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Part 109: Holy Sword restoration

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"I'm serious. It's yours to begin with, right? So it's only natural to give it back to you, and you might be able to beat him if you have it."

But I still cannot guarantee that I will be able to beat Gilgamesh. Andif you take out the sheath, what will you do?
If you take the sheath out, you"

I won't heal even if I get hurt.
But that's normal.
I've relied too much on this body of mine without even knowing it.
People die when they're killed.

Except the ones that won't.

I can't be protected from such a normal thing now.

Biting her lip painfully, Saber doesn't answer.
…I don't know how long that lasted.
Just as the clouds disappear and moonlight starts to shine in through the window…

"…All right, Master. I shall borrow your heart."
Saber nods at my words.

Music: Stop

"…Then, I shall begin. Are you ready, Shirou?"
"Yeah. Go right ahead."
Saber agrees.
Saber places her hand on my chest and
…Plunges it into my body.

Of course, that's just the image.
I say I'll return it to its original form, but it's only the magical energy that will be shaped like that.

Saber's the one who gives it shape.
The cluster of magical energy will take shape in Saber's, the possessor's, hand.
I'm just helping her.
As if making something from nothing…
I take the scattered pieces of the sheath and carefully reproduce it without flaw

Her figure as I saw it in my dreams.

The golden sheath suited to the king who ran through many battles.
I take what protected the king and led her to numerous victories and reproduce it vividly without any mistake.

So that no matter what happens.
I engrave it into my mind so that I will not forget it, no matter what kind of end awaits us

Music: The End of Reminiscence

"Amazing… this is excellent, Shirou! No one else would be able to reproduce it so perfectly…!"
It must be perfect as Saber seems surprisingly happy.

My body is burning, and I fall onto my butt.

"Shirou…! You are sweating a lot! I will bring something to wipe it right away…!"
…Saber runs to the house.
Listening to her footsteps, I let out a sigh.
I felt it was perfect too.
It was so perfectly done.
I believe no future projection will be as perfect as that.