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Part 18: Confronting Emotions

BGM: Town

Once we reach the lounge, she directs me to take a seat and walks off. She returns shortly thereafter, a can of coffee and a bottle of water in her hands.

Here, take it.

I accept the coffee, unable to hide my surprise. There must've been a vending machine close by, but should I really take this when she's technically my enemy?

Don't worry... It isn't poisoned. We might be in a pretty unbelievable situation right now, but that doesn't change the fact that those kinds of substances are rather difficult to come by.

That's... not what I...

Relax. I understand. I was rather... frantic during our first meeting. I must have frightened you.

Hearing that admission from her, I take a sip of the coffee.

Hehe... quite the gutsy one, aren't you? I figured you were just working part-time at that cafe, but you actually live there, don't you? On the second floor, I believe.

I don't answer. Nor do I question how she knows. It's an easy conclusion to come to when you know both my name and Lion House.

Was coffee the right choice, by the way? I figured you like it, all things considered.

...I do.

Still, I can't bring myself to thank her for it. She seems to have expected as much, since she gives me a slight grin before taking a drink of her water.

First of all, allow me to apologize. I was in a panic back then because I only knew your name, not to mention the fact that that man in the dream world got a hold of my name while I could do nothing but sit in this hospital.

Are you not doing well...?

Is that your sly attempt to learn my cause of death?

She stares me right in the eye. It's clear to me that there are several more layers to her when she's calm. This is what an adult looks like.

Well, it's likely that you've already learned it by now. Otherwise you wouldn't be so focused on my regret, considering that's the hardest piece of info for any of us to get our hands on.

Were you listening... the whole time...?

Oh, and here I was thinking you noticed me doing so at some point.

We really should've gone back to Lion House first. Just because there were plenty of people here during visiting hours didn't guarantee that we wouldn't be caught.

Either way, I'm not here to try and scare you, so let's drop that subject. My main intention is to propose that we both stop digging up info on one another.

What's that supposed to mean?

Exactly how it sounds. You give up on your little information hunt, and I give up on mine. In other words, a ceasefire of sorts.

Like you said, I know both your name and your cause of death.

Yes, and I happen to know the exact same details regarding you, so we're currently on an even playing field. That makes my proposal all the more appealing, no?

Wait, you know my... cause of death...?

My surprise spills out when she reveals her hand. When exactly did she find that out? I never got the impression that she was doing any digging into my life. I even tried looking up why that fire broke out in the train, but the event itself had been undone. In that case, she either had that card from the beginning, or she heard my discussion with Naomi at the park. Still, I made sure to check that there wasn't anyone close enough to overhear us when we were there.

Wiretapping, maybe? No... That tech is about as hard for someone in her situation to get her hands on as the poison she joked about earlier. The wind's pretty strong at the park, so you'd need high spec stuff to counteract all that interference, as well. That leaves the former, then. I still find it hard to believe that she'd just conveniently end up with two of my cards out of the total thirty-six.

Don't forget that I can easily spread your info amongst the other participants, or even use it as a bargaining tool. That goes for the man who now knows my name, too.

She really is worried about Numeral XII, huh... Not that I blame her. He isn't the type of person you'd encounter normally. Meanwhile, she looks more confident than ever. But... something feels off. That's all I can think as I stare at her.

Are you... telling me the truth...?

Is there any reason for me to lie in a situation like this? If you're that concerned, then I can show you my cards if you'd like. Of course, you'd need to show me yours in exchange. Trust is of the essence here, so I need you to-

Sorry. I refuse.


I say it loud and clear. Not just to settle my own nerves, but to make sure I establish some leverage of my own.

You asked for my cause of death when we first met, so it's safe to assume that your starting cards didn't include that info. And I find it hard to believe that you could figure it out between then and now.

Not to mention that I'm still fuzzy on the details of my own death. Even if she did manage to listen in on my conversation with Naomi, there are too many unknown factors for her to get a card out of just that.

