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Part 120: Decision / Final training / Trump unknown

The final Tiger Dojo for the Fate path has several possible scenes that can lead into it. One, for example, occurs when you choose to report to Kiritsugu before the final battle.

Music: The End of Reminiscence

…A kid said that a long time ago.
Back then, I didn't even know of his intentions nor what I wanted to be.

Ten years ago…
The true nature of what I aimed to be.
The reason I survived that disaster is about to take shape.
"…Thanks for everything up until now. I'll be going, Father."

The next occurs if you choose to spend time with Saber instead of having a strategy meeting.

Music: Tender Scenery

"Yeah. You like to sit Japanese-style even though you're a knight, and the shinai looked pretty good on you as well. It might have been fun having a match with armors on."

"Armor? You should have said so. I could have worn my armor, and you could have put pads on.

…We really should have done that.
If you had mentioned it earlier, I could have fought you more seriously."

Saber is so cute even when she's annoyed.
She's cute, but her words are pretty scary.

"Are you serious about being serious? I wouldn't be able to get up for a week if we did that."

You underestimate yourself. You have really improved these past few days. It might even be possible for you to take a match from me."

Even if that's flattery, I'm really happy.
I really respect Saber when it comes to swords.
Being able to beat her even once is like being accepted by her.

"For real…? So, I could even win a match against you if chance favored me…?"

"Yes. You have vastly improved. You can be proud of that, and I am really happy about it as well."

Music: Stop

Saber replies with a full smile.
…That expression makes my determination vanish.
After this.
We won't be able to come back. If we can just run away instead of going into an unwinnable battle

Music: Tender Scenery

…Does your wound hurt? If that is the case, please rest in your room and"
"No, I'm fine now. Nothing hurts anymore."

I cut off all hesitations.
I can't run away, and I really don't want our final time together to be like this.

"Hey Saber. Since we're here, do you want to spar lightly? Not a match, but more like playing around."
I hide my emotions and bluff as much as I can.

Then I shall fight you using my style. You can fight me in your style as well."

She must have understood my intentions as she gladly accepts my idea.
…Yes. It's more like us to be fighting than talking.

That really doesn't sound right at all. ...Lastly, let's see what happens if you try to strengthen Saber.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"Yeah. I know how hard it is to put magical energy into humans, let alone someone other than myself. But this is the only thing I can come up with right now. All I can do is make you stronger."

Even if I make a new weapon using "projection", I can't make anything stronger than Excalibur.
As long as Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm exceeds that holy sword, it's meaningless to give Saber a new weapon.
So there's no way but to make Saber herself stronger.

"There's a low chance of success and I might make you feel bad, but I want to try this.
…Please forgive me for treating you like an object to be strengthened, just for now."

If you say so, I will gladly offer you my body."
…Saber takes my hand and agrees to my plan.

"I trust my Master. I will weaken my magic resistance temporarily, so please insert your magical energy when I do."

"What is it you want me to do? I'm sorry, Saber, you're going to have to be more specific."

Saber leans against me, still holding my hand.

"Yeah. Bear with me just for a bit, Saber."
I concentrate and read Saber's body, her blueprint.
…There's less than a ten percent chance of success.
I ignore my fear and activate the strengthening magic faster than I ever have.

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

"…Well, Saber? Do you feel anything?
Magical energy flowed in just fine, so you should be stronger…"

"Eh…? You cannot tell the result? You cannot see whether I am stronger or faster…?"

"Um… no, I can't really tell.
I can't tell if things are stronger or not until I test them out. I have to see the results, even if the magic is successful."

…Um, this is embarrassing, but I cannot feel any change at all. To be honest, I feel the same way."

"I see. I guess I wasted my time."
I slump my shoulders.

Your magic worked correctly on me. Even though my body has not changed, my heart is warm now.

…I will not fall as long as I have this warmth. You did make me stronger."

The following dead end is a reasonably long one, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.