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Part 11: The Truth of Election

BGM: Chilling With Sidekicks

05/14 (MON), Noon
By the time Odette eliminates Ro, morning has come. I can't even remember whether I was awake or asleep when we got taken into the dream world. It's partially due to the fact that I didn't take the time difference between here and Japan into account, but from now on, I should make sure to remain more alert on Sundays. Once we've gotten ready to leave, we call on room service to bring us up some breakfast.

So in the end, what was Ro's regret?

Huh. Figured you'd have known by now. You even mentioned it yourself.

I did?

I think back to my previous suggestions, albeit without much confidence.

So it had something to do with his lover?

Oh, boy. You really don't have a clue.

She gulps down the rest of her Americano before continuing. Gotta say, she really likes espresso-based drinks, doesn't she?


...Dog? You don't mean...?

Yes and no. A dog, but not his lover's. He wanted to raise one. To be there for it as a pup, to become best friends with it as it grows older, and to be by its side during its last moments. Sounds mundane, but few people are able to experience something like that.

Part of me finds it hard to believe that someone can have that much regret over a dog.

C'mon, everyone has their own priorities. Ain't it normal to have a pet or two where you're from?

Where I'm from, huh...?

I'm not fond of having to talk about myself, so I try to shift topics.

Mind if I ask how you figured that out?

I thought it might be the case when you mentioned that his lover had a dog of her own. Did a bit of digging after that, and bingo. Turns out his wife has dog allergies, so... no surprise he couldn't own one.

She spills every last bean on his personal life after that. His parents, who lived in the countryside, had a dog back when he lived with them during his youth. That dog was killed in a traffic accident, though. His family refused to get another pet after that, since the sudden shock that came from losing it was too much for them. And that led to the birth of Ro's great regret.

He wished he could've been there for his family dog's final moments.

I can get where he's coming from, but I just can't imagine it turning into your life's biggest regret.

She scoffs in response. Believe it or not, but this brute actually has a soft spot for animals. Hell, her ultimate regret might be dog-related as well. Not like you can keep a pet when you're always out to sea. Either way, the discussion moves away from Ro shortly after that.

Over the course of his life, he kept too busy and was too financially unstable to own a pet, and once he got married and settled down, he discovered that his wife had allergies. Guess we'll never know whether or not he convinced his lover to get a dog because of that, or if he went with her because she already owned one. Hell, she could've just been some lady he hired to look after his secret pet dog. Odette's the only one with those answers now.

Oh, well. Probably shouldn't concern myself with someone who's been eliminated.

Oh! What'd the news have to say about him?

The goddess said that anyone eliminated during Divine Selection would have the reversal of their deaths undone. Not only that, but any events linked to that time period would also be undone.

See for yourself.

She flings her smartphone across the table to me in response. I don't even need to browse the web based on her reaction, so I give a casual glance towards the screen before handing it back.

“Two weeks ago, an executive for a well-known Chinese corporation suffered a stroke during a meeting and died.” Yeah, sounds about right. Speaking of which, you were taken up above the Court of Fate when you elected Ro, right? What's it like up there?

I'm starting to find myself curious about how the election process works.

Hmm... Well, it's a bit of a pain to explain, but I guess it'll be worth it for you to know down the road.

She doesn't seem too sure at first, but she decides to take the time to give me a primer. ...And a pretty long primer at that, even for someone who talks as much as she does.


BGM: Do You Understand?

The circular platforms both Odette and Ro were standing on began to rotate as they were raised above the Court of Fate. Upon reaching a certain height, they stopped ascending. The layout of the upper area was similar to the lower stratum, but parts of it felt... different, somehow. The goddess, displaying her usual wry smile, had made her own ascent before either participant could blink.

Do proceed.

After ascending, all the cards in Odette's possession sprung out from her book at once. A strange light surrounded them, masking both their number and contents from everyone's view except Odette's.

So... uh, do I just say what info I have on him out loud?

You wretched wench...!

Do as you please with the cards in your possession.

Odette's eyes scanned across the cards in front of her. She currently had nine cards, including her own. Among them were three specific cards she needed to read aloud. She brushes her fingers against them before speaking.

