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Part 78: Loser's Night

BGM: At Amecha Girls' University High School

Oh-ho? Surprised to see you two getting along so well.

Are we, though? Your surprise may be misplaced, considering we were hardly ever on bad terms. Right, Naomi?


So... speaking of surprises, you're here pretty early for a Monday. Did you not stay up late last night?

Trust Rinny to focus on the important details! Turns out that shop was having a sale, so I went ahead and grabbed a fifty-volume shoujo manga. I spent all Saturday night reading it, but I wasn't even close to finished by morning. That's why I ended up blasting through the rest til Sunday evening.

I crashed nice and early after that, and here we are. The manga's about an actress, but I totally recommend it! Especially to you, Rinny!

Naomi, Rinka, and Miharu arrive at school together. While relatively early, it's still somewhat later than usual for Naomi. Prior to the culture festival, she would always read books on her own, but recently she's found herself talking with friends instead. Granted, she spends most of the time listening, especially regarding conversations about love and so on. The little experience she does have with such topics involves a crush she may or may not have had in elementary school. Besides, Naomi cannot tolerate boys that well. The only time she felt anything toward one was when she agreed that a boy who could run fast was cool.

Naomi sneaks a glance at Miharu as she speaks to Mao. Miharu is undoubtedly beautiful, even from a fellow girl's perspective. Her face can turn heads and she has the proportions of a supermodel. It's hard not to want to be like her. Naomi came to learn the distinction between that feeling and love once she entered high school. Could Miharu relate to this...? She may act calm when speaking to Rinka, but there are also traces of shyness.

The same could be said for last night, too. Naomi tried to set it up so that Miharu and Rinka could sleep together, but Miharu adamantly refused, her face flushed. She has noticed Miharu being enamored by even the smallest of Rinka's mannerisms, though Rinka herself seems completely oblivious. From Naomi's point of view, that must be love. Pure and simple. While it may still be uncommon, Naomi takes no issue with two girls falling in love. She is more concerned with whether or not things will work out for Miharu. Rinka sees Miharu as a close friend, while Miharu loves Rinka from the bottom of her heart. Naomi doesn't want to see this disparity affect them in any negative way.

Earth to Naorin! Something on your mind? C'mon, ain't nothing gonna come from looking so miserable!


And then there's her. Naomi feels bad for Mao, considering she's been dealing with these same concerns for over a year. If they ever have the chance to talk one-on-one, Naomi wants to ask about how Rinka and Miharu first met. But at the same time... She figures that not knowing what it's like to love someone is akin to not understanding most emotions felt in the world at large.


BGM: Chilling With Sidekicks

06/25 (MON), Night
I make my way to the usual bar once night rolls around. My alliance with Scale still stands, but above all else, I want to know why he elected Miharu. The booze is getting to me a lot more than it usually does tonight. I didn't even bother to eat or pregame, either. I jumped right to straight whiskey.

Should I congratulate you on eliminating Odette?

Scale sounds more arrogant than ever. He's always been like this, now that I think about it.

You mind explaining why you elected Miharu?

Hahaha! Sorry for not talking to you about it first. You're aware of how dangerous she is, aren't you?

Dangerous, huh... I find her to be pretty interesting. Wanted to spend a night or two in bed with her as well, but... the idea of her being dangerous never crossed my mind.

I've got one arm on the table with my head hanging down. I take another drink. This ain't like me. Maybe because I've spent all day thinking about stuff. Stuff I couldn't stop thinking about, no matter how hard I tried. Things doused in uncertainty, where a clear answer may not even exist.

It turns out she had all my information at her disposal. That's proof enough that she's dangerous. I doubt she could've known that I would elect her, though. If anything, it was probably Odette who figured I would from when we were allies.

I'm surprised that she told Miharu, though. Makes me glad that you were able to eliminate her in the end. Are you feeling bad about it, perhaps?

Hell no. That ain't it... I'm just... confused, is all. She gave her own life to save me when I was dying. Knowing her, she could've escaped alive. What's more, she had all my info as well. I saw all three of my cards after eliminating her. Tch... I just don't get it, man.

Both her thought process and this frustration I'm feeling are a mystery to me. I'm the one who won in the end, but it doesn't feel that way.

As I suspected, you...

