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Part 23: Sonya

BGM: Regular Ordinary Girlish Chat

05/24 (THU), Night
I do feel sorry for her, so I end up taking her to a nearby family restaurant. There's plenty to eat at Lion House, but letting another participant in probably isn't the smartest course of action. Thus, I brought her here instead. I'm shocked to learn that she seems to have told the truth about her name. I checked my book before leaving, and lo and behold, I had obtained a new card.

She hasn't uttered a single word after her food-related shutdown, so I order her some spaghetti bolognese and Salisbury steak. Those seem like safe bets for someone her age. When the food does arrive, Sonya's body shoots up, straight as an arrow.

Rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub!

I thought you were unable to speak!

She ignores my reaction and proceeds to dig in. I figure she'll go hog wild, but nope. She takes the time to wrap the pasta around her fork- she even uses the knife and fork to cut the Salisbury steak. She even finishes off all the corn that comes on the side without issue. What's more, she eats all the pasta without splashing any sauce! Hard to believe that someone who just collapsed from hunger could be such a dainty eater.

Deee-licious! Japanese food is truly exquisite! Thank you for saving me from death by starvation.

I'm pretty sure we were told that we can't die outside of being eliminated...

I wonder what would've happened if I ignored her. No point in thinking about it, I guess. Chances are someone else would've done the same thing I did. The big city might be somewhat heartless, but I doubt people would be willing to ignore a child who had collapsed on the street.

Now that you're revitalized, it's time to tell me all about you.

Call me Sonya! Also, I apologize for the blunt request, but...

Oh, looks like she can use some more difficult words after all. I brought my book along, and her bag looks like it can fit hers, so right now we should both have them with us... Despite that, her stilted speech remains. She really must be speaking Japanese all on her own. If she were speaking Russian, then the book would translate it into fluent Japanese for me.

It seems that I happen to still be hungry. Could I mayhap order something else...?

I am about to say no and that she's had enough, but then she unleashes the sad puppy dog eyes on me.

Argh, fine. But only something small, okay?

I heave a sigh after checking my purse. I wish I knew why I'm being this kind to another participant.

Wow, there's so much here!

She struggles to contain her excitement at the menu options.

This is my first time coming to a family restaurant! There's so much that I don't know what to choose! From Western, to Japanese, to Chinese... They even have borscht! Now I think I am curious about Japan's take on my homeland's food...

Your wording sure gets weird sometimes... So I take it you're Russian?

I am! Technically, borscht is from Ukraine, but it is also a Russian cuisine staple.

How can you be this excited over a family restaurant, then? I'm fairly sure they exist in Russia, as well...

I rarely get to leave the house, you see... Also, I've decided! I will have the negitorodon, oyakodon, and katsudon!

Not going for the borscht, huh...? Hang on, are you sure about this? You're gonna get a ton of rice. Wait, no. I don't remember saying you could get three more entrees.

Am... Am I not allowed?

She tilts her head and rubs her stomach.

Just... make sure you eat all of it...

Sonya watches with starry eyes as I press the buzzer that summons one of the wait staff. Guess she's never seen that, either.


I can't help but sigh in disbelief at how big of a pushover I am, while she happily eats her bowls of food. I really am an easy target, aren't I? It could all be part of her plan, too... She uses the fact that she's a kid to lure me into a false sense of security, and then takes advantage of it to get all sorts of info out of me. Granted, I don't get that impression from her whatsoever. Especially when she's the one who revealed her own information to me.

I sigh again, this time in regards to how confusing this whole situation is. Ugh, my head hurts...

Phew... Now I'm stuffed. Thank you for the food.

She's cleaned out all three bowls without skipping a beat.

You... can use chopsticks, too?

Yes! I love Japan, so I studied lots about its culture and language. I am aware that Japan is the land of samurai and magical girls! It would be my pleasure to meet them someday. Incidentally, my young miss...

Okay, stop. You're definitely not calling me that. I can't tell you my name either, so... how about 'sis'?

Very well, sister! I have another request to make of you.

I decide to not bother pointing out that I told her to just use 'sis'.

I'm guessing your request is for some dessert? Fine, but promise me we'll talk once you're done.

Yes, I promise! Oh, oh! Let me press the button, though!

She ends up getting both a parfait and a cake for dessert. How can she fit all that into her tiny body? Watching her eat makes me want to get something for myself, so I order a small parfait.



She gives me a thorough review of her dessert after obliterating it. I'm amazed she finishes both of hers before I do mine, even if I am taking it slow.

That should be enough... right?

I make it obvious that it's time for her to talk. She may be a kid, but this is still a negotiation. I give her food in exchange for her telling me what's going on. Why she was collapsed outside Lion House, and why she revealed her name so readily.

Very well. My name is Sofiya Pressnitz Alexeievna. Way too long, so call me Sonya.

Yeah, we did that part already!

...Your reactions are fun, sister!

Are you messing with me?

But your voice is also scary...

Whaddya mean 'also'?! What else about me is scary?

Your face. I thought you looked scary from the moment I first saw you.

So she says with a bright and beaming smile. In all honesty, I'm aware that I can look prety scary at times, but being told that to my face kind of hurts.

Right, that's enough of changing the subject.

I'm sorry. I just wanted to talk more because you're a kind person, but that was perhaps rude of me.

Not to worry, though. The next participant to be eliminated will be me.

She keeps her smile, but something about her looks sad when she says that. It takes me a moment to process her words, despite the obvious meaning behind them.


BGM: Silence
I'm not sure how this situation has come about. We're in the middle of the big city, so naturally the place is crowded. There are plenty of customers waiting to be seated. In other words, the staff kindly ask us to leave after a while. Even though we are in the middle of a conversation. I still haven't fully digested what she means, either. That's why...

BGM: Lion House Cafe

Wow! This is a very nice store!

I end up taking Sonya with me back to Lion House. It's the only place I can think of where we're able to sit down and talk. Sonya looks like a middle-school student at best, so I doubt much harm can come from this. There's also the fact that the police might've stopped us somewhere. Hard to avoid suspicion when a girl in her school uniform is walking around with a foreign child at night.


I-It's a kitty cat!

You really do know some random words... Didn't realize you were here, Lethe.

Feels like I haven't seen Lethe in a while, actually. I know it's been fine, since it still made sure to eat the food I'd leave out for it.

Meow, meow! Japan's cats are just as cute as I read about! Look, Passazhir, it's a cat!


Passazhir is in reference to Sonya's stuffed animal. It's one of those small plushies you find in toy stores. They fit nicely into your hand. This one's a bear, so it might be appropriate to call it a teddy bear. Sonya is poking and prodding Lethe with it. It'd scratch me up if I tried to do the same considering its personality, but right now it's sitting back and taking it despite its obvious displeasure. I wonder if it realizes it's dealing with a child?

Oh, well. Let me get some milk for you.

And some for me, too!

Yeah, yeah. Hold your horses.

At least I can go about things at my leisure since we're in my house. I place Sonya's share on the table, and Lethe's bowl underneath. Once she sits down, I take the seat across from her. Lethe wastes no time in diving into the milk once finally free of Sonya's grasp. I guess it really didn't enjoy that experience...


Cardbook has updated.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
III – Name – Federico Carminati
IV – Cause of Death – Fire
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
IX – Regret – Gold Medal
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
XII – Name – Alan Scorpion

X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna