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Fatal Twelve

by Mix

Part 50: One's Death, in that Moment

BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

06/09 (SAT), Midnight
Good evening, young lady. A harrowing experience befell you, I see. Alas, such is fate.


Amidst those flames, you finally remembered the events that transpired, yes? You can no longer avert your eyes from the truth.

I don't want to know.

Heh. Perhaps I'm best off keeping this brief. In that case, let's proceed.

It's time for you to face your own fate.



I noticed the bomb inside the bag. The specifics are beyond me, but it comprised of a tube and a bag. The events come back to me in slow motion. Sparks fly from it, causing the liquid inside the bag to spark. An explosion follows, swallowing the train in flames. I remember exactly who was responsible.

I'm going to become a hero.

This was before I had my card book, so I shouldn't have understood what he was saying. But I understand now, though I'm not sure why. The explosion sent him flying first. The salarymen beside him followed almost immediately. The train was full due to everyone making their way home from work, so this was likely the ideal time to cause the most damage. The smell of burnt fat ran through the train.


My first instinct was to shield Naomi. I felt a tremendous impact on my back, which sent both me and Naomi flying. The train had stopped by this point, but panic had spread among those not taken out by the blast. Meanwhile, my body had been devastated. I couldn't tell what state I was in. All I knew was that I wouldn't make it. As such, the only thing on my mind was Naomi. If I wasn't going to make it, then I'd do all I could to make sure Naomi did.

She had hit her head after the blast, however, rendering her unconscious.

BGM: Sinking in Flames

I couldn't say for sure whether or not this was a mere coincidence. The boy responsible for all this landed right in front of me after the blast. The flames continued to consume both of our bodies.

Now I'll finally... be a... hero...

Don't... kid yourself...

I'm not sure if we actually exchanged words then. It may just be something I made up as a coping mechanism.

You won't... become... a hero... You're not... even human... You're just... a puppet...

The boy used his remaining strength to extend his hands to my throat. And he crushed it. At that moment, the flames lit up again, blowing him out of the train.

Rinka! Rinka!

Naomi's screams called out to me while I was on the brink of death. As the fierce flames in the train grew fiercer, the fire in my soul flickered and faded.

Those were the memories I had forgotten. The truth locked away within my subconscious. It's no wonder my cause of death never materialized when I thought I simply got caught in a fire. The fire wasn't what killed me. It was suffocation after having my throat crushed.


BGM: Silence

06/10 (SUN), Morning
I hear the sound of rain outside as I wake up. Looking out the window, I notice how dark it is, despite the time. Small droplets of rain pour endlessly from the sky. It's the beginning of the rainy season. Lethe, who dislikes the rain, is curled up in a corner of the room.

BGM: Rain
I struggle to remember exactly what happened between now and yesterday. Apparently, Miharu rescued me from the flames after I fell unconscious. How I got home is a mystery, but it looks like I didn't bother to change or even crawl into bed. When I woke up, I was on the floor.

Yesterday's events were no dream, either. Checking on my phone, it made the news. Though without much prominent coverage. It doesn't seem like it's being reported as a terrorist attack. I'm not sure why. Possibly because they haven't finished their inspection yet. How they're reporting it isn't of any interest to me, though. I already know the most important consequence of it. The fire was put out before it could cause any serious damage. I made it out with only some minor burns, but there was one casualty in the end.

One person incredibly dear to me.


Out of all the people there, only one lost their life.

And out of all the people there, it had to be Naomi.

The more I repeat that to myself, the more I try to pretend it never happened. Why? Why her? What did she do to deserve it? That's all I can think.

It's my fault.

Naomi died because of me. Because I got her involved.

I'm to blame...

I'm to blame for her death. This wouldn't have happened if I pushed her away. This wouldn't have happened if I had never asked her to shoulder the burden with me. If I weren't so weak, then... None of that is relevant anymore, though. They're nothing but what-ifs. What I'm facing right now is reality. What I'm facing right now... is my own fate.

My body gradually loses strength. Today, I put up a sign regarding Lion House's indefinite closure. A first since the day it opened.


BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

06/10 (SUN), Midnight
Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate.

Just hearing Parca's voice annoys me. Having been forcefully brought to the Court of Fate, all I care to do is stare at my own feet. My mind is elsewhere.

Something doesn't seem right...

Your face ain't right. Think that's it?


Don't shrug me off, asshole!

You're in quite the high spirits, aren't you? Will you be surprising me tonight, perhaps?

He's bluffing.

Oh, boy. Gonna need you two to quit acting like you own the joint. Mind letting me in on the fun now?
Numeral IX's VA is Takeda Naoto; he voiced the character Ryota Kawamura in Yakuza Kiwami 2, as well as doing minor voice acting for some of the other Yakuza series, Judgement, and Lost Judgement. He has also done voice work for Taiko no Tatsujin, as well as some minor roles in a handful of other VNs like Kane no Tame ni Kane wa Naru, How to Fool a Liar King, and How to Sing to Open Your Heart.


Old XII over there's right, though. In my line of work, you can tell when people are fibbing.

So you're a detective of sorts, then?

Hahaha! Sorry, bud. Gotta keep a few secrets around these parts. Would hate to make things harder on myself.

Christ, what is it with you all and running your mouths? Let's just get started. I'm getting bored of how dumb you all sound.

Quite the mouth, mademoiselle.

Should I say merci beaucoup, or will a plain ol' thanks do the trick?

Whichever you prefer.

Heh, talk about shrewd. Not bad.

Shut up.

Just shut up already.

I don't give a crap about any of this.

Are you...?

Not even Miharu's voice can make me care. Nothing she says reaches me.

As much as I enjoy the banter, I'd rather not have this drag on all night. Let us begin, shall we? Allow me to begin tonight's election.

Revolve, O' Clock of Fate!

The clock begins its usual procedure, confirming each participant's intention for the night. I ignore it completely.

Goodness gracious...

The clock finishes its revolution.

Six elections in and we finally have a night with zero eliminations. Should I take this as a sign that you're all faring well?

Haha, maybe so!

Tonight's session resulted in no eliminations. I bid you all farewell for now.

Divine Selection continues, regardless of my emotionless state. I'm dragged back to reality from the dream world, in spite of my desire to never wake up.



Cardbook has updated.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
I – Cause of Death – Death by Asphyxiation
II – Name – Hebinata Miharu
III – Name – Federico Carminati
IV – Name – Yu
IV – Cause of Death – Fire
V – Name – Ushizuka Shigetsugu
V – Cause of Death – Death from Starvation
V – Regret – Back when I was Close with Family
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
IX – Regret – Gold Medal
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Regret – Seeing the World
XII – Name – Alan Scorpion

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
I – Cause of Death – Death by Asphyxiation
II – Name – Hebinata Miharu
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Cause of Death – Death from Sickness
X – Regret – Seeing the World