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Part 112: Gold separation

I don't know what condition she's in, but it doesn't seem like her life is in danger.
She should wake up fine if I go home and have Tohsaka look at her.

I already knew this was going to happen.
We climbed those long stairs together.
Our parting is already done.
All that's left is to close the curtains.

Video: Farewell (RN) (mirror)

Music: Sorrow (Realta Nua)

She stops close enough that I could reach out to her.
There are no words to confirm her safety or to congratulate her of the victory.
This was something that was already decided.
So there is only one thing left to do.

"Master, please give me the order. I cannot destroy it without your order."
With her back to me, she tells me to use my last Command Spell.

Saber became a Servant because she sought the Holy Grail.
Destroying the Holy Grail out of her own will means destroying her contract as well.
If she destroys the Holy Grail…
She will end her life as the king.

That's something I should not do even for the sake of my life.

That will not change no matter what. From the time she swore to carry the sword, the girl became a king and nothing else.
That is her pride.
She ran through the battles so that in her final moments, she would be able to believe her path was the right one.

The dreams of the girl Arturia.
The mind that chose to be the king over her own life.
To fight.
Even after she learned it would be unrewarded, she still clasped the sword and defended the oath of the king.

For many years.
I cannot do anything to dishonor the pride that she has held until the time of her death.

"Saber. Please fulfill your role."
I say so with a flood of emotions.

An overflowing light.
The "void" in the sky is cut in half by the light and disappears without a trace.

My left hand hurts.
My last Command Spell disappears.
Makes me accept that the curtains have been drawn.

"I see. Then our contract is at an end. I became your sword, defeated your enemies, and protected you.
…I am glad to have fulfilled this promise."

"…Yeah. You did well, Saber."
Nothing more needs to be said.
Saber is far away, and I do not run to her.

A gold that seems to last forever.
In it…

"In the end, there is one thing I must tell you."
She says in a voice filled with determination.

"…What is it?"
I reply like always with my best bluff.
Saber's body wavers.

"Yeahit really is just like you."
There are no regrets in my voice.
I squint at the rising sun, keeping everything I lost close to my heart.

I stare at the horizon, wishing never to forget, and for it to never fade away.

Music: Stop