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Part 29: Traveller's Prayer

BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

05/27 (SUN), Midnight
Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate.

And thus, today's session begins. Parca's graceful voice rings throughout the court. I really can't fathom what's going through her mind. For what purpose does she divulge the intricacies of fate to us? What drove her to begin Divine Selection in the first place?

My, my. Aren't we a gloomy bunch?

I refused to even consider her motivation before now, because I saw her as some ethereal being completely removed from the logic of humans. But now I find it hard not to remember what Sonya said. Fate can be changed... The idea of being able to alter the very events of this ritual had never even come to mind.

Come, come. Why not lighten the mood and engage me in some riveting discussion?

...Cut the crap and get on with it.

Alan's curt response serves as his attempt to hurry things along. I wonder where he is in the real world. I stopped researching him after meeting Sonya.

You're often in quite the rush, aren't you? Is there any... particular reason for this?

I'm not one for pointless chit-chat. Besides, you're supposed to be a neutral party. Did you not consider the possibility that other participants could benefit from my talking to you?

Surely you wouldn't be pleased with your own actions if they give others an unfair advantage, would you?

Goodness, did something happen to my memory? I certainly don't recall making any claims about being a neutral party, nor that Divine Selection would be conducted in a fair manner.


H-Hold on! That ain't right!

Federico Carminati is the next to chime in. Actually, this might be the first time I've heard him speak. Now that he's got my attention, I realize that he might actually be the tallest one here. And he's pretty stylish, to boot. The suit he's wearing looks great on him. I wouldn't blame anyone if they confused him for a model.

I sure as hell ain't fine with the idea of this whole thing being rigged when it's my life on the line.

Christ, this guy...

Oh, my. Is something the matter, Numeral III?

Numeral XI reacts to Federico's outburst, which causes Miharu to shoot me a quick glance. Looks like those two really are working together.

Hell, this whole thing's been unfair ever since the cards were distributed at the beginning. Two of the cards I got belong to people that guy's already eliminated!

He points towards Alan as he states his concerns.

...So it's safe to say that you only have one card of value remaining from your initial lot, then.


Feel free to voice your issues regarding the system itself, but only a fool would lay information like that out in the open.

I'm gonna make you regret it if you keep running that mouth, asshole.

I have no issue with the current system, so I'd prefer if you sped things along.

Hehehe. Very well. I assume you're fine with it, too?

She turns to face Federico. He refuses to comply, raising his voice in a panic instead.

Just a sec here! Are the rest of you fine with this?!

He directs his question outward to the remaining participants, his arms spread wide. No one responds to him, though. Not even Numeral XI, his partner.

There's your answer. They may have their own issues, but they're all united in not making a scene and embarrassing themselves like you have. What's more, they'd much prefer not to make their own incompetence known to others- like you have.

I won't let you forget this, punk.

Don't worry. I've no intention of forgetting it until you've been eliminated.

Parca ends up being the one to interrupt their argument with a sigh.

Really now, can you not save your argument for the real world? Assuming you meet there, of course.

Following that, she makes her way to the center of the court.

Regardless, allow me to begin tonight's election. Revolve, O' Clock of Fate.

BGM: Do You Understand?

Once again, it's time for us to decide whether or not we want to elect someone. Should things proceed as Sonya believes, Numeral XI will elect Numeral X tonight. I grit my teeth at the inevitable and announce that I won't be electing anyone. Up next is Miharu, who will likely say the same. This is the fourth election, and it's safe to say there's a solid split between how each of us are approaching the situation. Some have opted to go all-out with info gathering, while others are choosing to sit back and let the situation unfold. The fact that Numerals XI and XII are the only ones to elect anyone yet is proof of that.

My turn, then. In that case, I'll be electing you, Numeral X.

What the-?!

Oh-ho, a first timer will be taking the plunge. Very well. Allow me to question the remaining participants first.

I can't hide my surprise. That's not good because it could act as a hint to others, as it's known by this point that we're acquainted. But that isn't enough to stop me from acting out.

Meanwhile, Sonya seems unfazed by Miharu's election. Don't tell me... Did they plan this from the beginning? Their conversation that night wasn't just about Sonya having Miharu's name card, but this as well? As I'm mulling it over, the clock hand eventually revolves around to Numeral XI.

Yeah, I've got an election all right. Same as that broad over there. I'm going for Numeral X.

