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Part 95: Brother


Noticing something is amiss, Alan rushes over to her side. He seems to remember her clearly.

Are you okay?

She cannot comprehend why he's showing concern for her. It might have made sense if he considered her Rinka's underclassman, but the genuine tone of worry in his voice is confounding. The Alan she is gradually beginning to remember was never this kind. This realization causes her to suffer even more.

Rinka's... still inside...

She somehow fights through the pain to speak. Strangely enough, she doesn't feel that she should keep him away from Lion House at all costs.

Around ten minutes after Naomi leaves, someone else pops into the store. An unexpected person in an unexpected situation, to boot.

Get a bed and some water ready.


Alan is carrying Naomi with one arm cradling her neck and the other behind her knees. The surprise fades once I notice that Naomi doesn't seem to be feeling right. This isn't the time to ask questions, so I get some water ready and take her upstairs to my room. The idea of having Alan come into my room isn't all that thrilling though, so I ask him to wait downstairs.

BGM: Rinka's Room

Once I come back down, I notice Alan standing there with a bitter look on his face.

How is she?

She's conscious, but it seems like a migraine. I've given her medicine and water, so I'll check back after she rests for an hour.

I make sure to call and let her mom know. I tell her that she's sleeping here at the moment due to her not feeling well.

Well... Thanks for that, I guess. Why did you help her?

I noticed her ready to collapse outside the store. I couldn't just ignore her.

That's... surprising, in all honesty. Sorry, but I thought you were a colder person.

Perphaps that's not the wisest thing to say to someone who willingly knocks out nurses and eliminates participants without a second thought. But now he's helped both me and Naomi. That's why I feel comfortable enough to speak my thoughts.

You're finally here to discuss things, aren't you?

The fact that he's here means he has business with me. I expected him to come, though I didn't think it'd be this early. I assumed it would be either Saturday or Sunday.

...Indeed. I'm here to provide the answers you seek regarding my actions. There was a certain connection I made that night in the hospital when you stood up to me despite how little you could do.

The look in your eyes resembled that of my younger sister's.

BGM: The Memory Remains
There's a certain gentleness to his expression as he admits this.

I have five younger siblings. Four of them are much younger brothers, but my only sister is just around your age. Her name is Amrita. Unlike me, my siblings continue to use the names our parents gave them.

My mind flashes back to something Alan mumbled during his sleep after fighting Odette. Amrita. It is his sister's name.

Allow me to add that she's far better looking and smarter than you.

...Hey now.

Still, you two are inherently similar. Your strength of will, your tendency to put yourself at risk by letting your emotions take over... I'm certain that my brothers will grow up to be like me. That much is obvious through both our bond as family and as men.

On the other hand, I worry for Amrita. I can only imagine how she will handle work and marriage with that personality of hers.

My card book begins to shine all of a sudden. One card materializes.

XII – Regret – Sister's Future

Having seen the gentle expression he shows from time to time, I'm not very surprised at the card's contents. If anything, it proves how well I've come to understand Alan.

Why would you reveal your regret to me?

Because I want you to live.


It's fine. This is a decision I've made for myself. I won't give my life for free, though. I want you to shoulder the weight that accompanies it and finally bring an end to our story.

He tells me about his past next. His mother died from illness when he was still a child, while his father was killed due to a grudge involving shady business practices. Alan soon took over his father's business connections, discarding both his name and religion in the process. Even his country's traditions soon became a nuisance to him. He built his own business from scratch and turned it into an undeniable success.

The larger the company grew, the more I sacrificed. The more people I threw by the wayside. I may have changed my name, but I still took after my father when it came to making others hold a grudge against me.

Poison was my cause of death. A similar assassination method to that of my father's, ironically enough.

There's no change in his tone as he discusses how he was killed. My card book shines once again, materializing his cause of death card.

That's awful...

There are far more assassinations covered up the world over than you would expect. The same will likely happen to mine when I'm eliminated.

He mentions that he had to deduce his own cause of death after it had been undone. Nobody would know they'd been poisoned until after it kicked in, I guess.

Your each and every action has reminded me of Amrita. From the way you refuse to abandon those in need to how easily influenced you are. That fierce determination of yours when it came to not only your friend, but your grandmother as well... You wanted nothing but to save them, isn't that right?

But I'm not your sister, Alan.

I know that. However, the similarities are undeniable.

There's little I can say when I don't know his sister personally. Alan presses on, unconcerned about how perplexing this whole scenario is for me. My thoughts are likely irrelevant to him. This isn't the logical side of Alan talking. These are his emotions.

BGM: Bonds

I don't trust a single person in my company. That's why I've left a letter stating that the next in line will be one of my family. Age-wise, this would fall to Amrita. Hence my worry, you see. I'm still not sure how well she will do in a position that involves dealing with the ugliest sides of people.

I can't imagine someone my age being the CEO of a huge company...

I thought the same at first. Meeting you has helped assuage some of my concerns. She's aware of her shortcomings and yet entirely blind to her own strength of heart. Much like you.

Both of you hold the ability to move others. If you doubt that for even a second, then look no further than myself as proof. People like you will have no issue finding people to whom you can entrust yourselves.

His gaze is locked onto me as he speaks. Our eyes may be meeting, but it's not me he's looking at. He's using me as a window to see his sister.

I'm not nearly as amazing as you're making me out to be. Besides, I don't have it in me to shoulder a responsibility like that in the first place.