Listen. I ain't gonna deny that I enjoyed the time I spent running around with her. And when I think back on it all, teaming up with you has been boring.

Everything he says and does is weaved in lies. He drinks with me, but it's easy to tell he's making sure he doesn't get drunk. Can't even compete with him like that. There's nothing wrong with that if we're just cooperating to fulfill our own goals. That makes things simple, then. Odette was my buddy. This guy ain't anything close to that.

Tch... Making myself sick with all these sentimental feelings.

Should I take that as a suggestion that we call off our alliance?

Whatever. I don't care.

How do you plan on dealing with Alan?

I'll figure something out. Besides, you've been terying to figure out my regret for a while now, haven't you? Looks like you still haven't managed to, judging by your attitude.

Hahaha. I agree that this wasn't a very exciting alliance, especially with how useless you were.

...Whatever. So long.

Scale slams some money onto the counter before leaving. I'm not sure if he'll ever come back. But I am sure that I'm truly on my own now. Then again, I was probably alone the moment I considered stabbing Odette in the back. Miharu and Scale never needed me, nor did they ever want to get close to me.

I spend a while longer drinking alone. I don't talk to a single person. I'm not even thinking about anything, now that I'm drunk. I'm just wallowing in my own misery.

Or so I think.

BGM: Alan

Is that alcohol you seem to love so much any good?

A distressing voice drags me back to reality.

You're... Oh, yeah. You ain't allowed to drink where you're from, are you?

Technically, but I've cast aside my religious beliefs. I just haven't had the opportunity to drink by nature of my age.

Tch. I always forget you're just a punk kid.

Is now a good time to mention that Alan Scorpion is only 19 years old? :v: The legal drinking age in the majority of India is 21, and at the time this VN came out the legal drinking age in Japan was 20 (though in April 2022 it's getting lowered to 18). :eng101:

...I am here for a reason, you know. Are you sure you have the luxury of getting this drunk during Divine Selection?

Alan ignores my statement and poses his own question. This is the first time we've had a face-to-face now that I think about it, but it doesn't feel that way since I see him in the dream world so often. He's got the face of a straight-laced businessman, but his physique runs in total contrast to that. Yup... He's just as annoying here as he is there.

Don't think I've forgotten about what you said during the fourth election.

Worry not. You've etched yourself into my memory for surviving this long. Of course, I see no need to take back my comments regarding your foolishness.

Oh, yeah? Sorry to say I might actually agree with you now.


He might be trying to provoke me, so my response must have surprised him a bit. I've just now noticed that he's got a few cuts and bruises on him.

Guess you and Odette went at it, huh? She'd been dying to fight you, so I guess she went ahead with it after figuring out that I'd elect her.


So? Who won?

I even surprise myself a bit with that question. I never would've asked had I not considered the possibility that even a monster like her could lose to this guy.

The results were hardly clear, but I was apparently able to barely outlast her.

That so? She must've been real happy, then.

No doubt she considered him the winner if he outlasted her. She's simple like that. But it makes me jealous. He made Odette admit defeat through his own ability.

Must've been a helluva fight. I'm curious to know... How strong was she, from your perspective?

Alan takes a minute to respond.

The second strongest of those I've met thus far, I'd say. First, if we judge purely on her penchant to beat someone senseless.

Damn! You'd actually put someone above her? Must be a samurai or an assassin or something.

Hmph, not quite. Just family.

Tch. Wasn't looking for a serious response. Guess you're part of the crew who's changed thanks to this whole situation.

Not quite. I've simply reverted to my old self.

That so?

Downing the rest of my drink, I leave a crumpled up 10,000 yen bill on the counter and tell the bartender it'll cover the impending repair costs.

I know what you're here for. You wanna rough me up and find out something valuable, right?


Fine by me. If I manage to take you down, then that means I've technically surpassed Odette as well.

She certainly seems to preoccupy your mind.

Fate made it just so I owe her my life.

Come again?

Don't worry. I'll fill you in if you can beat me.


It's not often that I roll up my sleeves before a fight. I ain't some pushover who can't move well when they're drunk, either. More importantly, I've got the height advantage. This guy's built like a tank, but I can't see myself losing.

BGM: Villain

Ah, dammit. He wrecked me.