She points to Sonya. It's obvious that she hadn't anticipated this scenario. She doesn't seem bent out of shape, though. She looks more like she's enjoying this turn of events- much like a predator would as it bears its fangs toward its prey. Numeral XI knows that Sonya holds her name card. If Miharu eliminates Sonya, then it's possible that she could end up with said card. Naturally, this is something Numeral XI would want to avoid. The same likely applies to Miharu. That's why they're both aiming to have Sonya's election called off. It wouldn't make sense for them to put one of their own cards out there to protect another.

So what was in your script for when this kinda situation comes about?

We ascertain whether or not you wish to obtain election priority, which requires that one of you reveal a personal card to the other participants. Wheoever does so first will be at a disadvantage, so do make your intentions known at the same time. Should you wish to obtain priority, then by all means, present me with one of your personal cards.

Heh. Ain't too fussed about fair or unfair. Gonna make it clear that I'm not interested in doing that, so the decision's all yours, girly.

Come now, Numeral XI! I would much appreciate it if you would abide by my proposed rules! Your stance on the matter, Numeral II?

Parca turns to face Miharu, speaking in a slow and soft tone. Miharu nods in response, opening her card book. She produces one card from it.

I'll reveal my name card to the rest of the participants. Now that I have the right to do so... Numeral X, I elect you.

Sonya remains unfazed by this turn of events. Her expression seems forlorn, but that's been true ever since Divine Selection began. Meanwhile, Numeral XI has stopped smiling. She's giving Miharu a vitriolic glare instead.

She abandoned her own name... Welp, no denying that she's an interesting one...

Very well. With that decided, Numeral II and Numeral X... Allow me to begin the election procedure.

A familiar tremor accompanies her statement. Shortly after, Miharu and Sonya's platforms ascend to the upper stratum.


BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

Miharu and Sonya face one another in the upper stratum of the Court of Fate. Neither look too happy about what will soon take place. Regardless, they make sure to maintain eye contact.

...Thank you, Miharu.

I'm the one that should be thanking you. I certainly never expected such a proposition from you, but your decision is the right one.

Yes. I knew that sister wouldn't be able to find it in her to do this.

I've already settled on giving my life for Rinka, so steeling myself for events like this is an easy feat.

Good evening once again.

Parca appears out of nowhere as usual, offering them both a welcoming smile. Miharu looks more than displeased by her presence.

I see you two are already acquainted. What's more, you don't seem hostile toward one another like the other participants have been.

The only hostility present right now is being directed toward Parca herself. Miharu makes her desire to not engage with Parca clear by changing the subject.

So what do I do now?

Choose the three cards that correspond to Numeral X, and read their contents aloud to me.


BGM: Fated Selection

Miharu's cards emerge from her book and float in the air in front of her. She plucks three cards from them.

Her name is Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna. I won't go into detail, but her cause of death was from illness... Sofiya, I still can't make any promises regarding your request, but Rinka said she's willing to carry it out.

That being the case, I'll do everything I can to help her. Just remember that my priority is to ensure that she makes it through to the end.

I'm aware of this. I can still say with all my confidence that meeting both of you brought me more happiness than I'd ever experienced before. Please take care of Passazhir for me.

...We will.

Miharu casts her eyes back down to her cards. A few moments later, she closes her eyes and recdites the contents of the third card.

Her regret... was not having the freedom to see the world at large.

All three cards begin to move on their own in response. Once they reach the middle of the Court of Fate, they come together and form a triangular shape.


I'm not fond of goodbyes. I'd much prefer you to pray for myself and Rinka's happiness.


She takes a deep breath before clasping her hands together and offering up a prayer.

May Rinka and Miharu find joy in their future.

Thank you, Sofiya. I'll never forget you. May your soul rest in peace.

The light from Miharu's cards grows stronger and brighter until it engulfs the entire area. Miharu makes sure to keep her eyes on Sonya's tear-stained face, no matter how blinding the light gets.


BGM: Fall Into...

Feelings of regret and emptiness begin to flow into her. She finds herself laying on Sofiya's bed in her room. The doctors rushed in as her parents looked on, praying for her safety. The girl reflected upon her life as her breathing grew ever more pained.

The ceiling of this room was perhaps the most-viewed scenery she'd witnessed throughout her life. She could only ever experience the outside world through a book or monitor. Freedom remained a foreign concept. Just how much time did she spend imagining the wonders that would come with attaining such a thing? In the end, her life was nothing but dull. Dull to the point where she spent her final moments contemplating her reality, and how it compared to the vast world she'd so longed to experience.


BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

You have to be rotten to the core to make us experience the last moments of those we eliminate.

Unfortunately, I had no say in the matter. Do not forget that this is a ritual. Your election tonight has forcefully reverted the fate of that young girl back to its original course. The Court of Fate exists to carry out that ritual... Alas, nothing can be done about each participant being affected by the aftermath of their own actions.

Wait a minute... You mean to tell me you had no say in the matter, despite the ritual being named Divine Selection? Is there a force involved here that even you cannot control?

Rather than receive an answer, Miharu's platform begins its descent. It returns to the lower stratum.

I'm not terribly fond of needless curiosities.

Parca utters her words only after Miharu has gotten far enough away.


BGM: Villain

Numeral II comes back down instead of Odette this time. It's been obvious that her and Numeral I know each other ever since this whole thing started. I also figure they aren't at odds with each other, which means it's likely they're working together- like me and Odette. Damn, did tonight ever take me by surprise. I was sure she'd back down once Odette said she would. Odette's obviously going to prioritize protecting her own information over eliminating Sofiya. Even if the chance of me cooperating with Sofiya existed, it was still a lot less dangerous for Odette to get a hold of the information Sofiya had than another participant. Odette's point in ignoring what Parca said was to make it clear that there's no need for Numeral II to reveal one of her cards. But she went and gave up her name card anyway.

Tch... This sure is throwing me for a loop.

Gotta say, that Numeral I sure is a little runt compared to Numeral II. I assume they're both Asian, but boy does Numeral II have the right glamour and proportions. I figured she'd get eliminated pretty quick, but she went ahead and surprised me. That's a woman after my own heart. The best women are the gutsy ones, definitely. Not counting freaks of nature like Odette, of course.

Which card would you like to obtain?

She poses the all-important question to Numeral II. No doubt she's gunning for Odette's card.

I'll take Numeral I's cause of death.

Damn. She betrays my expectations yet again.

Wh-What's going on here? She had that all along...?

Doesn't look like anyone's more surprised by this turn of events than Numeral I herself. Can't blame her. Out of all the cards Numeral II could've picked, she went with one belonging to the person she's working together with.

Why do you satisfy your urge to keep talking? Understand that the situation you're in requires being silent above all else.

Numeral II slaps her with a frigid verbal warning. Numeral I is obviously taken aback, but it does cause her to keep quiet.

Now that your election is over, I'd like you to hand me the personal card of your choosing in exchange for obtaining the right to eliminate Numeral X.

I assume this is fine?

Parca approaches her and is handed a card. My card book begins to shine immediately after.

II – Name – Hebinata Miharu

Miharu Hebinata, huh...

“Miharu” is pretty easy for me to pronounce. Guess this explains the procedure for revealing your card to the others. Feels more fitting to say that everyone simply obtains it. The others check their card books as well.

Why, Miharu...?

I have nothing more to say to you at the moment.

Numeral I was surprised over obtaining her card, too. That means Miharu never revealed her real name. Safe to say what's going on here at the moment, if you ask me. Their relationship's done for.

Tonight's session resulted in one elimination. I bid you all farewell for now.

Parca brings an end to tonight's election, ignoring Numeral I's shock over the turn of events. This whole situation's gotten pretty messy now. I was starting to panic a bit myself, considering Odette and Numeral XII were outdoing me. But I guess we're at the point where anything can happen. And hey, watching Odette get taken for a ride felt amazing. I was even planning on approaching Miharu, had she opted to go with Odette's info, but... seems like I'm best off sticking with Odette for now.

When all is said and done, I have to put some serious effort into containing this new found ambition of mine.



Cardbook has updated.

Everyone still living now has II – Name – Hebinata Miharu under their entry, so I'll skip showing the entries whose only update is that card.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
II – Name- Hebinata Miharu
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Cause of Death – Death from Sickness
X – Regret – Seeing the World

X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Cause of Death – Death from Sickness
X – Regret – Seeing the World

II – Name – Hebinata Miharu
III – Name – Federico Carminati
VII – Name – Ro Chanho
VII – Cause of Death – Stroke
VII – Regret – Dog
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Cause of Death – Death from Sickness
X – Regret – Seeing the World
XI – Name – Odette Malencon