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Part 30: Curry and Spoon

BGM: Villain

05/28 (MON), Morning
It's time to meet up with Odette at the hotel, and I still haven't gotten over my excitement about what happened last night in the dream world.

Yo, didja see those two last night? Looks like Numerals I and II have some major issues to work out, huh? Man! There's just something thrilling about watching a falling-out like that.

Odette makes it obvious how little she cares about listening to me as I ramble on and on.

Christ. Mind not being this annoying first thing in the morning? All I care about is getting some grub, so let's hit up the buffet. Kinda bored of the selection, but it still tastes good enough to choke down.

And here I thought that it'd be useful info for whenever we decide to target them.

After saying that, I finally notice that Odette's in a rotten mood. The excitement I got from their little quarrel made me forget all about what actually happened during last night's election.

That Miharu kid ain't to be taken lightly... Especially since she beast me to the punch.

She might look annoyed, but here's the thing- her voice makes her sound a little thrilled by it.

Hehe... This little game's finally getting interesting.

I don't think I'll ever understand this monster's logic- not after this outburst, and what she did to that Russian brat. I can say one thing for sure, though. She ain't the only one who thinks things have finally gotten interesting.


BGM: Powerless

For the first time in a few days, I'm all alone when I wake up. My eyes feel dry. That leads me to believe I was crying in my sleep.

I really am a weakling...

I can't deny that I enjoyed the time I spent together with Sonya. Being with her helped to take my mind off the pressure of Divine Selection. I do my best to hold back any more tears as I make my way over to my desk. I pick up my card book and peer at the card I obtained last night. It's the card that Miharu revealed to every participant in order to earn the right to eliminate Sonya.

Hebinata Miharu.

That is what's written on Miharu's name card. The surname doesn't ring any bells, but considering her family situation, I can guess what happened. What's more, Miharu obtained my cause of death card last night. Information that even I don't know the full details of. Her actions last night left me visibly shaken, which led her to take on a cold attitude toward me. I can't help but remember what she said...

“I have nothing more to say to you at the moment.”

I see what you're doing, Miharu...

After making that comment, I get ready for school.

BGM: Silence

I leave the TV on as I do so, which is how I come to learn some interesting news. Apparently, a suspicious-looking bag was left on one of the Yamanote line trains near Shibuya station. The police initially suspected it to be an attempted terrorist attack, but after inspections, the bag turned out to be empty. Part of me wonders if one of the Divine Selection participants might have been involved, but based on the reports, I can't think of any links to them.


As I listen to the report, I suddenly get a pounding headache. I start to feel stressed out and exhausted, both physically and mentally. I must've imagined the grisly scene of a terrorist attack unconsciously while watching the news. Thanks to all that excitement, it seems like the trains are running late. I make sure to head out earlier than usual.


BGM: At Amecha Girls' University High School

Oh, Rinka...

I bump into Naomi on my way into school. I never see her in the morning because she always comes earlier than me, but I guess the trains delayed her enough today. She notices me first, so she spins her body around to face me.


Except the spin is so sudden that it causes her to lose balance.


I quickly grab her hand and support her so she doesn't fall. It's been a while since I last saw one of Naomi's tripping scenes. Then again, it's been a while since I last saw Naomi, period.

Ahaha... Sorry about that...

As clumsy as ever, aren't you?

She struggles to hide her embarrassment as she props herself back upright.

How're preparations for the culture festival coming along?

So-so, I guess... We still haven't decided what to do for interior decorations and all that... Oh, but I did make sure to prioritize passing on what you taught me about brewing coffee! Everything's been going well on that front.

...Glad to hear that you're doing well. Hard to believe the culture festival's next week, all things considered.

I'm not even sure how things are going with my own class right now. I might end up helping them out with something the day of, but for now, I've no idea whether or not things are progressing well.

Umm... How are things going with-

Just as Naomi is about to say something, a voice calls out to me from behind her.

Good morning, Rinka... and you too, Naomi.

Miharu has just arrived, it seems. As always, her hair flutters elegantly in the wind. She speaks to me like normal, almost as if what happened in the dream world last night never took place. I do my best to follow along, considering Naomi's presence.

Miharu... S-Sorry, but I better make my way to class before the bell rings.

Oh, we'll go with y-

She skitters off toward the building before I can finish my sentence.

...Looks like she really is avoiding me.

I struggle to find an appropriate response. However, she removes that burden from me by making the response herself.

Well, I can't blame her. After all, I'm the one responsible for her evasiveness.

Huh? Did something happen between you two?

Ehehe. Not to worry. It's nothing major. We should be on our way as well, though. We'll be late for class.

