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Fatal Twelve

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Part 108: Loneliness

The strange man within the dream pretty much spelled it out for us, but just to reiterate- the choice here determines between two endings based on what we decide. The first ending we will see is if we choose...

BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

-Choose to alter fate.
-Do nothing.

I'm surprised you even need to ask. I'll let things remain as they are.

Well said. In that case, all you need to do is forge ahead through your own grief.

I can't deny that it hurts. That's part of life, though. I would never have come to understand myself if I were alone. Falling in love is what helped me to do so. It's thanks to the time I spent with everyone else that I am who I am now.

That's fine.

That's how it should be.

So please, don't leave me.

Farewell, Rinka. Be sure to treasure your roots.

Don't let these memories fade.

...and fade to credits. As this isn't a Bad Ending, the credits are set to the actual theme song (which you heard in the Opening Movie back in the first update), but there's still nothing of note visually, so again, I'll leave it for the end of the LP. Skipping ahead to the post-credits scene...

BGM: Miharu

07/23 (MON), Noon
...Not bad.

I'm sitting on a bench at the park, sipping away at some coffee I've made. I make it a point to remain here all day. I apparently need to be at this specific place today, anyway. That's why I made some coffee for myself. I was given a plastic cup that's used for takeout samples, so I decided to give it a try.

I should let Naomi try one out the next time I see her.

This place is special to me. Many important things have happened here. It's where I first met Miharu. It's where I've spent time with my gran. It's where Naomi said she'd shoulder my burden with me. And it's my final destination. The place where all twelve of us were supposed to gather.

I trust that my choice is the correct one. My memories of Miharu remain as a result. Today served as the end of Divine Selection. Forever. I still feel that power within me, but like that man said, it's only a matter of time until that fades away.

Is there any meaning to the days that happened, but were undone? It's a sudden question that comes to mind. But it's one with an obvious answer.

There isn't. All that remains now are my memories of those times.

Man, I'm bored...

My thoughts are spoken aloud involuntarily. And I cast my gaze up to the great blue sky.