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Part 114: That which cannot be changed / Tiger Dojo 13

This dead end is so hilariously short that the video actually begins before the update. It results from failing to garner enough points with Saber before day 15. The actual dead end occurs in the middle of this update.

Video: Tiger Dojo 13

"NoNo, Shirou…"
She reaches out to her small master.
There is nothing sublime in her figure, lifting the neck of the boy.

"Well done, Saber. That lamentation… it is indeed appropriate to receive the Holy Grail."
A voice echoes through the darkness.
As if answering his call, she accepts the Holy Grail in a daze.

Music: Gentle Everyday

Osu! This is a place to demand reflection by the lost child on matters incomprehensible to outsiders, the Tiger Dojo!

Well, this is the 13th dojo already.
You should start to notice that this corner is…

I'm sure a lot of you know that!
What do you think!?

Osu! Then I will frankly state my opinion!
It is meaningless! Everything is a sudden death, and you just need to go back to the previous choice

Such lies are misleading!

Heh, this dojo isn't as simple as that!

Look! As proof, this time…

Guh. Could this be the big point of dating games, the bad path unrelated to choices that makes people start the game over because they need one more point…?

All right! We can finally give proper advice, Taiga!

Haha! Then let us start practicing!
What is the cause of this bad end!?

Osu! Since Saber's affection score did not reach a certain level, she abandoned Shirou!

Yes! Our advice comes down to the following three points!

…Gosh… what's with that? They should've made it a bad end on day 12. Is this a fundamental problem?

Second! I think it's obvious, but always put Saber first in your choices! Balancing her with Tohsaka-san will lead you directly to this end!

Oh, so Rin really was an obstructive character.
Well, I guess it just means you have to clear Saber route first if you want to get close with Rin.

If you are going to restart, it is best to restart from around day 7!
You will pass the requirements by day 8 at the earliest!

Hmmm, but you get to meet me if you go outside on day 8. If you stay in the house, one Saber affection point will be added, but I guess you won't need it if you're playing properly.

That is all!

Oh, this feels so good!
I finally fulfilled my reason to exist!

Yes, I can finally be proud of myself…!

But Taiga. Most people passed the Saber affection score check, right?

…Taiga. Um, it's really hard to say this. But if it's that rare, wouldn't that mean not many people would come to this dojo…?

I-It's probably all right.
The skip function and the Tiger Stamps are intended just for this.

Everyone will probably desperately play in strange ways to get to this dojo.

So in other words, your dojo that tries to make everyone happy is actually something that troubles players trying to fully complete the game.

Music: Stop