BGM: Fated Selection

Ro Chanho.

Please, don't... I'm begging you!

Cause of death- a stroke.

You realize that I have a family, don't you? How do you plan to account for them after killing me? Cease this nonsense now, and I can recompense you handsomely. Money, stocks, or even land! You name it and I can provide it!

Christ, you're pathetic.

...Please, I'll give you as much as you want. I'll even give you access to my credit details. You'll never have to work another day in your life.

His regret... was his dog.

It's over... It's all over...

Sorry, but you can't put a price on my life. And more importantly, when it comes to competitions, I'm always in it to win it.

Once Odette finished, three of her cards floated away from her. After reaching the middle of the Court of Fate, they came together and formed a triangular shape.

BGM: Silence

Nice knowin' ya, geezer.

Who knows whether or not he could hear her last words to him. He simply hung his head in despair, realizing that his fate had been sealed. One by one, Odette's cards began to emit a white light.

May fortune shine on the departed.

Said light got brighter and brighter, until it eventually blanketed the entire area. And then it happened. In the brief moment that Odette's vision was blinded by the light enveloping the area, her consciousness was overtaken by an unfamiliar scene. Her senses were linked to the scene, as well.


BGM: Fall Into...

She witnessed a number of old, chubby men- all are wearing expensive suits and sitting in an oddly bright room. Their faces were all twisted into expressions of boredom. The artificial lighting in the room was almost blinding when it reflected off the documents they had brought along. It was apparent that they were holding some sort of meeting. She could tell it was one of great importance, judging by the tone of their voices. However, she was unable to hear the details of their conversation. Some manner of interference prevented her from doing so.

And then the unexpected struck. All of a sudden, her vision went blurry. Next, her face slammed down on the table with a thud. She was unable to muster the strength to move her body whatsoever. She collapsed down onto the floor. The unclear voices were now clearly being directed toward her.

Eventually, her consciousness faded as she lost all bodily sensation. A stream of memories followed... All manner of people were talking to her, but it was impossible to make out a single word they were saying. Regardless, the sense of disconnect she felt at that moment made it clear what was going on.

These were Ro's memories. Memories of the moment he died, engraved upon his very soul. As he drew his last breath, Ro's thoughts were of his dog that died when he was young.

By the time the flashback ended, Ro had disappeared from Odette's sight. The cards she used to elect him did the same, and the room returned to its usual gloomy atmosphere. One thing she noticed was that the beam of light that shone from above had grown thicker, although she wasn't sure whether or not it was just her imagination.

So the electors are forced to experience the death of the elected, huh? You sure are messed up in the head, aren't you?


Parca opted to respond with nothing beyond her wry smile. In her hand were three cards. Odette realized that these were the cards that were in Ro's possession.

Numeral V's name, Numeral XI's name, or Numeral XI's cause of death. Which would you like?

The platform on which Odette stood began to move soon after Parca asked her question.

Do take your time to think about it while we descend.

Ain't much of a choice, is it?

While she had imagined this outcome, the fact that she was so on the money left her visibly annoyed. Following that, both her and Parca returned to the lower floor of the Court of Fate.


BGM: Silence

Well, well...

I try to imagine everything she's just explained to me. Basically, you're forced to experience the same death as those you eliminate.

Man, that's freaky. That Parca girl sure is cruel, despite appearances.

You think? I found the whole thing pretty exciting.

In response, I make sure to sigh loudly enough for her to hear it. She keeps babbling on without a care in the world, though.

More importantly, we're heading to Japan next.

Might as well, considering we'll need to get there at some point. It's an especially good time to go now, what with that new card you got belonging to a Japanese guy and all. A super old guy, at that.

Yup. Let's head out after we finish this grub.

It finally feels like the second round's over, now that we've decided our next move. Washing down the last flaky bits of my croissant with some milk, I stand up and get ready to leave.


Cardbook has updated.

III – Name – Federico Carminati
VII – Name – Ro Chanho
VII – Cause of Death – Stroke
VII – Regret – Dog
XI – Name – Odette Malenchon