Hmph... No matter. I've made my decision. The company itself may not fare any better in her hands, and she's likely to fail along the way. That's fine, though. I trust that she'll lead it in a different direction than I did. Most importantly, I can't see anyone willing to kill her like they did me. So long as she's able to lead a long and fulfilling life, that's all that matters.


I still have my concerns of course, but I also have hope now. Surely you understand the significance of that.

His expression changes once again. To one I've never seen before. Whoa, unbelievable... I never thought he'd have it in him to express such a brilliant smile. His every word and action in relation to his sister shows just how much he cares for her. I have no parents or siblings to speak of, but I can tell this is how those who do feel about them.

What are you smiling for?

I don't realize I am also smiling until he points it out. He's strict, but kind and reliable. He always seems a bit desperate, despite his intellect. Part of me is envious of Amrita for getting a brother like him. Haha... What a weird situation.

No reason, I guess...


Who'd have thought that I'd ever come to think about him like this? Well, guess it's my fault. I never bothered to try and understand him after what happened at the hospital that day. But he'd always been kind to me after that. At Shigetsugu's home, when he helped me stop Yu, and even when he saved my gran...

I'm at fault for never seeing him for who he really is.

What happened to seeing how far my mindset could take me?

I've already seen it. That's why I'm here now.

Alan pauses briefly before posing a question.

What will you do about Hebinata Miharu?

His question takes me by surprise. Well, not the question itself, but the realization that he truly does understand me. There's no reason for me to hesitate, though. I only have one answer to give.

I'll ensure that we both survive.

Good. That's what I wanted to hear. Amrita would no doubt say the same.

How about some coffee before you go? I can guarantee you'll like it.

...That sounds good.

It is supposed to be a simple offer, but my wording may have given it more weight than anticipated. I doubt Alan fails to catch it, either.

Okay, it shouldn't take too long.

I'm going to make this the best coffee I've ever brewed.


BGM: Lion House Cafe

No words are exchanged as he drinks his coffee. It's not an awkward silence or anything. Words simply aren't needed. Our relationship doesn't extend beyond our status as participants in Divine Selection. We're not friends. We're not lovers. We're not enemies. We're not even siblings. But that's why this works...

I'm not much of a coffee fan, but I'd be lying if I said that wasn't pleasant.


He pauses, stands, and then continues.

It's about time you see how she's doing.

Yeah. I was thinking the same.

Only you could make the decision to live your life to its fullest while shouldering the lives of others. Anyone else would see them as little more than a burden.

I might have thought that way under normal circumstances, but those burdens have helped me realize that I'm not alone.

Hmph... Two people can't comprise the same body, though your belief that you're not alone despite this is part of your strength.

I'm certain you haven't been alone, either. Right, bro?

The original line in Japanese here has her teasingly call him 'onii-chan'. :eng101:

Oh, please. I've already made it clear that Amrita outclasses you in every respect. ...Still, your claim is one I'll have to deny. It wasn't until I accepted your way of life that I was able to trust in Amrita.

I have a favor I'd like to ask of you.

...Go ahead.

I abandoned my roots and my past when I came to Japan. Thus, I have nothing I can leave to you. In exchange, I ask that you remember. Not just myself, but the miracle that led to our paths crossing.

Aren't you going to see Amrita?

That's of no concern to Shishimai Rinka, I believe.

I give Alan an understanding nod in response. I'm certain I would've hesitated to elect him had he given me a proper answer, regardless of what it was. He's made sure to put a wall between us. I understand why, though. That's his way of making things easier on both of us. His objective accomplished, he takes his leave. My eyes remain locked on him even as he fades into the darkness outside. It's because I know...

I know this is the last time I'll ever see Alan Scorpion in the real world.


Cardbook has updated.

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
I – Cause of Death – Death by Asphyxiation
I – Regret – Daily Routine
II – Name – Hebinata Miharu
II – Cause of Death – Suicide
II – Regret – Shishimai Rinka
III – Name – Federico Carminati
III – Cause of Death – Death from Structural Collapse
IV – Name – Yu
IV – Cause of Death – Fire
IV – Regret – Daily Routine
V – Name – Ushizuka Shigetsugu
V – Cause of Death – Death from Starvation
V – Regret – Back when I was Close with Family
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
IX – Name – Scale Jones
IX – Cause of Death – Death from an Accident
IX – Regret – Gold Medal
X – Name – Sofiya Priessnitz Alexeievna
X – Regret – Seeing the World
XI – Name – Odette Malencon
XII – Name – Alan Scorpion
XII – Cause of Death – Death from Poison
XII – Regret – Little Sister's Future

I – Name – Shishimai Rinka
II – Name – Hebinata Miharu
II – Cause of Death – Suicide
III – Name – Federico Carminati
III – Cause of Death – Death from Structural Collapse
V – Name – Ushizuka Shigetsugu
V – Cause of Death – Death from Starvation
V – Regret – Back when I was Close with Family
VI – Name – Chan Chan
VI – Cause of Death – Death from Falling
VI – Regret – Married Life
VIII – Name – Kamebuchi Keiko
VIII – Cause of Death – Brain Hemorrhage
VIII – Regret – Child's Name
IX – Name – Scale Jones
XI – Name – Odette Malencon
XII – Name – Alan Scorpion
XII – Cause of Death – Death from Poison
XII – Regret – Little Sister's Future