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Part 106: A Self Only for Me

BGM: Powerless

The glow of the morning sun wakes me up. I never would have guessed that light could sting the body this bad. Myths portray sunlight as a force that can roast humans alive. Now I understand where those ideas came from. Not that I feel any discomfort. Life and pain walk hand in hand. I have yet to experience the latter, but I truly believe that to be the case.

We get the same scenes here of “Rinka” with Lethe, “Rinka” going to school and encountering Naomi, and “Rinka” making plans to talk to Mao about the three of them going to the amusement park soon, in Miharu's memory. However, that night...

BGM: Rinka's Room

07/16 (MON), Night
Once home, I decide to change into my pajama attire. They are somewhat revealing, yet so very comfortable. I leave the book I borrowed from the library on my desk. There's quite a lot on this desk, really. By no fault of my own, I must add. A stuffed animal, a letter with nothing written on it, and... a key? No... a keychain.

Goodness, that hurts...

I am assaulted by a sudden headache. My surprise at the pain causes me to revert to my natural speech. I must take care that this doesn't happen in public. I feel myself wanting to not look at these for reasons I cannot quite understand. Were they important to me, perhaps? I try to recall, but it feels as though the memories remain off limits.

Well, then. Making my way downstairs to read this book seems a novel idea. This is a cafe, from what I recall. A rather fine location for some reading.

Goodness me, how bitter...

Oops. I revert to my speech pattern again. I place the blame squarely on this wretched coffee. Cafes should be all about tea, and yet there is nary a drop in sight. Naught but coffee as far as the eye can see. I attempt to make some myself, but the taste is just too much for me. Running this store also seems to be part of my daily life. A fact that leaves me both anxious and excited. The store has remained closed for some time now, so cleanup is necessary. As such, I take some time to wash the dishes, cutlery, and the like. All this I can do out of habit. I seem to have been quite the hard worker.

Now then. It is time to check for anything missing.

Huh... Isn't this...?

I notice an unopened box while checking the cupboards. A rather heavy one, at that. I assume that more cutlery is contained within. Far be it from me not to make use of new goods. Thinking that, I open it up.



A sharp pain stabs through my temples once more. Far worse than the previous episode. Another headache, I presume. Odd, considering I am supposedly not one to suffer from them often. Perhaps I'm simply not yet used to this body, leading to premature exhaustion. I should finish with haste and sleep early tonight. I have a long life ahead of me. It would be a shame to overexert myself at this stage.


Two mugs are within the box. I take them out to inspect them. Both have mascots printed on them, although they don't seem to be made for children. I'm willing to assume they're not for use within the store.


Upon closer inspection, I notice two names inscribed on them.

Rinka Shishimai. That's me.

The other says Miharu Mishima.

A pair of mugs for good friends, I assume. Curious as I am, I'd much rather avoid another headache today. I can attempt to recall at a later date.

Give it back.

I hear a voice addressing me. Well, it's one I've been trying to ignore, but perhaps I should give it some attention now. It's coming from none other than myself, after all.

No can do, my dear.

All that you were now belongs to me.

The pain caused by my headache worsens, leading me to collapse.


BGM: Silence

I was able to keep our promise.

What promise might that be?

About there being sides to myself and Miharu that only we know about.

It's only a matter of time, I'm afraid. The memories you want to keep from me will unveil themselves the moment I grow accustomed to your body.

BGM: Rinka

Sorry, but they won't. It's my body, so it's about time you give it back.

Quite the slow one, aren't you? My consciousness has already overwritten yours by this stage.

Funny how you can say that despite me being able to talk to you right now. Even more hilarious is that you're the one who gave me a hint in the first place. You said something about my birth and fate being twisted, right? If I was born with a power similar to yours, then I should be able to copy what you did to me.

That... No. Such a feat will prove impossible. I used the energy gathered within the Court of Fate to implant my consciousness over your own. Energy that you lack.

Trust me, you're in for a surprise. I know what's going on with my own body more than you ever will.

Cease this at once. Should your consciousness remain intact, then it will be in a state similar to when I was housed in a vessel. You should count yourself blessed to have avoided complete erasure by my part.

I'm sure you understand the possible outcome of trying to re-implant yourse-

Don't worry. I won't fail. That energy you used was never yours in the first place.

Are you implying that it having come from each participants' feelings makes it special somehow? Energy lacks free will, my dear. Surely you've never attempted to hold a conversation with electricity.

You never know until you try.

Failure will result in your complete erasure. You won't even be able to appear within the dream world. A clever individual would be satisfied with what they have. You may observe the world from within me. Besides... Besides...

I'm having ever so much fun. I can't afford to give that up now.

Shut up. That body's mine. I'm going to get it back.

Very well, then. Allow me to obliterate every last trace of you tonight.