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Part 115: Gold rush? / Night without dawn / Tiger Dojo 8

Let's go back to day 11, where we had the option to chat with Rin after hot lesbian sex being eaten by a dragon.

Music: Midnight Interval

"Hold on. I'll say this again, but no holding back, Tohsaka. It's true that jewels are expensive, but they can't substitute for your life, right?"

"Heh. You can say such irresponsible things because you don't know the state of my financial affairs. I bet you'd fall over if you found out how expensive one of these is."

"Hey. I won't lose my legs just from money talk!
…All right. If you say that, I'll take responsibility. I'll pay for half the jewels you use."

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Really? A man wouldn't back out of that, right?"

"No. I have some money saved up, and I'll work and repay you if that's not enough. We're having you use a weapon that you've saved up, so I have to show some sincerity."

…Well, it's more like being obstinate than sincerity.
I guess I want to show off to Tohsaka.

"…Hey, what's going on? You're smiling really crookedly."

"Yes, it's true that I'm happy, and it's also true that I've found a certain enjoyment.

By the way, Emiya-kun. Do you not need to ask how much one of these jewels costs?"

"Well, it's not like it's only 100,000 yen, right?"
"Nope. That would be about right if it was a one-time use."
"…Then, something like 200,000 yen?"
"That's a really odd increase. But that's not it."
"…T-Then, like 250,000 yen?"

Why don't you go above six digits?"
"Guh… I don't want to say this, but maybe 300,000 yen?"

"Agh… could it be 1,000,000 yen?"
I ask, feeling like I'm jumping off a bridge.

But what's below me is a hole leading straight to hell.

"Uhno, I'm okay, I can calculate fine."
I can, but it's working against me in this case.

"Really? Then I'll ask you just in case, but I can use my jewels, right? I won't spare anything. I'll use them without holding anything back."
I swallow my words, trying to tell her to use them sparingly if she can.

"Tohsaka, can I have credit?"
I show as much courage as I can.

"Of course. I won't put interest on it, so you can take your whole life to pay me back."
Tohsaka-san answers seriously without a trace of humor.

Skip a couple choices past this point and you're at the next dead end - allowing Saber to use Excalibur against Berserker.

Music: Clashing Souls

The sword of light appears in Saber's hands.
Berserker's hand squeezes Tohsaka.
I have no power, and all three of us will die as things are.

…Is that the only option?
Our only chance for victory is to spend Saber's scarce magical energy and use the Noble Phantasm that endangers her existence?


The giant releases Tohsaka and charges straight for Saber.

Berserker blocks the holy sword that breaks the ground.

Music: Stop

…The silver armor collapses.
Turning all her remaining magical energy into light, Saber is on her knees.
In front of her is Berserker, still in full shape.

…Saber's figure starts to fade.
Saber must not be able to stand as she glares at Berserker on her knees.

"Fufu, it must have been disappointing for you too, Berserker.
If Saber's magical energy had been full, you would have been able to die!"

Without waiting for Saber to disappear, the giant smashes her body.

"Sa… ber"
…Saber has disappeared.
I knew this.
If Saber used her holy sword, she would disappear no matter who won in the end.
I knew it and I still didn't stop her.

Music: Wandering Shadow

"This is it. So what will you do, Onii-chan? Will you try to run away or will you quietly let me kill you?

"Oh yeah! If you say you'll let me kill you, I can let Rin go."

My ability to think is deficient.
In front of me are pieces of meat that used to be Saber along with lumps of earth.
I can't get away.
If I can't get away no matter what I do, then at least…

"Heehee, that's a good boy, Shirou.
Then bring him to me, Berserker. Take his legs away first so he won't be able to run away."

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 8 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

Osu. I am the senior student, in perfect condition and pumped up!

Auuu…! Why did you do a full swing on me, Taiga!?

Shut up! This is the eighth Tiger Dojo, but you've killed Shirou five times already!
There's a limit to murder too, you know!?

What? This is still on the cute side.

Because in the end, the one who kills Shirou the most is…

Heh, such an attack won't affect me.
Anyways, I'm at the bottom of the list.
See, look at this notebook.

It's because my actions are so graceful.
People with enough time should check out all of the ends where I kill Shirou.

A bit different…? Well, enough about trivial things.
Thinking tires me out.

Well, about this Tiger Dojo.
I don't think the choice was wrong, so why did it end up like this, senior student?

It's just lack of magical energy.
Saber recovered enough magical energy to be able to use Excalibur, but she didn't have enough to spend on her Noble Phantasm.

I don't know if that weak Excalibur could take off even two of Berserker's lives.

I see. So this time, one lost because of a smart choice?

Osu. This is a cruel tightrope where you die if you go on the defensive and if you go on the offensive.

It's a difficult balance as usual.

It feels more like a checkmate than a balance, considering the character abilities.