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Part 127: VS Berserker

Video: VS Berserker (I) (mirror)

Music: Clashing Souls

In the moonlight…
"Bullets" rain down on the descending giant like shooting stars…!

No, the word "arrow" is an understatement.
It's like a barrage from a machine gun, and each shot could pierce through rocks.
Eight shots of that.
It should be able to mow down houses, but…

It has no effect on the giant.

The two swords clash.
The giant sword of Berserker, who came down through a rain of 'arrows'…
And the sword of Saber, who ran to his landing spot. The two blades spark on contact…!

The swords clash.
Even though she is overpowered by Berserker's attack, Saber does not yield.

Silver lights run through the darkness.
How much magical energy is in that small body of hers?
Even though Saber is obviously weaker, she is proving to be a match against Berserker.
She blocks, parries, and faces the assault of that giant sword head-on.

I must not be the only one who's awed.
The Master of that giant and the one standing next to me, Tohsaka, are also fascinated by Saber's figure.

In response, a silver light comes flying out of nowhere.

The silver light strikes the giant right in his temple.
The arrow that came flying through the air is as powerful as a tank shell.
No matter what this giant may be, he has to take some damage from that.


Her attack is countered by a huge blow, and Saber is flung away.

Saber slides across the asphalt.

A black whirlwind runs in pursuit, and…

Silver lights come flashing down to intercept him!

But they have no effect.
The three arrows hit the giant square in his forehead, but simply disappear.

The giant does not stop.
Saber blocks the giant blade with her own.

My scream is meaningless.
As Saber blocks Berserker's sword head-on, she is flung away like a balland she falls to the ground.

Is she dizzy?
Saber has her knees on the ground and does not move.
"This is it. Smash her, Berserker."
The girl's voice echoes.
The black giant charges at Saber with brutal speed.

"Keep firing, Archer…!"
Tohsaka starts running as she screams.
She must intend to help Saber.
She runs up the hill while taking out something that looks like a rock.

"Gewicht, um zu Verdoppel ung!"

Tohsaka scatters obsidian jewels in the sky,
and numerous silver lights come flying from the heavens.
Even with that, Berserker's charge does not stop.

"What a"
…I finally understand how absurd he is.
That giant isn't just "strong".
He must be protected by some "law" of immortality created from abnormal amounts of magical energy.

The giant's sword is swung.

Music: Stop

She flies dozens of meters.
Saber flies through the air like a pitcher's fastball and plows into the open terrain off the road.

She must be dead.
Once is bad enough.
But she can't be okay after receiving such a blow twice.

The black whirlwind moves.
The match is already decided, but he's not done yet.
The giant called Berserker roars and charges onto the open land.

'If you can, try to run away.'
The one who said that isn't here.
Tohsaka went after Berserker.
She must intend to keep fighting against this monster that is unscathed by all those attacks.