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Part 116: One end / Tiger Dojo 11

During the fight with Gilgamesh on day 14, what happens if we choose "don't get up"?

…I can't get up.
Even if I do get up, I can't beat that guy with my body like this.
As soon as I admit that, my body stops trying to stay alive.

…The power that was protecting Emiya Shirou up to now starts to fade.

Video: Tiger Dojo 11 (mirror)

No, the original Japanese does NOT make any more sense. In fact, here you go: シロウのファッキンチキングリル焼きーーーーーー!
Something tells me she's not talking about First Kitchen.

Also, the spoken dialogue in the video is different, but I don't know what it says (other than 'idiot').

Music: Madder Red Town

I can't believe this! I can't believe anyone could be such an insane gamer that they'd come to this Tiger Dojo! Osu!

You shouldn't be here!
Beat that goldie quickly and protect Saber or I'm going to get mad!

Oh, hi, Senpai.

…Well, it's a bit vexing to be honest.

But I want him to act cool if things have gone this far.