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Part 128: Archer's shot

Video: Graveyard Battle (RN) (mirror)

Music: Burst Up (Realta Nua)

The axe-sword rages around.
Gravestones are flung aside.
In the chaos, Saber is fighting Berserker with the sameno, with more power than before.


Their positions are reversed here.
The advantage belongs to someone with a small body like Saber.
Berserker is hindered by obstacles,
and Saber acts as if there's nothing in her way.

"This way…! You'll get hit if you're there!"
"Huh!? Whoa…!?"

"What are you thinking!? I told you to run away, right!? Or did you not hear me!?"
She's really angry.

"UmI heard you. But I can't just run away, right?"

"What!? How could you reach that conclusion!? Can't you tell that you'll only be a bother to us since you can't fight!? It can't be helped if you die
trying to make a difference, but it'd be meaningless if you die doing nothing!"

…I don't know why, but Tohsaka is seriously angry.
Even though I'm getting yelled at, I don't feel bad for some reason.

"Hey, is that something you should get mad about? It shouldn't matter to you if I die meaninglessly or not."

"It does matter! I told you I'd let you go for all of today, so it'll trouble me if you don't get home safely!"

…I'm confused even more now.
Tohsaka sure had a different face on at school.

That Ilyasviel girl intends to kill us all."

"I know that. But I can't run away. Saber's fighting, so I can't run away by myself."

"…That's a line for someone who can make a difference. You'll just die a meaningless death, as you can't do anything to support her.
This is your last warning. Just run away."
"That can't be true. There should be something I can do as long as I'm alive. And besides, are you going to ask someone to do something that you can't do?"

Tohsaka looks at me with a serious expression.

"…You're right. I'm the shameless one for asking you to do something I can't do."

She looks away.
"Well, I don't think there's a need to run away. I don't think Saber will lose now."
Tohsaka takes a peek from behind the tree.

Their battle is continuing without change.
Berserker's attacks smash through empty space and only destroy his surroundings.

Between the attacks…
Within the swirling whirlwind and flying clods…
Within the rain of broken gravestones…
Saber rushes in without even dirtying her armor and attacks Berserker.

It is a divine work of utmost excellence.
My fear has disappeared, seeing this battle that is totally impossible for mere humans.
Instead, I am fascinated.

I could not believe I was in this Holy Grail War thing, and I also had some uneasiness.
But all of it is blown away when I see her.

Dancing swords.
Within the whirlwind of fatal destruction, the knight challenges the enemy without hesitation.

…Maybe this scene made me accept everything.
No matter what may fall upon us in the future…
I'm convinced that I will be able to match even a fierce god if I have Saber with me.

"…I thought so. It was strange, but she blocked Berserker's sword on purpose."
Tohsaka murmurs without emotion.

"…Was that to lure Berserker here?"

"Yup. It's suicidal to fight Berserker in a place without cover. That's why Saber chose this place as the battleground.
She did it naturally, too. She got Berserker away from you, all the while she pretended to be cornered."

Saber must have determined that this place was a suitable battlefield when we were walking down the hill.

"But you can't expect backup in a battle like this.
Our enemy is a monster that even nullifies Archer's arrows.
Backup was meaningless from the start."
Tohsaka murmurs as
she watches the battle between Saber and Berserker.

"…Archer's arrows…"
But those words catch my attention.
Archer isn't here.
If he really is an archer, he should not fight hand-to-hand, but

Video: Archer's Arrow (RN) (mirror)

"She got him!"
Tohsaka snaps her fingers.
Just as she said… Saber's sword must have hit Berserker, or he must have lost his footing.
Berserker's body, holding firm until now, loses its balance.

The beast lashes out desperately.

Saber dodges it by jumping back, and holds her sword with both hands.

Music: Stop

Right then…
"Archer…? What do you mean, get away…?"

I notice Tohsaka's confused voice, and sense an intent to kill aimed from a faraway place.

Behind me.
I see the knight in red standing on a rooftop hundreds of meters away, readying his bow.

It cannot even scratch Berserker, even with a direct hit.
So there is no need to feel any threat from it

I feel a chill.
What he is readying in his bow is not an "arrow", but something completely different.
And his intent to kill isn't just directed at Berserker.

I act instantly.