I got a hold of it through channels you're not aware of.

What sort of channels?

Oh, just chalk it up to an adult's resourcefulness.

I detect a slight hint of panic in her tone. It's enough to convince me. It also serves to kill any sense of sympathy I've been holding for her.

You sit there and talk about trusting each other while you're blatantly lying to my face.

I'm not, I swear! I know! I know how you died!

I stand up and look down on her. Her eyes blast wide open as she stares back up at me.

It was suicide, right...? Wait, no. An accident?

Sorry, but we're done here. I would have considered your proposal had you been telling me the truth... but you just had to go and lie!

I'm not kidding. Her attempt to gain my trust despite lying to me has drained every ounce of sympathy I had for her. I no longer care about the things I've imagined about her life after learning how she died.

Wait... Please, don't go...

Her voice is full of angst as she tries to stop me. I don't even bother to respond, opting instead to make my way directly back to Naomi.

I... I want to live... I need to make it through this!

I even tried lying to a kid, and yet... at this rate, I'll...

Our ages are irrelevant!

She finally irritates me enough to prompt me to shout at her. At the same time, I feel my eyes starting to burn for some reason.

This... is good-bye...

I stop not too far from where we were sitting. I am supposed to be done with her, and yet...I can't help but worry. It doesn't take long for me to realize why. Her exasperated claim about wanting to live was, without a doubt, the truth. That really was risky... I was pretty close to agreeing with her proposal. But our ages are irrelevant. I guess I'm just weak towards people who are pouring their heart out.

After taking a moment to gather myself, I go back to where Naomi has been waiting.


Huh? Naomi...?

She isn't there when I get back. I decide to wait, figuring she'll be back soon. Little do I expect that decision to lead to the most terrifying situation I've been in yet.

I recognize you...


My entire body freezes up the moment I see him. Tall, dark-skinned, and positively ripped. You can almost see his muscles trying to break out of his clothes. He's one of the few people you could describe as being 'built like a tank' with no exaggeration. But even more terrifying than his build are those stone-cold eyes. I've seen him twice before in the dream world, but seeing him here in the real world drills home just how irregular a man like this is.

Numeral XII. The man responsible for Divine Selection's first elimination, and the man in possession of Numeral VIII's name card.

You'll be my target later down the line, but for now, I have no business with you.

He passes right by me, heading in the direction from which I came.

BGM: Town

Just being in his presence made me feel like I was drowning. I must have been taking fewer breaths than usual or something. The realization that I'll need to gather information on him almost makes me want to give up right here and now.

Oh, sorry. My mom called me, so I... Huh? What's wrong?

Naomi just happens to return right as he leaves. I'm so glad we came here together. Just hearing her voice helps me to realize that I can't just roll over. I give her a quick rundown of what happened.

If he doesn't have any business with you, then that must mean...

He has her name card, so he must be aiming for her. Wait here- I'll follow him.

Naomi stops me as I try to go.

Why would you follow him...? You've got no reason to!

You're right, but... I...

I can't help but remember her pained expression. Her desperate voice.

I can't sit here and do nothing! Stay put. If anything happens, I'll get in touch. Be ready to contact the police!


She lets go, almost as if she's lost all the strength in her arm. I sprint away before she can say anything else to stop me.

BGM: Impatience

It takes a few minutes to get her out of her room. Rather, it takes a few minutes to try and convince the nurse, considering visiting hours are over. She eventually comes out of her own volition after hearing me shout.

You're safe...

...Why did you come back?

Her expression is completely devoid of life. I'm the one responsible for that, too.

Did you change your mind?

She asks with obvious doubt in her voice. I can't give her an immediate reply. That man's definitely aiming for her, so I find it hard to believe that I beat him here. And he's got his book on him as well, considering he was able to speak to me. I doubt he could read the signs here without it. In that case, how did I get here without even passing by him?

Wait, don't tell me...!