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Part 65: For Granting Her Wish

content warning: depiction of bodily harm

It's time to see the first Bad Ending for Fatal Twelve. The final 'wrong' choice was, again, very obvious, but as I said in a previous update, if you'd made any wrong decisions before this point, Rinka decides to accept Odette's terms at face value on her own- we only get the option to have her turn Odette down by doing everything right. :v: Odette's response if you accept her terms is different, obviously:

BGM: Bonds
I can save Naomi by doing what Odette says. It's all but guaranteed to work. Naomi. Naomi...! Her smiling face pops into my head. I'm fine with being eliminated if it means I can save her. I gave my life in order to save her in the first place. There's no reason for me to hesitate.

I'll keep my end of the bargain. Just make sure you keep yours as well.

Heh, is that so? Can't say for sure whether or not this was the best option for you, but I don't really care. Just leave it to me, kid. As it happens, I've been looking for an excuse to go wild.

And from here, she invites Rinka to her base of operations, same as the other choice. However, while she's packing clothes and her charger, instead of thinking about Odette, Rinka's thoughts are on whether she made the right decision. She keeps repeating to herself over and over again that she's doing this for Naomi's sake- and that she can't think about her impending elimination if she wants to do what she has to.

The drive to the warehouse and the initial meeting with Alan are unchanged initially, but when Odette reaffirms that Yu is their target over the others, Rinka briefly considers this:

Miharu's likely included with the people Odette's referring to. While that does bother me, it's safe to assume Odette won't go near her before Yu is eliminated. I still haven't thought about what to do once I accomplish that. Granted, my elimination by that point is already a given.

I should've said my goodbyes to Miharu, but that won't be possible anymore. She should be able to figure out what's going on, at the very least.

:v: This ties more into the whole 'was too emotionally distant' thing that flags this Bad Ending in the first place.

The rest of their planning and discussion (including bringing out the guns) is mostly unchanged, though when Rinka says that she intends to elect Yu to bring Naomi back and to “prevent him from hurting anyone else”, Odette pauses for a moment at hearing her say this. The group attempts to rest for the night after this, and Odette's night conversation with Rinka still occurs (unchanged). Similarly, the events of the following day's raid are identical- the trio lay a trap for Yu where a disguised Alan is “shot” by Yu, before a disguised Rinka is captured as a hostage. Yu's stream and subsequent fight with Odette happen as before, and Yu still ends up managing to retrieve the bomb and escaping through the smokescreen.

Same goes for their own retreat and nighttime rest- Rinka still has a conversation with Alan (who seemingly has no idea that Odettte is going to be electing Rinka). The next day, the trio return to Tokyo Tower, determine that Yu isn't coming, and, upon Rinka intending to confront him by herself, the three end their alliance and split up. Before she can leave, however....

Following that, the three of us all go our separate ways.

BGM: Fall Into...

Hold up, kid.

A menacing voice stops me right as I'm ready to leave. Odette is addressing me in a completely different manner than before. I know why, too.

...Don't worry, I know.

There's no need for us to mince words. I tell her the contents of my cards. Settling the score with fate includes my doing so, after all.

From here, the confrontation with Yu on the train happens as usual. Everything plays out the same, from the argument to the bomb's detonation. From here, we move to the final part of this Bad Ending...

BGM: The Sacred Large Hall

06/17 (SUN), Midnight
Good evening, my lovely little slaves to fate.

The next thing I hear when I regain consciousness is that ever-haughty voice.

Goodness me, you certainly look subpar.

I lost consciousness in the train due to the heat and smoke. The fact that I'm in the Court of Fate means that this week's election has started. I got on the train before noon, so that means I might've been out cold for twelve hours. What happened to my physical body? Is it in a hospital somewhere?



Alan and Odette look unfazed, as always. Odette even has the luxury of yawning. Odd, considering you can't actually be tired in the dream world.


Meanwhile, Scale lets out a dramatic sigh. I'm not really sure what he's thinking based on his ambiguous expression.


As for Federico, he seems awfully restless. He's tapping his finger and tutting. I don't know how things stand between them, so all I can do is guess based on what I see. At the very least, Odette's probably still working on her own.


Miharu seems somewhat relieved after giving me a quick once-over. Maybe she learned that I collapsed in the train somehow. Her not saying anything probably means she's still cooperating with the others under the pretense that we're no longer friends.

So... you...

I turn my attention to Numeral IV. There Yu stands, unscathed. Based on this and Federico's case, I have to assume that our state in the real world truly is not reflected in the dream world. An odd sense of relief washes over me when I see him like this. I'm not sure why, considering I'm about to elect him.


I open up my card book. All the cards in my possession fly out upon doing so, including the most recent one I gained.

Numeral IV – Regret

It's Yu's regret card.

Things seem to have grown a touch gloomy around here, no? I do hope there's something I can do to cheer you up.

Oh, good. How about our lovely goddess sings us a little ditty?

Don't waste our time.

