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Part 119: Each and Every Wish

BGM: Silence

07/20 (FRI), Evening
Aight, I'm gonna jet. Got stuff to do.

Mao takes her leave before too long. The plan was to figure out what we'd do during the summer holiday, but all we did was chat and eat snacks. Not much in the way of planning. Granted, this is Mao we're talking about. She'll probably come up with a new suggestion sooner or later. Can't say I'm against letting her decide what we should do, either.

The real issue is with this girl sitting in front of me right now.

BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper

...Care to explain yourself now?

My question isn't posed to Naomi, but the person pretending to be her.

Why, my name is Hitsuji Naomi. A lovely, blossoming high school freshman. My primary hobby is reading, and although I can be a bit shy, I am kind and earnest. ...Although I doubt you two can bring yourselves to believe such a claim.

The mimic giggles at its own comment. Miharu and I grow even more wary, but the stranger has more to say.

I tease! Please accept my apologies. Trust me, though. I am no enemy of yours.

My true name is Dianna Harrison. I have taken the liberty of borrowing Hitsuji Naomi's body for the time being.

Wait... you're not Parca?

Miharu asks the question that is on the tip of my tongue. Wasn't Dianna said to have turned into Parca after her death? Lethe's explanation suddenly comes to mind.

Lethe said he took away Dianna's memories. Does that mean you're-

Rather astute conjecture, my dear. I represent the memories Lethe removed from Parca after their transformation. Naomi's body currently serves as an intermediary for the personality in which these memories are found. Albeit temporarily.

So the Parca we know from the dream world and you two are separate entities. Correct?

Indeed. I'm neither spirit nor ghost, so please refrain from making the assumption that I have possessed your friend. My memories have simply filtered into her personality, allowing her to become Dianna.

I'd be lying if I said I understand. Just tell me this... Is Naomi okay?

I stare right into Naomi's- or rather, Dianna's- eyes. I don't care about her identity right now. Naomi's safety is my top priority.

BGM: He Reveals me the Answer

Allow me to be honest. She was in a perilous state before my awakening.

Why, you...!

However! I can also say that she is very much safe in this current situation.

Did Lethe have something to do with this?

Dianna answers with a nod. However, a hint of sadness colors her expression as she continues.

I would rather not tarnish his image, so allow me to explain things in order. I, as Naomi, was reading the diary that Rinka allowed me to borrow. Doing so, in essence, dug up certain memories that had been overwritten by Divine Selection. The burden forced upon her by those memories caused her to lose consciousness.

While I don't understand it, she seems to think that this is an apt comparison... Imagine, if you will, a computer that has crashed by storing more data on it than it can contain. That is what happened to her.

So her brain... crashed?

She replies with another nod and then continues.

Leo- pardon, Lethe- had two options in order to save her. The first was to completely erase her memories of Divine Selection. The second was to lend a portion of his power to her until you succeed in eliminating Parca. Fate will be locked into place the moment you do so.

Following that, all that's required is to rid Naomi of her memories of the altered world. 'Twould allow her to retain those memories of the time spent with you while not placing any burden on her.

Why's Lethe so keen on helping her?

Ah, allow me to keep that a secret. Leo's quite the shy pussy, you see.

I already know the answer to Miharu's question. He just wants us to be happy. Nothing more, nothing less.

Naomi was posed with the question of whether or not she would be willing to lose her memories of Divine Selection. She showed no hesitation in her desire to retain them. However, Leo cannot lend his powers unconditionally. Temporary as it may be, lending his powers to a mortal no doubt conflicts with his own rules.

Hence, a restriction and a risk accompanied his choice. His power would be hers, but only if she accepted Dianna's memories along with it. The burden that comes with doing so serves as the risk, while the restriction would be placed on her personality. Any traits of her own personality will be filtered through me so long as this power is available to her.

So you're telling me that she was given even more memories to deal with? Wouldn't that just make things worse?

Quite so. Losing her life wasn't out of the question. A fact that Leo made sure to explain in detail, of course. Even so, Naomi's determination remained steadfast. Abandoning her memories of the time spent with you during Divine Selection was not an option.

Leo himself had no idea if she could bear the burden, I feel. Yet he placed his faith in her, much like she had in you.

Looks like she succeeded, judging by the results.

She did indeed.

That much is obvious, considering she regained consciousness. The issue is whether or not she'll regain her original personality, though. I press her to answer me.

Worry not. Myself and Parca are one in the same, so her elimination entails my own. All shall return to normal for Naomi after that. As mentioned earlier, her memories of the altered world will be erased alongside my own. This will provide her relief from the burden that previously plagued her.

Let's say, for argument's sake, that Parca succeeds and takes Rinka's body. What'll happen then?

Oh? I was given the impression that neither of you spared nary a thought for such an outcome.

Ahaha. Fair enough. She's right, isn't she, Rinka?

Yeah. Losing isn't an option for us.

Splendid. As you know, personal perception plays a key part in the world's structure. Thus, conviction in a certain outcome makes it more likely to come to pass. Now, then. I assume you've both come to realize Leo's true intentions behind granting Naomi my memories.

Both of us nod in sync. There's no way we wouldn't know at this point. We're missing one last piece of the puzzle in order to elect Parca. Her regret. Getting to the bottom of that won't be an issue with h-

I do look ever so forward to seeing what modern Japan has to offer.


Satisfy my curiosity and my regret shall be your reward.

Not to be rude, but that sounds awfully similar to what Parca's trying to accomplish.

Come, come. I was once human, after all. Rinka should know plenty about me after perusing my oh-so-personal diary.

Naomi stands, pinches her skirt, and curtsies. Exactly like how Parca does it.


BGM: Rinka's Room

07/20 (FRI), Night
I breath a sigh of relief once I'm alone in my room. Things sure did escalate, but the important part is that Naomi's okay. What's more, we now have a surefire way to learn Parca's regret. Dianna said that Naomi accepted the most dangerous option of her own will. Can't say I find that hard to believe. She always was against the idea of losing her memories of the time she spent with us.

It'll work out... I hope.

There's no doubt that Lethe altered her memories at the time. The only reason he didn't do so completely was out of respect for Naomi's will. He shouldered the responsibility that comes with it despite owing us nothing, too. I'm the one that owes him, if anything.

Just then, I hear something thud against my door. I'm guessing it's Lethe. The door's half-open, so it should saunter in soon. Or so I think, but there's no sign of it.


I open the door, figuring something's up.

And I am right on the mark. Lethe has collapsed right by my door.


I scoop it up in a panic and gently set it down on my pillow. I grab a bowl of water as well and place it by its side.


Its voice sounds so weak compared to usual. I can tell it isn't doing well just from a glance.

Should I take you to the hospital?

It shakes its head in response. I can assume that means no, considering it should be able to understand me. Normally I'd guess it's sick, but that can't be the case here. Instead, I think back to what Dianna discussed. Lethe split part of his power with Naomi. The same power he's been using to stay alive for so long. I can only assume that he, both in cat and human form, grows weaker the less of it he has available.

Thanks, Lethe. I can tell this isn't easy for you.

That said, I collapse onto my bed. This really serves to remind me how much I've been entrusted with.