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Part 25: A Peaceful School Life

BGM: Good Morning (20XX XX XX)

05/25 (FRI), Morning
Good morning!


It is time to wakey-wakey!

I struggle to muffle my own voice as I hear someone else's shouting into my ear. The voice belongs to none other than Sonya. She revealed last night that she had no lodging plans, so I agreed to let her stay here to avoid her having to roam the streets.

I was surprised you let me stay, though. I was of the impression that I could stay at one of those so-called manga cafes with ease.

Sounds to me like you've been browsing the internet too much, young lady. Besides, those aren't exactly hotels in the first place...

She tilts her head inquisitively in response to my surprise. I know a lot of people do stay overnight at them, but I can't see anyone getting a good night's sleep on a chair. That, and I doubt they'd let a kid in there so late at night.

Are you okay with your decision, though?

She tilts her head in the opposite direction, this time with wide and hopeful eyes. She's referring to a promise I made with her last night. I promised to give her a tour of Japan, even if it's a brief one. She may be able to speak Japanese, but this is still a whole new culture for her. That, and...

It'll be a lot more fun with two people, won't it?

Sister... I'm glad I came across someone as kind as you. That alone makes coming to Japan worth it.

Save that for after you've made some good memories. Don't forget that we're staying within Tokyo.

There's good meaning behind doing this during Divine Selection. So long as I survive, her memories and experiences here in Japan won't disappear.

Oh, and don't forget that I've got to go to school, so we need to meet at Shinjuku station in the evening.


She smiles and raises an arm into the air as part of her enthusiastic reply. If only I had realized then what it was she kept hidden behind that smile.


BGM: At Amecha Girls' University High School

Good morning, Rinka.


Good morning.

Yo, did you notice that I turned 'Morning, Rinny' into one word?

Coming to school has helped me to settle down lately. Being reminded that I've still got a regular life despite everything does wonders for one's mental state.

Aw, you're gonna ignore it?

What kinda reaction were you expecting from me...?

Welp, g'night, my friends.

Hehe. It's always a touch relieving to see Mao act as she always does.

Mao lets the comment fly over her head and sprawls out over her desk instead. I bet she's pulled another all-nighter. If that's the case, good luck waking her up before lunchtime. It's impossible for me to not smile at that freedom of hers. No matter what happens, I'll always have this place. Yeah.


05/25 (FRI), Noon
Screw lunch! I'm still tired, so... back to sleep I go!

Well then, we may as well go up to the rooftop.

Yeah. What've you been up to that makes you this tired, though?

Stayed up watching a drama 'cuz they were airing the whole thing at once online. By the time it was over, there was the sun.

Wait, so you didn't get any sleep at all?

That's why I'm sleeping now...

Yeah, she's out of the game. Miharu seems to be thinking the same thing.


BGM: Miharu

When was the last time the two of us managed to get time alone like this?

We make our way up to the rooftop after buying lunch. Miharu is eating light, as usual. Today really is one of those perfect days for sitting up here. And yet, the fact that we're the only ones doing it proves that we really are avoided by others. To be honest, I feel like that's more of a blessing than a curse these days.

I have to admit, I'm happy that we can still spend time together like this, even while Divine Selection is happening.

She accompanies her comment with that usual charming smile of hers. As for me...

:v: Well jeez Rinka, don't kill the mood here!

-I'm happy, too.
-It's a bit awkward.

I'm happy about it, too.


You're probably going through some tough times thanks to this whole situation as well, so... just being able to sit here and forget about it for a while really is nice.

I really meant what I said... I know that I'll do everything I can for the sake of your smi-

Let's... not get into that for the time being.

Miharu's expression as she declared her intention to give her life for mine flashes across my mind all of a sudden. I've gotten over a lot of things lately, but that's not one of them.

Oh, sorry... Well, do you mind if I ask you something?

She changes the topic before preparing to bite into her sandwich.

You haven't been meeting with Naomi recently, have you?

It is a pretty standard question, but her face looks deadly serious.

She's gotten really good at brewing coffee now, so there's no need for me to keep coaching her. Besides, she's busy with culture festival preparations.

...Something happened between you two, right?

I haven't told Miharu that Naomi was helping me out. That would put unnecessary pressure on them both. And it's why I have no idea how to answer her question. Miharu persists despite my hesitation, though.

There's a stark difference between asking another participant like me for help as opposed to someone uninvolved like her. You realized how dangerous things could get, and then you decided to put some distance between you, correct? It was the right call.

Don't ask how I know about this, though. I just need you to understand that I'm not as dense as you when it comes to how people interact with one another.


Naomi's attitude has been very different than usual, starting with last week. You could say she looked like she had a true purpose motivating her.

...I guess I shouldn't have tried to hide it from you.

Don't worry about that. I'm aware that you did it with me and Mao in mind.

Thanks, Miharu. But you're right. I made sure that she won't help me out anymore. I'll handle the rest on my own.

If only you'd ask me for help... but no...



BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper
Miharu casts her eyes over to the entrance, and then speaks to me in a whisper.

We're being watched. I heard a noise coming from over there just now.

You sure it's not another student?

That wouldn't be an issue. But what if it's not?

The implication is clear. We can't discount the possibility of another participant having made their way into the school to keep an eye on us.

I'll open the door.

No, let's open it together. We're best off in the worst-case scenario that way.

She nods and we make our way to the door under the pretense that we're heading back to class. We don't hear any footsteps, so it's likely that they are still there. As it turns out, our guess is right on the money.

BGM: Regular Ordinary Girlish Chat



Sister... my stomach has reached its limit yet again...

Mind explaining this?

Miharu directs her question at me.

Uh, well... This'll take a while to explain...

This is one of those rare times where I can't help but clasp my hands on top of my head in a panic.