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Part 59: Departure

BGM: Impatience

We're still going to make the right choice here, but in a future update we'll see everything that entails the first bad ending for Fatal Twelve. The right choice should be fairly obvious, anyway :v:

-Accept her conditions.
-Turn her down.

Like hell I'd accept that!


BGM: Rinka
You've been talking down to me this entire time! I know you're hiding something. You can't eliminate Yu on your own. You know Miharu and the others won't be able to learn his regret, either. You said you were here to help me, but that's a lie. We're both on equal footing. I'd be helping you as well.

So you ain't concerned about your dead pal?

Are you deaf? I said 'as well' for a reason. Eliminating Yu, bringing back my friend, and preventing innocent people from getting caught up in a terrorist attack... You're the one who's going to help me accomplish that!

There is a certain ferocity behind my each and every word. I mean everything I've said to her. Mainly because I know. Rather, she's given me the hints. Her actions are determined by the thrill they bring her. She believes that you're better off dead if you can't enjoy life. I'll let her have her fun. Accepting her conditions would only deprive her of that.

Heh. Perfect. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear. Sure am paying a hefty price for that coffee, but whatever. Let's do this!

Her actions aren't determined by logic. That's what matters here.

This was a second test, and refusing her offer is how we “pass” it. She was always going to help us with this, pass or fail, but what matters is whether Rinka's got the determination to do it herself if she has to :eng101:


BGM: Rinka's Room
I have made my decision, but I haven't quite been able to calm myself down. Odette wants to take me along to her base of operations so we can start to make our preparations. She says it'll take about two hours by car to get there. She's apparently got one ready for us. Goes without saying that it can't be traced back to her, either.

I'm exhausted...

Hard not to be after everything that's happened today. In an ideal world, I'd get to dive into bed, but I don't have that luxury right now. We'll both be up all night once we get to wherever she's taking me. We have plenty of planning to do. Honestly, it's amazing how far from reality this all feels. My mind flashes back to my exchange with Odette as I pack a change of clothes and my phone charger. It's started to settle in... I'm working with her now.

In all honesty, it's reassuring. I didn't think highly of her after hearing about how she took Sonya's parents hostage, but she doesn't seem all that bad now that I've spoken to her in person. That said, there are aspects of her I don't understand. Why would she reveal her name to me without demanding anything in return? Surely that puts her at a disadvantage. There's probably no point in thinking about it. She's the sort of person who'll blow your expectations out of the water if you try to think too hard. In that case, I'm better off going with the flow. As usual, putting a lid on my thoughts is the best option.

One small and important thing is different this time around, though.

No matter what, I'll...

You done yet?

Odette shouts up at me from downstairs. She must be tired of waiting. Telling her I'll be right down, I make my way toward the stairs.


BGM: A Dot on a Piece of Paper

Let's get moving, then.

A blue car is parked outside. It has a nice coat of polish. Definitely not the kind of car you see around the city. Yep, a bona fide luxury car. The driver's seat is even on the right-hand side, so it must be foreign. There's no way we won't stand out in a car like this.

So... who's driving...?

Heh, relax. Cars ain't no thing when you're used to stealing boats. Hmm... Which side of the road do you drive on here? The right?

The left!

I know she's joking, but I still shout my response. It's hard not to when you know you're about to be her passenger. Little do I know that her driving would turn out to be even more atrocious than expected, leading a grueling two hour journey.


Ugh... End me...

Heh. You better toughen up.

I never thought someone else's driving could make me feel so exhausted. I am mentally spent as it is, but now my body's drained as well. Doesn't help that I'm normally getting ready for bed around now. Thanks to all that, I don't even have it in me to answer her.

Anyway, this place has been abandoned ever since some delivery company that was using it went belly up.

BGM: Intel Investigation Underway

We arrive at an empty warehouse on the outskirts of town, near the shore. The road signs we passed said we were going toward Yokohama, so I estimate we're somewhere around there. As Odette said, this place really does look abandoned. Rusted metal and broken windows are its defining features.

