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Part 21: The Chains that Bind

BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

05/20 (SUN), Midnight
There stands Alan, as emotionless as ever. It should go without saying, but this is in the Court of Fate.

Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate.

A voice rings throughout the court, clear as a bell. Parca arrives to greet the participants, her innocent smile an ongoing deception.

Tonight brings with it the third round of Divine Selection. Things have been proceeding rather smoothly thus far, but will that remain the case for much longer?

Beating around the bush seems to be your forte. You sure you're not just trying to sound mysterious by spouting random nonsense?

Oh? You certainly are brash. Whether or not that is the case is none of your business, I fear.

Alan stares at Numeral II as she talks with Parca. His gaze shifts between her and the girl beside her, Numeral I. He deduces that they are acquaintances, having noticed them conversing during the first night. Numeral II has proven to be far more wary than he imagined, with little to show from his information hunt on her. Meanwhile, Numeral I is willing to risk herself for the sake of another participant. Eliminating her should prove to be an easy task. He has no doubts about that. And yet, he finds himself curious about her. She chose to stand in his way when he had Keiko cornered. For reasons unknown even to him, the fire in her eyes back then was so-

Very well, then. Allow us to begin tonight's election.

Alan's train of thought is interrupted by the goddess's announcement. Realizing that such thoughts are but a hindrance, he focuses instead on the matter at hand.

Revolve, O' Clock of Fate!

BGM: Do You Understand?

The clock's movement signals the beginning of this night's election process, and it starts with Numeral I. The goddess claims that one's position on the dial provides neither advantage nor disadvantage, but Alan disagrees. Should two participants elect the same person, one can earn priority by revealing a card about oneself. However, the higher your numeral, the easier it is to prevent that situation from occurring. The only reason to take such a risk is when one knows that the person they plan to elect is in possession of a card one needs. To that effect, as Numeral XII, Alan feels that he has a significant advantage.


Alan considers the idea that Numeral I will opt to elect Keiko. Should she be in possession of all three of Keiko's cards, she could create a situation where both she and Alan elect Keiko. It would be a win-win situation for her, as it would result in either Keiko's survival or one of his personal cards being revealed. That's why he has no intention of electing Keiko should Numeral I do so. The risk of being caught up in a simultaneous election far outweighs the benefit of gaining one of the cards Keiko possesses.

He's well aware of his position within society, so he fully expects that Keiko has already discovered his name. It is likely that she's revealed this information to Numeral I, as well. However, his name is the only thing she should have been able to find out about him. As such, should Numeral I have to eliminate Keiko, she will gain no new information about him.

I have... no one to elect.

Numeral I passes on electing her. This comes as no surprise to Alan. In fact, the odds of this happening were far higher than the scenario he anticipated earlier. As the clock hand spins round, Numeral XI, who had elected someone last night, passes as well.

That woman happens to be the one he is most wary of. It is plain to see that she's a far cry from ordinary, not only due to that body of hers, but also because of her attitude. For instance, she blows him a kiss as the clock slows to a halt in front of him. This speaks volumes about her character.

...I won't allow myself to be provoked.

He mutters under his own breath, preventing anyone from hearing him.

And you, good sir?

I elect... Numeral VIII.

He states his intention with apathy. In the next moment, the platform he stands on rumbles and begins to ascend.


BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

Both his and Keiko's platforms rise to the upper stratum. The goddess appears before them there, her face contorted into a wry smile. Keiko's composure serves as a bit of a surprise to Alan. It is hard to believe that she could be so composed after the despair she put on display when he obtained her name card. Much like Ro before her, he expected to hear some emotional wailing.

Do proceed.

This marks Alan's second time electing someone, so he is acquainted with the process. Once his cards have gathered in front of him, he has only to read out the relevant ones. But, of all his current cards, those related to Ro have lost their glow.

BGM: Fated Selection

Her name is Keiko Kamebuchi. She died of a brain hemorrhage.

Her cards react as he reads them aloud.

Her regret is-

Hey. You know what it's like to have a family, don't you?

Her question interrupts his process.

Don't speak to me.

My son will live, so I'm not afraid of being eliminated. I didn't get to spend much time with him, but I was still able to become a mother. Maybe I won't be able to name him, but I'm sure he'll grow up to be strong even without that. After all, a name only represents one's hopes. It can't change their nature.

I'm sure your parents named you, too. At the very least, quit involving anyone and everyone in your path of selfish destruction. Do it for your parents' sake.

You mean to imply that one can do something for the sake of those who have passed? Death is the end of one's existence. Nothing follows it. That's why those who live should do everything they can for their sake, and their sake alone.

Alan finds himself infuriated by Keiko's words. His face may remain emotionless, but his eyes scream another story.

I have no issue resorting to any means necessary. For my own sake, and to protect what's important to me.

I care not for the consequences of my actions, nor for the people caught up in them. It's just that simple.

His tone is bitter. While her words have riled him up, he never allows his emotions to slip off his tongue. He feels that he's handled the situation in a controlled manner. However, Keiko offers him a smile before continuing.

You're pushing yourself, aren't you?

...Your regret is your child's name.

He says this to cut her off. Next, the three cards whose contents he's spoke aloud float away from him. Once they reach the middle of the Court of Fate, they come together and form a triangular shape. Once in formation, they begin to emit a white light, one by one. Alan knows what comes next, so he closes his eyes and allows it to happen.


BGM: Fall Into...

The event took place in an intensive care unit. A nurse carried a sleeping newborn over to its mother. Its voice, that of an angel. Its existence, the very concept of hope made flesh.

One couldn't say for certain whether or not her final words were heard at all.


BGM: Do You Understand?

Names do nothing but chain down those to whom they're attached. There is no hope to be garnered from them.

That is the reason why Alan prefers to take name cards from those he eliminates. He is fully aware that regret cards are the most difficult to obtain. Regardless, he believes with full sincerity that names chain their bearers down. That one can come to understand another by knowing their name.

I – Name
III – Regret
X – Cause of Death
XII – Name

So my name was known. However...

Sticking to his beliefs, he has already decided which card to take.


BGM: The Sacred Large Hall


Numeral XII returns to the court, having finished his election. He chose to take my name card. Of all the options he had, Alan Scorpion purposefully took my name card. Keiko likely had cause of death and regret cards as well, so he must have gone with me because he's already met me in person. I had the option of electing Keiko, too. Had he still tried, I could have created a situation where either Keiko would survive, or he would have to reveal one of his personal cards. But I notice an inherent flaw in the numeral system because of that. I can say for sure that he would never have elected her if I had done so.

Why did he go for your name?!

It'll be fine.

Miharu glares at him. I'd likely do the same if he'd gone for her name. But I'm not glaring. I pierce him with my eyes instead. Not only do I already know his name, but we've already met, and he also knows the area I live in. It was only a matter of time before he found out my name. To my own surprise, I'm not shaking. His presence is imposing as ever, but I can now stare him dead in the eyes without issue.

It's my way of telling him... bring it on.

The resemblance- truly striking...

I don't bother to ask what he means by that. I can't say for sure whether or not he's shouldering a story of his own, but right now, I have zero desire to exchange words with him.

Tonight's session resulted in one elimination. I bid you all farewell for now.

Shortly after, Parca brings an end to tonight's round.



Cardbook has updated.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
XII – Name – Alan Scorpion