Yeah, let's just get started already! Not like I'm-

Gonna elect anyone tonight. Right?

Gah, shut it. Same goes for you, doesn't it?

Hmm, I wonder.

Federico frowns in response to Odette's hearty grin.

You'd have a hard time not being gloomy if you were counted among us as a participant, too. Can't deny that I'd like to hear our little goddess sing for us, though. Hahaha!

Just get started already...

Alan directs his comment to Parca, making his discontent obvious. There's an oddly functional flow to our conversations, now that most of us know each other. It's different from when Divine Selection first began. That fact scares me.

Oh, what a shame! My efforts to learn the songs you people know, all for naught.

How do you go about learning them...?

Are you so curious?

Yeah, I most certainly am.

Odette isn't joking. I can tell she's serious based on the tone of her voice. I've spoken to her in person, so I know. It may have sounded inconsequential, but she is looking to get something out of Parca.

Ehehe. I'm afraid that I'll have to keep you in the dark. A lady is only as charming as the number of secrets she holds, no?

Her choice of words makes her sound mischievous. Almost like a regular child, even.

Can we get on with this?

Yu's tone is as sharp as it is cold. It's obvious how little he cares for Parca.

Now, now. No need to be so hasty. Though I must admit, perhaps I spoke a bit too much tonight. Allow me to begin tonight's election. Revolve, O' Clock of Fate!

Her stock phrase signals the beginning of tonight's election. The clock hand at the center of the Court of Fate begins to revolve. Nothing she does is any different from normal, but tonight sounds completely different to me. The reason why is simple. Tonight will be the first night I elect someone.

BGM: Fated Selection
There's no reason for me to hesitate. My fate's already been sealed. Today is my last day. I'll do what I need to and perish. It's somewhat ironic, though. It's the exact mindset Yu believed to represent a hero.

I'm... going to elect someone.

...Hehe. Well, then.

I straighten my back to regain my posture. My eyes fall directly on Yu following that. He still has the same gentle expression from before. It's the same expression from back when he first ate the dinner I made for him. Even so...

I elect... Numeral IV.

I have to utter those words, no matter what.

Very well.

Parca proceeds to question the other participants.

Guess it's my turn now.

Odette makes her intent loud and clear when her turn comes around.'

What's this...?

Go ahead, Numeral XI.

Yeah, so... I'll be electing Numeral I.

I nod my head in silence. I'm scared, in all honesty. Once I eliminate Yu, it'll be my turn. I know I've accepted the inevitability already, but it doesn't stop me from being scared. Mainly because it involves returning to the flames that sleep deep within my memory.

W-Wait a minute... What's going on here, Rinka? Why are you being elected...?

Sorry for keeping this from you, Miharu.

BGM: Two Crossing Paths -S/I V/S-
I utter Miharu's name within the Court of Fate. But she did reveal it previously, so I think it should be fine.

Please don't apologize...

I'm leaving the rest to you...

Wait a minute! Why is this happening?! Reverse the decision, please! I'm begging you!

Is that even possible to do, Parca?

Unfortunately not. Numeral I's election has already been processed.

...So there ya have it. Not like I'd take it back, anyway. Your friend accepted this on her own.

She's right, Miharu. You understand what that means, don't you?

I do everything I can to stop my emotions from bursting out. It'll only make things harder for Miharu if I break down now.

I made this decision for myself. It's the only way I can bring Naomi back.

You can't... You can't honestly think I'll accept this!

Take care of Naomi for me, will you? I'm not too sure how things were between you two, but... Please be a good friend to her, all right? As for Mao... I guess I don't need to worry. It's obvious that you know her way better than I do.

Rinka, I...! This can't be happening... Parca, do something about this! Please!

Parca ignores her plight, instead moving on to question Alan as to whether or not he will elect anyone.

You three... try and get along, okay?

Miharu doesn't give me a proper answer.

With that decided, tonight will be Numeral I and Numeral IV, followed by Numeral XI and Numeral I... Thus, allow me to begin the election procedure.

My platform begins to move in tandem with her statement. Yu's platform does the same.

Rinka! Rinka...! Rinka...

Miharu's voice gradually fades into the distance.


BGM: Fated Selection
You got elected as well, huh?

It was the only way I could bring her back.

I won't apologize. It's your fault for not electing me when you had the chance.

I'd be mad if you did, after my struggle to find the resolve to elect you.

Good evening once again, my dears.

Parca's voice rings out of nowhere. I didn't even notice her arrival. It's like she just appeared out of thin air. She has a big smirk on her face.

Oh, my. What irony tonight brings.


Oh, pay me no mind. Do begin. The process is quite simple, you'll find.

I pick out and announce Yu's three cards, just as she instructs me to. I honestly don't feel much as I do so. I mean, the same process is going to happen to me right after.


BGM: Fall Into...

Flames envelop me. This is a sight I recognize. It's almost the exact same scenery I witnessed when I died, after all. My line of sight is much lower than usual, though. That's when I realized it... This was from Yu's perspective. He was sitting down after having crushed my throat.

