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Part 87: What is Your Purpose?

content warning: threat of injury/death to elderly

Surprise, Week Nine has two possible bad endings you can get! :v: We're going to go ahead and make the 'wrong' choice here- it's pretty obvious what you shouldn't do, anyway.


-Ignore it.

I don't have time for this! I decline the call without hesitation.

BGM: Silence
I type the necessary information and send it along. He should be able to create my cards with that. A call comes from my gran's phone immediately after.

You made a wise decision. Haha.

That's enough, isn't it? Let her go.

BGM: Impatience
Sorry, but my safety isn't guaranteed when you still have the means to elect me. I'll be leaving your grandmother in the mountains nearby along with the car. They should be able to find her with a bit of effort, but it won't happen today, at the very least.

It should be fine if they find her Monday, but who knows what'll happen if it drags out til Tuesday. Not many people can survive for long without food or water, especially at her age.

Y-You bastard! Don't you dare...!

I trust that you understand what I'm getting at.

...You want to make sure I don't elect you, right?

Bingo. Your precious grandmother will starve to death if you eliminate me. No need to worry about her freezing to death at least, considering we're in the middle of summer.

I can feel myself clenching my teeth so hard that they might actually crack. I'll never forgive him for doing this to her. Or so I say, but there's no way for me to get back at him. He's basically saying that he plans to elect me.

Don't even think of protecting yourself when I elect you. Who knows what'll happen to her if you do.

You dirty coward!

Say whatever you want. I'm doing this to save my life. That, to me, is the most just act of all. Don't tell anyone about this. Not the police. Not any other participants. Not even your friends. Otherwise, I'll light the briquette.

He hangs up after making his threat. All I can do is collapse down on my knees.

It's over.

I have every intention of making my way over there to find her. I know nothing will come from that, though. I know that I can't accomplish anything on my own.


And we fade to the credits here, for some reason! :v: That said, of course there's still a post-credits scene...

BGM: Do You Understand?

07/01 (SUN), Night
Only Parca remains, a smile on her face.

I certainly never expected this outcome. I had expected Numeral I to last longer. After all... Oh, silly me. One can never be sure that they're truly alone, even in a place like this. I would do best to remain silent.

Scale Jones has elected Shishimai Rinka. Alan Scorpion has elected Scale Jones in turn. Shishimai Rinka comes to realize that her grandmother, who has been taken hostage, will not be saved in time.

Numeral I's expression made quite the lasting impression on me, I must say.

Despair hardly begins to describe the look on her face when she realizes that both she and her grandmother are going to die. Parca finds herself curious about what Rinka is feeling in that moment. It will likely remain a mystery forever, even to her.

Now, then. Only Numerals II, III, and XII remain.

She lists off the remaining particiapnts, her smile never fading.

Who will survive? Who will be eliminated? Who will become my vessel? I haven't the faintest idea. Though it hardly matters, now that things have come to this.


Parca tilts her head in response to her own declaration.

What made me think that, I wonder...

No one is around to answer her question. Thus does Parca return to her duty of overseeing Divine Selection.