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Part 100: Wish

I see Saber's face for an instant.
She looks like she's about to cry.
I'm proud of myself for falling in love with her.

"Oh, lingering affection? I would assume so. This treasure is beyond you. I understand how you must feel. It must be really vexing to have it taken away by another man."
That does it.
I can't stand his talking anymore

Music: Ever-present Feeling

"I'm sayingdon't talk like… you're treating… Saber… as an object"

I put power into my right arm.
Is there metal in it?
With a creaking noise, my body reacts to my wishes.

"Kudamn, do as I tell you"
I put power into my body.
As I do so, the things I need to live flow out.

"Why? Why do you not understand that it is useless now…!?"

Saber's voice is almost insulting.
She's a long way away.
From a distant place, she is watching me in vexation.

I ignore it and keep trying.
Saber's voice is just a burden.
Not my body nor Gilgamesh, but Saber is my greatest enemy now.

Because… if she objects with an expression like that, my mind will die.
My knee finally has strength, so all that's left is to stand

"…No. I do not need your help. As I have been defeated, I am not your sword anymore…!
Disappearing like this is the natural end for a Servant…!"

Saber's voice.
If she interrupts me any more, I'll get mad even at her…!

"Noplease stop, Shirou. You cannot go on…! You will really die. I-If you die here, I will"

How can she say such selfish things without knowing how I feel…

"Shut up, just be quiet for a second…! At times like this, you can rely on me…!"

"That is not true, Shirou. Please do not get your priorities wrong.
My life is not important. You should put your life first rather than such a thing"

She sounds like she's begging.
…My mind almost collapses, thinking that I'm making her sound like that.
But still

"I refuse. There's nothing I want more than you."

I can't accept her words.

Saber looks at me in astonishment.
…I don't know why she looks like that.
But I remember.
She told me I was a fool who didn't know the value of his own life.

I think she's right.
It's too conceited for someone who can't even think about himself to try to help someone else.
That's just complacent happiness, and it's an unstable happiness for the other party.

The most important person is yourself.
That kind of person probably can become happy and share their happiness.

…But I'm grateful for that abnormality.
Because in that empty seat…
…Is sitting a person I want to save from the bottom of my heart.

You're more beautiful than that. There's nothing inside me that can take your place."

That makes me realize.
I didn't feel sympathy for her.

The girl I saw in my dream.
She fought alone and died alone. I thought she was unrewarded, but at the same time, I was charmed by her.
I just thought she was beautiful.
She pulled out the sword and ran through her life without looking back. Her life itself was so brilliant.

…That's right. So that in your last moments, on the verge of your death…
So that you can be proud of your life

My doubts disappear.
My path is so clear.

"Sorry. I like you the most, Saber.
So I won't give you to a guy like him."
After I say that, I regret apologizing to her.
But I had to say it.
I wanted to say it now at this moment because there would be no impurities mixed in my words.

I hear her gasp.
I wanted to turn around and see, but I won't since I can't really see anymore.

I get up.
I can still fight if my heart is beating.
My magical energy is my life.
As long as my heart is beating, I'll keep on recreating her sword.

Music: Stop

"Well done. So, now what? What can you do now?"
I feel a burning heat on my right hand.

That's not uncommon, either.

Perhaps because I'm close to death, I remember ten years ago.
…It's a terrible illusion.
My body feels like it's still in that fire, reaching out for life.

"Go away. I can't give Saber to you."
I raise my right hand and say that.

"Fool. I do not need your consent."
The enemy raises his sword.

Video: Persistence (mirror)

"Get down, Shirou!"
I hear Saber's voice from behind me.
I ignore it and using my remaining magical energy, I "project" the sword once more

She'll be dragged in like this.
So I have to at least protect her.
I said I'd protect Saber. Yes, I wanted to protect her.

…She's strong, but at the same time, she could've broken down at any moment.
So I have to hold steady.
She's like a drawn sword, so I have to help her so she doesn't get hurt

Whose voice was that?
The hesitation is only for an instant.
At the same moment the golden knight, the absolute victor, retreats…
"Shirou, let me!"
…Saber takes my hand.

I don't know what happened.
But I know this is a repeat of the battle against Berserker.
Saber used something I made and defeated Gilgamesh's sword.
A light pushed back his light and must have injured him, who was unscathed up to now.

I don't even have time to be surprised.
I don't know why he left.
But even my fading mind knows that the battle is over.

Saber instantly supports me.
With Saber supporting me, I look down at my body.

"Oh. This is too…"
I must be barely alive because of that healing power, but it must have its limits.
My body is almost split in two.
I'm sure nothing will be able to fix my body now.
…I can't even tell if I'm still breathing or not, and my consciousness is starting to fade.

The end is near.
But the fortunate thing is about Saber.
I have a fatal wound, but it seems Saber is just fatigued.
She is unarmed now and her wounds are completely healed.
Soeven if I retire now, Tohsaka should be able to do something.

That sound again.
A sound as if my bones are creaking is coming from my body.
I look down at my wound.

There are many swords.
What look like the blades of swords are layered on top of each other and crowding together to connect my separated body, making that sound.

I feel dizzy.
It feels like every bone in my body, every muscle in my body is made out of swords

It seems I'll be saved.
But this is too

Music: Ever-present Feeling

"I am glad. It seems that you will not die, Master."
I hear Saber's voice by my ear.
Uh… it's really close by.

"Well… that's… great… butwhat's going on…?"
Trying to finish, I'm assailed by dizziness.

My body is enclosed by soft arms.

"EhSa… ber…?"
"No. I finally understand. It is only natural for your body to heal."

…I can't stay conscious.
It's because I produced too much magical energy. My tired mind wants to sleep right now.

…How strong is she?
Saber wraps her arms around me and holds me tight.

"I finally understand. You were my sheath, Shirou…"

…She says so in a deep, seeping voice.
The feeling is so comfortable that my remaining consciousness fades away.
I'm glad to be saved and I let my body sleep.