I'm human... I am...

His lungs had lost their function. His skin was charred. His very cells had been obliterated.

And now... I'm a hero...

His words fell on deaf ears.

This is how it should be...

As much as he tried to breathe, his blood refused to carry the oxygen. Not like the air could even reach his lungs at this point.

Right... Mama...?

It was doubtful that he could even speak properly at this point. That wasn't a concern of his, though. He just did everything he could to speak his last words. He did it to convince himself. To reassert himself.

...It's not...

But that effect didn't last for long.

...Don't want to die...

His lungs were shot. He couldn't speak anymore.

I don't wanna die... Help... Help...

That's why those end up being his last words. He unleashed one final scream, marred with regret and repentance. His vision was dyed red following that. The flames burned away the contradiction and sins he bore.

BGM: Fated Selection
Those were Yu's final moments, weren't they?

Yu has already disappeared by this point.

Do wait right there, my dear.

Parca wastes no time in addressing me. Not long after, Odette appears across from me.

Yo. That friend of yours sure gave me a verbal beat down. She gonna be okay after you're gone?

Surprisingly kind, aren't we? You don't need to worry. Miharu's strong... She won't lose to the likes of you.

You think? Whatever. Can we get started already?


Odette opens up her card book before Parca responds. She picks out three cards.

Her name's Shishimai Rinka. She died from suffocation. I was prepared for the possibility of you having all my cards, but I guess that ain't the case.

That would be one of the methods to prevent your own elimination... I'm a lot more calm up here than down below, though. Memories of my death resurface. That's right. I am already dead. That's why I feel so calm right now. At the very least, my death this time around will be for Naomi's sake.

I wonder if this is how Miharu felt...

If so, this isn't right... I'm calm, but I can't stop crying.

Christ, you're making this tough. Your regret is a regular life. I guess that's just like you, huh?

Odette tuts before announcing my regret.

Sorry, Naomi. Mao... Miharu...

My fate's been sealed. I'm going to die.

I'm sorry, gran...

Forgive me for going out like this. I've simply been avoiding the truth all this time. There has never been any way I could accept my own death. I've just done everything possible to keep my mind off it. I can't hold my emotions back any longer. That's fine, though. This is it for me.

It was good while it lasted, kid. You kept me entertained for a bit.

This is the end.

Fade to credits. I won't be putting the credits in the LP until the actual end of the game, and there's nothing to look at in them here (no images or anything). There is, however, a post-credits scene...

BGM: Miharu

07/23 (MON), Noon
I find myself here, all alone. Here, at the final destination that Parca spoke of.

There really is no point to a world without Rinka...

Divine Selection. Last night served as the end to those hellish days for me. I was ready to give up the very moment Rinka was eliminated. But she didn't allow me to do that. She wanted to ensure that Mao and Naomi wouldn't lose us both. And I'm not one to break a promise with the person I love. So I survived until the end. How I managed that feat can be a story for another time.

This place really is nice. I wish I could've come here with you.

A clock tower stands tall in the distance. Rinka seems to have been fond of this space. I once desired to come here with her, but that's no more than a distant dream now. If possible, I would become the goddess herself in an effort to alter fate. To create a world in which Rinka never died.

Yo, Miharun!

I hear Mao shouting over to me. She's the one and only person I can call a friend now that Rinka's gone. The time I was able to spend with her had dwindled due to my efforts in Divine Selection. It marks today as the first time in a while we'll be able to spend time together.

It's been ages since we've hung out together, hasn't it?


Mao stares off into the distance as she replies. The scars left in our hearts through Rinka's death will never heal. She was just too important to us. We can still imagine her being here with us, wherever we go. It's something I've come to accept. Just being able to see her is enough for me, even if it's only an illusion.

None of the issues I've been facing since before Divine Selection have been resolved. My excellence is something I've never been proud of. That being said, it was an essential factor in my survival within Divine Selection. My life goes on, even if I am alone.

Shouldn't be too long now... Oh, here she is! Naorin!

S-Sorry for the wa- Waugh!

Along comes Naomi, my junior. She trips over herself so often that sometimes I think she's doing it on purpose. She pulls herself back to her feet with a flushed face. Rinka had one final wish before her elimination. She wanted the three of us to get along.

...Let's get going, Naomi.

Okay! Wait... W-Were you always this friendly toward me...?

Our friendship has only begun.

That's right.


There's no need for us to be so formal anymore.

Oh-oh? Quite the change, Miharun. Did something special happen?

Not really. I realized that nothing changes unless I take the initiative myself, is all.

O-Okay, then! Let's go, Miharu!

This is my first step toward fulfilling Rinka's wish. If Rinka herself is gone, then the least I can do is ensure that the traces of her desire remain. Perhaps by doing so, with time, I can sort out my own feelings. That may lead the fog in my heart to clear up.


Life would've been easy had I always thought like that.