looks perfectly fine despite that, though. I've never seen the outfit she has on before today, either.

I don't want to distract you while you get ready, so I'll wait downstairs.

A thought comes to mind as I watch her walk off. She's somehow more gorgeous than usual today.

BGM: Lion House Cafe

How do I look?

I make my way downstairs after getting ready. Seeing Miharu dressed up all nice makes me want to do the same. My clothes looked really cute when I bought them, but I never could find the courage to actually wear them till now.


She says this without reservation. I don't take such compliments very well, which casues me to look away from her out of embarrassment. Anyway, we make our way to the station since we're both ready.


BGM: Amusement Park (Day)

Our destination is Stardust Kingdom. The same place we went to back in May. Back then there were four of us, but now it's just Miharu and me. It's pretty busy because today's Sunday, but it's not near as bad as it was during Golden Week. Helps that summer holidays haven't started yet.

So what should we do first? I'll go wherever you want.

Hmm... If anything, I'd rather follow you around for today.

R-Really? Now I'm not too sure...

She's probably memorized where all the attractions are and what events are going on today just like last time. That's why she should be able to plan out the most effective route based on where I would want to go. But I don't care about efficiency today.

Last time we planned things out based on what all four of us wanted to do, so today I'm happy going anywhere you want.

All right. There are five things I want to try. Sit with you on a thrilling ride, go through the haunted house, watch the summer parade, buy matching souvenirs... And finally, watch the nighttime parade with you. Much like we did last time.

Not many people come to a theme park with only five things in mind... but okay, sounds good to me.

I'm determined to be proactive today, so I summon all my courage and grab Miharu's hand. Having done that, I gently pull her along toward the entrance.


BGM: Amusement Park (Bright Night)

07/15 (SUN), Night
We successfully clear four of Miharu's goals right when 8 p.m. rolls around. I handle thrill rides pretty well, so I wanted to go a second round on the free fall. Miharu didn't take it too well though, so I scrapped that idea. The haunted house was less about trying to scare you and more about letting you enjoy the concepts behind horror-themed stuff. We manage to get to the front row for the afternoon parade, amazingly enough. We got a bit wet since it had water spraying all over, but the weather was warm enough that we dried off pretty quick.

As for souvenirs, we got a pair of mugs with our names engraved on them. Needless to say, we were both thrilled. They are packed in one box, so I'm in charge of carrying them. It's an important duty, if you ask me. All that's left now is the nighttime parade. Technically, that's where everything began. I learned last time that mainly couples come to watch it. That's fine, though. We're part of that crowd this time.

Thanks for coming today.

I came because I wanted to. There's no need to thank me.

Do you remember what happened last time?

Of course.

I stand right by Miharu and wait for the parade to begin.

Things sure have changed since then, huh? Becoming participants in Divine Selection was crazy enough, but who would've thought that we'd be the final two remaining?

It's no mere coincidence. It's all due to your iron will.

Yeah... I'd be insulting those who've been eliminated if I denied that at this point. It's not just that, though. Your resolve helped to create this situation.

I'd hope so... Thinking about you is what's helped me reach this point.

The fantastical scenery of the theme park almost makes it feel like I'm dreaming. Though that might sound a bit ironic coming from someone who knows what the dream world looks like.

I guess the biggest change of all is that we're dating now. It was your confession that helped me find confidence in myself. Funny how that works, huh?

Ahaha. Quite. Especially when the same applies to me.

You can never truly understand yourself without the help of others. I've gained a whole new perspective through Miharu's feelings toward me. My outlook on the world has changed significantly after a mere three days of being in a relationship with her. I'm sure the world's full of things I still don't know. I mean, sitting beside Miharu right now is making my heart race, but I still don't know if that means I'm in love with her or not.

Hey, Rinka...

What's up?

Wanna kiss?


Then again, I already stole your lips while you were asleep last night.

You what?!

I'm teasing you. I'd much rather save my first kiss for when you're conscious.

The worst part is I'm not convinced you're actually kidding...

Either way, we probably shouldn't right now if I have to ask outright. I'm sure it'll happen naturally when the time feels right.

My heart almost stopped for a minute. Kissing in my mind is, well... a pretty advanced step in a relationship. It's a whole different ball game from holding hands. I'm not sure I can even make a comparison that represents the difference well enough. The illuminations around us finally fade, which signals the beginning of the parade.

I feel Miharu's presence beside me the entire time, making the experience all the better.