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Part 6: Rebirth

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

I guess there was a big fire.
The familiar town had turned to ashes and it looked like the remains of a battlefield from a movie.
But that didn't last long either.
The fire had died down by the time the sun rose.
The tall wall of flame had shortened, and most of the buildings had fallen.

…It felt strange, being the only thing in that place that still had its original form.
I was the only one still alive around here.
I must have been really lucky, or my house was built in a very lucky spot.
I don't know which it was, but the point is, I was the only one left alive.

I felt that since I survived, I should live on.
I started walking aimlessly, because I thought it would be dangerous just to stay there.
I wasn't really concerned about getting burned up like the people lying around me.
…Probably because, over and above not wanting to be like them, I had a stronger feeling in my mind.

But still, I had no hope.
It was already a wonder I was still alive, so I couldn't expect to be saved.
I won't survive.
Whatever happens, I won't be able to escape from this red world.
It was such an absolute hell that even a small child could understand it.

Everything around me was burned up and I could see many shriveled people.
The dark clouds loomed overhead, telling me it would rain soon.
…That's good. The fire will be put out once it rains.

In the end, I sighed deeply and looked up at the sky.
I say to myself that it hurts.
I say so on behalf of all the people who couldn't even say so.

Music: Stop

If you take away a child's parents, home, and all such things, there's nothing left for him.
That's why there was only my body.
I think it's a simple story.
In other words, in order to let my body live…
My heart died.

Childhood 'accident', removed from family since - check.

Music: Quiet Voice

I squint my eyes at the white light.
"So bright", I think.
It was just light entering my eyes when I woke up, but I'm not used to it.
I probably didn't even understand what the bright light meant.

Woke up in hospital - check.

"…Where am I?"
I look around.
The room is big and there are many beds.
A person is in each bed, and everyone seems to be hurt.

But nothing feels ill in this room.
Everyone who's hurt is someone who was saved.
I relax and let my eyes wander.

After a few days, I finally understood.
I could clearly remember what had happened in the past few days.
Even so, I was no different from a newborn baby.
Not just a metaphor, it was close to the truth.

Anyway, it was a terrible fire.
I had been saved from it, was in the hospital with my body wrapped in bandages, and my parents were gone.
I didn't get the situation, but I vaguely understood that I was alone.
I think I understood quickly.
…Well, there was nothing but children in similar situations around me, so all I could do was absorb the fact.

And after that.
That man came, right when I was beginning to worry what would happen to me next.

"Hello. You must be Shirou-kun."
A smile that seems to melt into the white sunlight.
I think it was a suspicious voice, but a very kind voice.

"I'll ask you directly. Which would you prefer? To go to an orphanage, or to be adopted by this man you've never seen before?"
That man was saying he could adopt me.
When I asked him if he was a relative of mine, he said he was just a stranger.
…He looked like an unreliable guy with no future.
But it made no difference, as I knew nothing about either one: him or the orphanage.
So I decided to go with him.

"I see, that's good. Get ready quickly, then. You should get used to your new place as fast as you can."
The guy quickly started packing my stuff.
His packing wasn't very good, even in the eyes of a child.
Then, after making a big mess…

"Oh, I forgot to mention something important.
I have to tell you one thing before you come with me.
Is that okay?"
He turns to me lightheartedly and says,
To start off with, I'm a sorcerer."
He says it in a serious, exaggerated tone.

Rescued by magus while in hospital - check. Shiki Protagonist located, commencing story.

It happened in an instant.
Come to think of it now, I was really a child back then.
I automatically believed those words.
"Wow, you're awesome."
I guess I said so with bright eyes.

I guess it was strange for my father to tell me that he was a sorcerer, but I was strange as well for admiring that.
And thus, I became an adopted son, and my last name became Emiya.
Emiya Shirou.
When I said my name, I was really proud of having the same last name as Kiritsugu.

Music: Stop

…I'm dreaming.

A story from my childhood.
It was when I finally convinced my father to make me his student, so it must have been about eight years ago.

When I was old enough to stay at home by myself, Kiritsugu started to leave the house on a regular basis.
He would say in his normal tone that he would "travel the world", and he began to act on these words.

That's how it was after that.
It was normal for him to leave the house empty for a month, and he sometimes wouldn't come home for half a year.
The Emiya house is a big Japanese-style house, and Kiritsugu and I were the only ones living there.
I was perplexed in this house at times, as it was too big for a child.

But still, I liked my life here.
Emiya Kiritsugu would come home from his journeys and tell me lots of stories like a child.
And the child who shared his last name would be at home waiting for those stories.
I was always alone in the house, but that loneliness would all fade with the stories he brought back.

The father who was always chasing his dreams like a kid.
His attitude was astounding, but he always seemed dazzling to me.
That might be why I wanted to be like him someday.

…Well, on top of that…
Looking at my ever-dreaming father, I felt I should become reliable myself

Light enters the dark shed.
My mind, waking up…
"Senpai, are you awake?"
…Feels the cold air and the approaching footsteps.

