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Part 58: Bad Decisions

There have been eleven distinct choices that we have encountered in this LP up until this point. As I stated early into the LP, each and everyone of these choices is a binary 'right or wrong' choice- and up until now we have always made the “right” choice. But what happens if we make the “wrong” choice? In this update, we're going to find that out.

The first choice is all the way back in Update 2; Rinka returns to her room and finds the cardbook on top of her desk.

The correct choice is to take a look at it, which we did. If we take the wrong choice, however, Rinka simply decides to not mess with it because it looks expensive. Regardless of choice, she decides to just text her grandmother about it the next day, and the scene continues with no other difference.


The second choice is in the next update, Update 3; after talking with Naomi the next day, Rinka texts her grandmother and learns that she has no idea about the book, either, leaving her to decide what to do about it by herself.

The correct choice is to take a look inside, which we did. If we take the wrong choice, however, Rinka considers selling it, but talks herself out of it again by realizing that she has no idea where she would even be able to sell a book like this with no function or content. She still ends up opening the book and pulling the cards out either way, and the scene continues with no other difference.


The third choice is in the next update after that, Update 4; the four friends have gone to the amusement park during Golden Week, but that evening Rinka and Miharu end up alone together in the evening, sitting on a bench together. Rinka makes to get up and find somewhere else they can sit, but Miharu stops her, asking her to stay.

The correct choice is to accept her request and sit back down with Miharu. If we refuse her request, however...

BGM: Amusement Park (Bright Night)

H-Hey! It's kinda embarrassing, so... lemme go.

All right, if you want me to let go, then you'll have to sit back down beside me.

It's not often that she wears such a shy expression, either. She's normally a lot more outspoken, but something seems to be on her mind right now.

...She still ends up sitting next to Miharu, and the scene with the two of them watching the parade together continues unchanged.


The fourth choice is a few updates later, in Update 10 (at the end of Week Two); after a few updates focusing on Federico and Odette, we return to see what Rinka's been up to “offscreen” for that week.

The correct option is for her to think about Miharu, as she's another participant in Divine Selection and this is after she's stated her intention on ensuring Rinka is the one to win and survive. However, if we choose for her to think about Naomi, the narration skips a few lines completely, only having Rinka reflect on how she's been teaching Naomi how to brew coffee for the culture festival. There is no other notable difference.


The fifth choice is a few updates later, in Update 12; Naomi has come to find Rinka in her classroom, rather than waiting at the school gate for her, and the two are discussing their plans to continue practicing/working at Lion House within earshot of Miharu.

The correct option is to invite Miharu to join them. If you choose to ask if she's going to work, however...

BGM: At Amecha Girls' University High School
I take it you've got work today?

That's right. I need to earn as much as I can, after all.

Ahh... Well, have fun.

I leave the classroom after saying good-bye to Miharu.

...Well, there's not much change obviously, as she still has work even if you invite her to join you :v: It does put her emotional response at watching Naomi and Rinka walking away together into a bit more of an understandable perspective, though- in my opinion at least.


The sixth choice doesn't show up for quite a few more updates, all the way into Week Four and in Update 22; Rinka plans to head to the library and closes up Lion House, only to find a young girl lying on the sidewalk outside.

Obviously, the right choice is to talk to her to see if she's okay. :v: If we take the very obvious wrong choice and leave her be where she is, however...

BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper
My utmost priority right now is ensuring that I survive Divine Selection. That's why I can't do anything to bring attention to myself. Even so, I can't just leave someone collapsed on the street. There's no need for me to directly get involved, either. So I take out my phone in an attempt to contact the police.


She hums a noise to emphasize that she is staring at me to get my attention. I feel myself turn pale as her face is revealed by the sunlight.

...Rinka still ends up discovering that Sonya is one of the participants of Divine Selection and the plot progresses from there.


The seventh choice is a few updates later, in Update 25; Miharu and Rinka are eating lunch together on the roof, after Rinka has agreed to let Sonya stay with her at Lion House and will be showing her around Tokyo. Miharu remarks that she appreciates that they can still spend time together despite Divine Selection...

...and you can either agree with her or express your discomfort :v: Obvious which is the right and wrong choice this time, too, but if we decide to choose the wrong one...

BGM: Miharu
Should we... really be spending time together like this?

What's on your mind?

I've come to terms with the reality of our participation in Divine Selection, and yet here we are prioritizing our daily lives. Part of me is wondering if we should really be doing this.

I see no issue with it. You don't need to do anything special, because I'll protect you. Even at the cost of my own li-


I realize that I've raised my voice far louder than intended.

Sorry... I didn't mean to shout.

No, it's my fault. There's something I want to ask you anyway, so let's change the subject.

This conversation is more confrontational this time, with Rinka getting agitated rather than simply asking to not talk about the subject when Miharu tries to bring it up. They still end up talking about Naomi and how Rinka has been acting post-Keiko in regards to her, but it's a different vibe going into it.


The eighth choice is another jump in updates, all the way into Week Five and in Update 32; Miharu has come to Lion House after work to get on the same page with Rinka, explaining the deal that she and Sonya made behind Rinka's back, as well as why Miharu's name card is a different name.

This one is pretty obvious, as it's been said multiple times by now that Miharu dislikes being told goodbye, so the right choice is just to say we'll see her tomorrow. The wrong choice, take care, meanwhile, simply causes her to tilt her head for a second before leaving, rather than smiling.


The ninth choice is yet another jump in updates, found in Update 40. After school has finished, Rinka comes across Naomi talking to a friend by the school gates.

The right choice is to say hello to her, since Rinka just finished being scolded by Mao for neglecting her friendship with Naomi. If we choose to leave her be, however, Rinka is relieved to see that she has other friends, and reaffirms her belief that Naomi is better off spending time with other people, as it reduces the likelihood she'll be caught up in Divine Selection. She ensures that Naomi and her friend don't see her as she makes her way off campus to prepare to cook for Yu and Shigetsugu.


The tenth choice is a few updates later, found in Update 44; this is after Alan and Shigetsugu make a deal for Alan to protect them for the remainder of the week in exchange for Shigetsugu's information, so that Yu does not have to fight anymore. Mao, Miharu, and Rinka have just finished discussing their plans for the festival happening next week, and Mao has already left for the day.

The correct option here is to ask to walk with Miharu, as Rinka has some stuff on her mind. If we choose to walk home by ourselves, however...

BGM: At Amecha Girls' University High School
See you tomorrow.

...Yeah, see you tomorrow.

Miharu set things up so that the other participants think we've had a falling out. Knowing that, we run the risk of them realizing it's a ruse if we're caught together. That's why I make my way home alone after saying goodbye to her.

...the conversation never happens, and we immediately jump to the next day.


If the wrong choice is made on any of the previous ten choices, then we never actually see the eleventh choice- we're immediately locked into the first Bad Ending.

A lot of these choices seem relatively minor or meaningless when you look at them in a vaccuum, but all of the bad choices have Rinka either taking a passive/hands-off stance when it comes to something relating to Divine Selection (the book, Sonya on the pavement), or have her being somewhat antisocial- whether it's avoiding talking to people (avoiding Naomi, not walking home with Miharu) or not taking into account her friends' feelings (getting in an argument on the roof, saying goodbye to Miharu); minor as this may seem, this ultimately leaves Rinka in just the right (or, well, wrong) headspace when it comes to the eleventh choice, to the point that it's already been taken for you when you make a wrong move somewhere.

The eleventh and final choice before reaching or avoiding the first ending of Fatal Twelve is the one seen at the end of last update, and the one we have yet to give an answer to...