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Part 11: Taking Sakura home, introductory chapter

So, as it turns out, choosing to walk Sakura home now is precisely the one chunk of the game that you can't view again after having cleared Unlimited Blade Works. I'd install a second copy of the game somewhere to grab screenshots, but it's such a small update that I don't think it's worth it. Have really pretty pictures of Shirou's house instead.

Music: Tender Scenery

I haven't thanked Sakura for dinner yet, so I'll go and talk to her.

"Yeah, it's getting late, so I should walk her home too."

Sakura is in the living room getting ready to go home, having finished the cleaning.

"Huh? Weren't you taking a bath, Senpai?"
"No, I'll take it later. I'll take you home first."

"Eh… take me home?"
"Yeah. It's getting dangerous outside lately, so I'm going to walk you home. Your house is far away. Let me at least do this since you're coming here."

Sakura falls into an awkward silence.
…Did I say something bad?

"…I'm sorry. I appreciate your concern, but you should stay here. I'm used to going home, so I should be fine by myself."
"Well, that may be true, but it's getting dangerous these days. So I'll walk you home for a bit."

"…But, um… if Nii-san sees you, you'll be in trouble too."

…That's right.
Sakura's brother, Shinji, doesn't approve of Sakura coming to my place.
He can't object too strongly because she says she's going to Fuji-Nee's house, but it could be a problem if I take her home.
…I don't care about getting falsely accused myself, but it's not good if Shinji takes it out on Sakura.

"But I can walk you part of the way, right? We shouldn't run into Shinji between here and the intersection."


Sakura is silent.
Considering Sakura, she must not be able to lie to Shinji if I take her home even part of the way.
"Oh, then"

"Shall I walk you home?"
A tiger-striped English teacher appears.

"That's getting the lamb out after the lion. When I say it's dangerous for a girl to be out at night, adding another is just…"

It's a mistake to call Fuji-Nee a girl.

She's almost twenty-five... that HAG!

For starters, she doesn't head the archery club for nothing. Her fifth dan kendo skills are dangerous in many ways.

"…I guess Fuji-Nee will be fine. You should be able to fight off any molester."

"Right. So there's no problem with me taking her home. Is that okay, Sakura-chan?"

"Yes, if that's all right with you, Fujimura-Sensei."

"It's decided. Let's go then. I was thinking I should head home too."
Fuji-Nee starts to walk off, taking Sakura's hand.

"Oh. Hang on, Sakura."

"Hm? What is it, Senpai?"
"Dinner was good. Thanks for everything."


"Yes. I'll do my best again next time if you don't mind, Senpai."
Saying so with a big smile, Sakura leaves the living room.

I know I'm blushing.
…It's troublesome as Sakura surprises me a lot these days.
Time flies. She was just a junior before. Now, she's a female junior to me.

She wasn't a female before?

…How pitiful of me.
Sakura's like family to me, so I can't accept this change.