Music: In the Sunlight

"Ah, yes. Good morning, Senpai."
Sakura smiles and nods as if accustomed to this situation.

"Senpai, it's morning already. You have some more time, but Fujimura-Sensei will get mad if you stay asleep here."

"Oh… you're right. Thanks for coming to wake me up."

"It's no problem at all. You're always up so early.
I can only come and wake you up like this occasionally."
Sakura seems more upbeat than usual today as if she's happy about something.

"…Really? I think you wake me up quite often.
Though, Fuji-Nee always hits me to wake me up, so I'd rather have you wake me up… Well, I'll try harder next time."

…I answer her with a sleepy head.
I don't know what I'm saying with my mind not fully awake.

"All right. But I'm happier when you don't try."
Sakura is giggling.
…Gah, I guess my head was still dozing and I said something weird.

"Give me a second, I'll wake up."

Taking a deep breath, I clear up my mind.
The cold outdoor air helps in situations like this.
The chill works well to beat the sleepiness out of my head.

…In front of me is Matou Sakura, my junior at school.
This place is a shed behind my house, and the time is six o'clock.

"Yeah, I'm awake now. Sorry, I guess I did it again.
I have to help you cook breakfast too."
"It's fine. You were up late last night again, right? So you should take your time in the morning. I'll get breakfast ready."

Sakura says so in a happy tone.
…It's unusual. Sakura really seems to be in a good mood this morning.

"I can't let you do that. I'll get up right now, so let's go to the kitchen together."

"Ah… um, Senpai…"
"Hm? What, is something wrong?"
"No, it's nothing, but… I think you should change before you go back to the house."

That said, I look down at myself.
I fell asleep while I was working, so I'm still wearing my overalls.
Being my work clothes, they're pretty dirty. I can't imagine what Fuji-Nee would say to me if I went into the house like this.

"Ugh… I guess I'm not awake yet. I'm a bit out of it this morning."

"That could be. So you rest here for a bit and I'll take care of breakfast. And you know, if you keep this place a mess, Fujimura-Sensei will get mad at you."

"…You're right. I'll go after I get changed. You go on ahead."

"Yes, I'll be waiting, Senpai."

Sakura leaves.
I have to change into my school uniform and clear up this mess.

The shed is built on the edge of our yard, and just as it seems, it's a warehouse we put all our junk in.
But for me, it's a place of treasures as I've enjoyed messing with things since I was a kid.

Father didn't allow me to go into the shed, but I always sneaked in here. As a result, it became my base.
For me, Emiya Shirou, I guess you could call this place my real room.
The big Emiya household doesn't suit me, and I can only relax in this space full of junk.

"…Besides, it's a waste. Even if it's junk, you can still use it."
Most of the things in here are appliances that can't be used any more.

It's not like I get attached to things.
I think it just annoys me not to use things that can still be used.
And just like that, I was fixing up this stove all last night.

"…I guess I'll finish this tomorrow. It seems I don't have enough concentration, seeing how I fell asleep halfway."
I shake off the feeling of disappointment in myself.
I gather up the parts of the stove and put them on the shelf full of things waiting to be fixed.

There are no spaces on this shelf full of things awaiting repair. An old VCR awaits after the stove.
…I guess I'll ignore the fact that Fuji-Nee broke both of them.

"…All right."
I change into my uniform.
This place is like my room, and it holds changes of clothes along with other things I need.

It also has lots of blueprints and junk, the result of failures from when I do my training.
There's also some kind of old design inscribed on the floor, like an altar or something.

"Well, let's get today started."
Clapping my hands in prayer to the shed, I head for the house.

The Emiya house is a Japanese-style house on the outskirts of town.
My father wasn't much of a respected person in town, but he somehow still had this huge house.
That on its own is a mystery, but it also seems he didn't have any relatives in Japan.
That's why the house became mine and no one else's when my father died.

Though, to be honest, I don't have that kind of management ability.
Old Man Fujimura is in charge of complicated things like inheritance and property taxes.

Old Man Fujimura is the big landlord in this neighborhood.
According to Father, "the old man's like a yakuza boss".
Of course, this is just prejudice.
He's not "like" a yakuza boss, he "is" a yakuza boss.

Well, that's a problem in itself, but I prefer to ignore it.

It's certainly true that he's energetic and scary, but he's actually not that bad a person.
It really helps me as he pays a lot when I tune-up the motorcycle he likes to ride.

Anyway, that's why I'm the only one living in this big house.
It's been five years since Father died.
The days have passed quickly.
I sigh, thinking about how much I've grown in those five years.

I've trained every day to be like Kiritsugu, but it's not that easy in reality.
It's natural because I had no talent to begin with, but what can be said about having no improvement at all in five years?
To sum up the present in one sentence, my goal is so far away that I'm not even at the starting line yet.

No, I guess it won't do any good to rush.
For now, I have to do what I can.

Well then.
Right now, I should

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