I'm not sure if desolate is the right word to use here or not...

Ain't nothing left from when it was in use, so yeah. Who knows, maybe all the pent up grudges of the former workers turned into something sinister.

D-Don't say stuff like that!

You know I'm joking, right? Ain't no such thing as ghosts.

I don't believe in ghosts, either. It's just that the atmosphere here creeps me out.

???: Who's there?


A sudden voice calls out from the darkness and causes me to tense up. Not due to my imagination running wild, but because the voice is familiar to me.


It's Alan Scorpion. His figure becomes more clear as my eyes adjust to the darkness. Did he just happen to be using the same place as Odette? Odds of that seem awfully low.

Yo. I brought her with me.

You sure took your time.

It doesn't take long before my doubts are cleared up.

Are you two... allies?

Not at all.

It's a temporary alliance, just like you and me. Well, more like... you, me, and him, I guess. You fine with that?

Alan's even more expressionless than usual, whereas Odette has a big grin on her face. These are the two people I fear the most in Divine Selection. I never would've expected them to team up, let alone that I would end up a part of that team. Nervous doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I'm on the verge of throwing up. But there's an odd sense of relief mixed in me, too. Describing it as a sort of animalistic instinct may be appropriate. There are no better people to team up with than these two. That much is a fact.

I'm fine with it, but I'd appreciate an explanation first.

It's nothing complicated. We're pretty keen on when others are gunning for us, is all.

I am aware of Numeral IX's plan to eliminate me. The enemy of my enemy is my friend may be the easiest way to describe the situation.

We could go straight for Dumbass Federico, but that'd be a bit boring. Instead, let's get rid of Numeral IV. Ain't nothing more interesting than taking their prey out from under them.

I figured it would be something like that. There's no way these two would work together otherwise. Miharu's likely included with the people Odette's referring to. While that does bother me, it's safe to assume Odette won't go near her before Yu is eliminated. I still haven't thought about what to do once I accomplish that. Ideally, I'll have the opportunity to talk things out with Miharu as soon as possible. I need to be careful about that, though. The others are only cooperating with her because they're under the impression that we're no longer friends.

I turn to face Alan. Does he know the conditions that Odette presented me with?

Why me, of all people?

I'm aware of your ties to Numeral IV. If anyone can find out his regret, it's you. Our interests align in that regard.

As usual, I can't figure out his true motives. Before, he mentioned wanting to see how far my mindset could take me. Is he using this as an opportunity to judge that?

BGM: Villain
Let's cut the crap and get to it. You bring the goods?


That said, he carries a number of sturdy cases over to us. Odette proceeds to open them up with a wide grin on her face. Inside are handguns. I assume the differing shapes mean they're all different makes. There are three in total.

An M500 revolver, a Beretta, and a Tokarev... You sure got some good pieces here. Wait. This Tokarev's a knock-off, isn't it?

Don't complain. Getting three guns into this country was hard enough.

Are these real?

Wanna give one a spin? We're in an extraterritorial area right now, so you ain't got nothin' to worry about.

No, no, no, no! That's not what I meant!

They honestly don't look much different from the replicas I've seen before. That makes it hard for me to process that I'm looking at real firearms- weapons used to take other people's lives. And at the same time, part of me avoids touching them on instinct.

We're going up against a terrorist organization, kid. Ain't no one gonna do that without weapons.

These are for self-defense. We don't have enough ammunition to engage them in a firefight.

I figured you weren't some run-of-the-mill dude, but now I'm real curious about your background, Mr. CEO.


Oh, well. Not like they're gonna be properly equipped, either. Wouldn't be fixing up homemade bombs if they were. I'll take the revolver. Always wanted to try one of these babies. Besides, it's not like she'd be able to handle it.

H-Hold on! What are you implying there?

There being three guns is already suspicious enough. Odette just claimed one for herself, though. Which means...

The Beretta 92 is the most balanced out of these, so I surmise you will be sufficiently skilled with it. I'll teach you how to use it.

W-Wait a minute... I'll turn into a criminal if I use one of these...

