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Part 107: Nod / Before the decisive battle

Music: Ever-present Feeling

"I'm going to fight. I owe him for a lot.
I can't back off no matter what. Kotomine Kirei is an enemy Emiya Shirou has to defeat."

I have to settle things with him.
As the one who survived ten years ago.
As one of the orphans.
And as the son of Emiya Kiritsugu.

"…I see. Then, I'll give you this. It's just for self-defense, but it should be better than nothing."
Saying so, Tohsaka reaches behind her and takes out a dagger.

…This is all too famous a dagger.
It's a dagger for rituals more than for battles. A magic wand shaped like a sword used to form magic circles and to affect physical divine mysteries.

The word "AZOTH" is carved into the jewel on the handle.
The blade must be Tohsaka's preference as it's shorter than usual.
This weapon, favored by a famous occult scholar who pretty much dominated the world, is called the Azoth sword.
It's like the proof of adulthood for a magus, and it's like a gift you get for getting into school

"Tohsaka. This is…?"
"You should be able to tell. It's my dagger. …It's weak compared to my jewels, but I put magical energy in it from time to time. You can activate it by yelling 'läßt' and putting as much magical energy into it as you can."

…The dagger she gives me is heavy.
Not physically, but the weight of memories Tohsaka has in it.

"Tohsaka. Is it really okay for me to take this?"
"…It's fine. I realized I couldn't beat Kirei, so I hid this from him. I don't want it to go to waste, so go ahead and use it."

"…All right. I'll take it. Honestly, any additional weapons will be helpful."
"Oh, you're pretty smart. Then… is it okay now?
I'm getting really sleepy already."

Saber is standing behind me, waiting to treat Tohsaka.

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll wake you up in the morning. Then I'll make you a huge breakfast."
"I think I'll do that.
…Oh, and this isn't advice, it's an order.
Shirou. If you're going to fight, you have to win. I won't forgive you if you're dead when I wake up."

Music: Stop

The blood is a sign of youthful vigor.

…But, well…
That was her way of cheering me on, and she did share some of her courage with me.
"Yeah. Leave it to me, Tohsaka."
I tell the sleeping Tohsaka.

…The board is all set.
Now, I just have to pass the few hours until my wound heals without regrets.