Hold on. I still gotta talk to you about last ni-

And here I thought I'd be able to distract you from that topic. I plan on going to Lion House after I finish my shift tonight, so can it wait until then?

You never intended to talk about it here, did you?

Her smile upon hearing my question is enough of an answer for me. She's fully aware that I want to talk about last night's events. The flood of students pouring into school eventually forces us to ride the wave with them.


05/28 (MON), Noon
Time for lunch, Rinny!

Mao darts over to my desk as soon as the bell for lunch break rings.

I skipped breakfast today, so I'm starving...

Don't you always skip breakfast? Anyway, lemme get Miharu first...

Don't bother. She's been called to the teachers' lounge to talk about her scholarship funding. How'd you miss her being asked to go there in the first place?

Ahh, now that you mention it, that did happen...

You zone out at the weirdest times, you know that? Well, whatever. Just you and me today, sister.

She grabs my hand and drags me along to the cafeteria.

Oh? Not sticking with your staple bread today?

Nope, I feel like trying something new. You're not having your usual, either.

Well, I grabbed this since it'll go well with that delicious-looking rice you've got there.

Mao has opted for karaage this time around, while I've gone with curry. We don't normally go for this kind of stuff since we need to carry it all the way to the rooftop, but... I wanted something with a strong flavor today, so I picked this without too much thought.

Kinda surprised you went with curry. I figured you weren't a fan of spicy stuff.

Nah, I'm fine with both spicy and sweet stuff. So long as they don't go overboard with it, at least.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Mao nods her head multiple times in an attempt to seem all-knowing. I dismiss it with a smile. As I smile, I remove the packaging on my curry. If I don't do it now, odds are I might actually forget to eat while talking with Mao.

Ohohohoho. Looks like I'm not the only one who ain't all here today.

What makes you say that?

Well, your lack of a spoon, for one thing.


You can pick up chopsticks and spoons at your leisure in the cafeteria, but it completely slipped my mind that I'd need one. All I have is a small hand towel.

Allow me to offer you a trade, then.

She produces a plastic spoon from within the plastic bag she has with her. She hands it over to me in exchange for my towel.

Also, thou shalt address me as Queen Mao.

Queen Mao, I am grateful that you have bestowed this spoon upon me.

Hmm... I'd have preferred it if you were just a teensy bit hesitant.

Looks like she was banking on me being not too pleased about having to bow down to her like that. I figured that was going to be her ultimate demand, hence why I said it right up front.

Damn, though. You would've had to eat that with your bare hands like they do with Indian curry if it weren't for me.

Just hearing the word “Indian” causes Alan to pop up in my mind for a brief moment. Fortunately, her joke is a bit on the extreme side, so my involuntary reaction works for her, too. I end up spending all of the lunch break chatting away with Mao. Just as we are about to finish eating, she brings up a topic I don't expect.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Naorin's got her mind on you a lot these days. Don't think you've noticed it, though.

I ask her what she means, but she waves off my question and continues.

Gotta say, only a girl in love could make the face she did.

Oh, shut it. Now you're just being rude to her.

Fine, you can believe whatever you want... but she's been looking awful lonely ever since you started to neglect her.

Hey, that's not fair. She told me she's busy with preparations for the culture festival, so I'm giving her space.

Thing is, Naorin ain't like Miharun. She's the kinda gal that'll keep her desires locked up inside. Anyway, you've been looking pretty rough for a while now, Rinny. How about getting some proper rest?

The group just isn't the same when you're not your usual perky self. Like today, for instance. Not only did you forget to grab a spoon for your curry, but you haven't even noticed that you've got it smeared all over your face.

She opens the pack containing the towel I traded for her spoon and hands it to me.

I bequeath to you this towel, and in recompence you will refer to me once again as Queen Mao.

My everlasting gratitude, Queen Mao.

Argh, not again...

And... yep, guess I do have curry plastered all over the left side of my mouth. Mao's probably right. Everything that's happened recently has left me mentally exhausted. Even so, I doubt I'll be able to get any proper rest in the near future. After all-

Granted, I'm aware that you won't take any advice given by this fine piece of royalty to heart.

Heh. This girl.

Mao jams her trash into the plastic bag before standing up.

At the very least, you should do what feels right to you.


I am genuinely grateful to hear that from her. There's no way she could know about Divine Selection. Not even Miharu would divulge that sort of thing to her. And that's okay. That's how it should be. That's exactly why her words are such a relief to hear.

Aight, well... Do me a favor and chuck this. I'm gonna go bother Miharun.

She hands me the plastic bag and takes her leave. Once she's gone, I finish up my own lunch before following her lead.