Odette stares at me in astonishment as I panic.

Gettin' a gun don't make you happy?

Hell no!

No one's forcing you to use it, but you are better off keeping one on you. You will be in a much better position against unarmed people with it.


Gimme a break, kid. We ain't talking things out peacefully tomorrow. It's gonna get real nasty, real quick.

Her sharp glare shoots straight through me. It's the same look she gave me in the Court of Fate. The look of a predator ready to strike its prey. All it does is remind me of Yu. Of the classroom draped in fire. Of the deafening explosions. She's right. We're beyond the point of no return. I've already gone through all sorts of experiences that no regular person ever will.

Like he said, no one's gonna make you use it. I'll even empty the magazaine for you, if you want.

No, this is fine. Teach me how to use it properly in exchange, though. I don't want it to fire by accident.

That's better. Well, start by picking it up.

Guns may be allowed where they're from, but this is Japan. The very concept of them is foreign for most people. I take hold of the jet black pistol in order to make good on my resolution. Now I've officially broken the law.

It's a lot heavier than expected. Just over two pounds, I'd estimate. You see people use these with one hand in movies and stuff all the time, but it's hard to hold it steady like that. Using both hands helps somewhat. But at the same time, it feels far too light when I consider that they can take someone's life.

Bear in mind the recoil upon firing. Based on your weight and strength, I doubt you'll be able to aim properly. Hmph... I suppose that's not an issue, though. You should be able to bluff your way through, so long as you know the proper stance and posture when brandishing it.

We'll teach you that later, but for now... Odette. We need to hear from you.

About how to stop Yu and the terrorists, I assume?

Indeed. Before that though, there's no need for formal language with me, Rinka. We're equals here.


Bit of an odd thing to be particular about, but whatever. I have no reason to say no.

BGM: Intel Investigation Underway
All of this is based on info from Scale, but it should be reliable. He ain't got no reason to lie to us about stuff particular to Yu. First up is their objective.

I've heard that terrorism is mainly used to establish political agendas. NULL's Japan branch was formed by people influenced by a foreign organization though, so I don't know anything about their motives.

They want to fight the general indifference plaguing this country.

I'm not sure I get it.

Alan is the one to give me an answer.

They probably think this country cares little about what goes on in the rest of the world. I find myself in agreement with that sentiment from time to time. War, poverty, illness... The world is overrun with all of these. Japan, by contrast, is both safe and prosperous. Its people are largely unaware of the struggles faced by others elsewhere.

Sure it ain't just envy making 'em run wild? Not like anything'll change just by them blowing themselves up.

Terrorists exist precisely because they don't agree with your claim. I hardly sympathize with them, myself.

Well, the important part is that they've deluded themselves into thinking people'll pay attention if they blow stuff up.

Fighting against the population's indifference, huh... I doubt I would've paid attention to what's going on in the world without Divine Selection. Mainly because my own death was tied directly to the suffering people from other parts of the world.

They're hurting others for their own selfish beliefs.

Yup. That's why we're gonna be just as selfish and interfere. Fair's fair. Scale keeps going on about justice and crap, but that ain't got nothing to do with us.

Are we being selfish, though...? We're preventing innocent people from getting hurt, so...

Sorry, but... I told you before that I don't give a damn about how many people kick the bucket. Same way you'd be more upset over your friend dying than if a bunch of people halfway across the world got blown up.

Humans ain't built to care about everyone. Our world only extends as far as the people we know. That's why it's fine not to give a damn.

Their desire is not realistically attainable.

I wonder if Yu joined them for the same reason...

He likely agreed with them to an extent, although I cannot say for sure how much.

Heh. You're the one who's gonna get all that out of him, Rinka.

Once done with that topic, Odette continues with her explanation of their plan. They're likely to carry it out using the same types of explosives as those used at Amecha.

How many will there be?

He didn't know, but chances are it'll be more than one location. The plan'll probably involve targeting a few places at once.

No way...

Odette said earlier that they would want to go out with a bang. There's no doubt it would be devastating if their plan goes off without a hitch. Tokyo Tower's located in the Minato ward, which is also home to other important places like the Imperial Palace and National Diet Building. They'll be the center of Japan's attention if they target a place like that. Plenty of tourists have been visiting there ever since the Skytree got built. The entire world will have no choice but to take notice once tourists become victims, at which point they'll be able to spread their message. They might have factored all that into their plan.

We're best off focusing on Tokyo Tower and leaving the rest to the police.

Huh? Didn't you tell me we shouldn't get them involved...?

I only meant in respect to Yu. If the journos know this much already, then the police should also have a rough idea of what they're planning.

Security is tight around that area. They won't just sit back and let terrorists have their way, so we should leave it to them to deal with non-participants. Ironic as it is, our previous deaths will keep us safe no matter what we do.

Do you think they'll try to use the other attacks as a diversion...?

No doubt about it. We're the only ones who know about Yu, and he'll probably get past security by using a disguise.

Let's assume the police have gotten wind of their plan. I'm pretty sure they would have security carry out bag searches around places like Tokyo Tower.

Letting Yu get close is all he needs. Once there, he can neutralize the security detail and get far enough to blow himself up.

His explanation helps me realize what they are implying. Security teams aren't trained in hand-to-hand combat. They won't stand a chance against Yu. Based on what Shigetsugu told me, even a group of adults won't be enough to stop him. He isn't considering the consequences of his actions, either. All he's concerned about is setting things off and then disappearing.

Yu's the only one we're concerned with.

Yup. Well, him and anyone else with him. What's the most well known part of Tokyo Tower? I've never been.

Hmm... The observatories are probably the most famous spots. There are always lots of people at them.

I'm pretty sure it has two observatories. The standard observatory at 500 feet and the sepcial observatory at 800 feet. Since there's an extra fee to access the special one, you'll find the most people at the regular one. The staff conducts bag checks just before you make your way up to them, too.

Hmph... Those make for rather symbolic spots. People are attached to the view of the world they see in their daily lives. These spots serve as something of a window to a different reality, despite the fact that it's still the same world.

Quite the poet, ain't ya? Maybe you'd make a good terrorist after all.

As if.

Alan brushes off her quip without effort.

People are aiming to bomb one of Tokyo Tower's observatories. I know this is happening for a fact, but it somehow doesn't feel real. Perhaps that's no surprise when even handling a gun fails to give me a reality check. One thing I can say for sure, though, is that we can't let this happen. Countless innocent people are going to die if we do. Whether children or adults, Japanese or foreign... they'll all die an unfair death.

I could sympathize with the organization if they simply strove to make people take notice of what's going on in the world. There's no justice in spreading your message at the expense of other people's lives, though. Absolutely none. I wouldn't even describe their actions as cruel.

What Yu's done so far, not to mention what he's planning on doing... All of it is pure, unbridled brutality. I can't help but grit my teeth in disgust. Naomi lost her life to such brutality. Does that mean I'm trying to mete out justice? Or am I merely bound by a sense of duty? Neither.

I'll bring Naomi back and prevent him from hurting anyone else.

I am fueled by sheer determination. Nothing else.

BGM: Silence
I look forward to where this leads you.

Following that, we begin to discuss our plan for tomorrow. Technically, all I contribute is a few nods to show I am listening, but the more concrete their plan gets, the more nervous I become. How Miharu and Scale act in the face of all this is what has me most curious. Odette said they probably figured out that she's double-crossed them, but that they also won't think much of it. Miharu's personal motivations aside, their main goal is to eliminate Alan and Odette. Even if they don't manage to elect Yu themselves, they won't run the risk of having any of their cards exposed. Odette and Alan probably feel the same, considering they're allowing me the right to elect Yu. I know Yu the most out of everyone, so I can agree with that choice.

The rest is up to me. My only choice is to get his regret out of him. Although anxious, part of me feels good about this being something only I can do. “I want to die by your hands.” His words are akin to a curse for me. However, they also serve as evidence that I can still learn his regret.